WalleyePete.com up and Running!

www.walleyepete.com is back up and running!

If you got this email it means you are on my current email list! Had to get some work done on my site….updating etc……big pain. I’ve been posting on facebook and instagram but want to use this platform all the time and share to facebook. I’m about to leave for Florida to guide all kinds of great stuff for a couple months! Very excited and since I’ll be living in the boat I’ll have time to post here everyday!

If you don’t want to be on my email list let me know…..I’ll get you off….no problem what so ever. You are on my list because you were previously subscribed to my sight before it went down. I took down the site when “walleyepete.com” was typed in an add for viagra came up! Lol…..thats funny!

There will be no Ads on my site……I may talk about what I use and why but no commercials.

If you have family or friends who’d like to be on email list have them go to www.walleyepete.com and type in their email address in the subscribe box on the left side of page.

My goal is to have as many subscribers as possible so posting to facebook isn’t necessary. Also on this site I’ll report much more detailed stuff!

Glad I’ve got the site back up! Take care all and good luck Fishing in 2021!

beautiful place to catch fish!

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Spring 2021 Specks and Stripers!

Spring Promo! Cool……

If you’d like a full day adventure in remote water on Chesapeake Bay chasing Stripers and Specks in May/June call or text now at 703-395-9955!

Currently have availability in May/June…..the days will disappear fast!

With over 2000 trips and 20 years experience working the eastern shore Islands of the Chesapeake no stone or stump goes unturned and no phone calls need to be made! I pride my trips as full-day (8-10 hour) adventures for family and friends. No overpriced half-day trip out front. My trips will run 60-100 miles from Solomons over to the eastern shore. We’ll ply the waters most productive and never stop!

Magical 30″ Speck
Beautiful Light Tackle Striper

It’s what I’ve done for over 20 years and will keep on rolling.

Lovely young lady with an incredible Speck!

A full day in May for Stripers and Specks is $700 for up to 4 anglers, $750 if a fifth. My boat is an incredibly equipped comfortable Judge 27 Chesapeake (can see it in the video)! Thanks to Humminbird, Minn Kota, Judge Yachts, Back Yard Custom Rods, Bass Kandy Delights and Florida Fishing Products I’ve got the stuff it takes to make incredible days happen! Come on out!

beautiful remote skinny water striper!

Come on out and give it a shot!

For more info call or text at 703-395-9955!

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Walleyepete.com…..Back In The Saddle!

A little test post to see how this site is or isn’t working. Don’t know if subscribers are still attached or not. We’ll see! If you see this post please let me know you got it. You can text me at 703-395-9955 to let me know…..Thanks!

www.walleyepete.com is back up and running! Or at least I hope!

Steelers Left Tackle Big Alejandro Villanueva with a huge Striper. Unfortunatiely from 2016

Walleyepete.com has never been dead….just a bit sick.

When you typed in Walleyepete.com, an add for viagra came up! Lol…..that’s funny! I’ve been working off facebook but need to start doing everything here on my own site first again.

Looking forward to posting daily while fishing in Florida and living on the boat. Through out the year posting here often will be the best thing to do.

Will put up some great content as much as humanly possible……I’ll be fishing every fishable day so content shouldn’t be a problem.

Miss my old truck!

Was certainly a great 2020 on the water! Looking forward to 2021!

Great Day In August 2020 catching Giant Reds with Wayne and Mark

2020 was a super year of catching with many incredible memories….check it out the video!

Here’s a quick 2020 Review video! check it out! Hope it works! lol

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Florida Fishi With Capt. “Walleye” Pete March/April 2020 Book Your Trip Now!

I’ll be fishing out of Dunedin, Florida, 20-30 minutes from Tampa International Airport and just a couple miles north of Clearwater and south of Tarpon Springs.  Lot’s of wind protected areas to target even with a stiff breeze.  Also, I’ll have a remote water boat up near Homosassa, FL to fish Ozello, FL.  (google Ozello, FL to check out the fishy looking water!

Remote Ozello! Adventure and catching waiting to happen


Dunedin, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, over 20 miles of protected water

This region has great winter inshore fishing for Speckled Sea Trout, Redfish and Snook.  The inshore waters also have Triple tail, Ladyfish, Sheaphead and other goodies!   One beautiful thing about this area is it hasn’t been hammered by the red tide which has been very bad to the regions south.  Along with good water is the fact the region has barrier islands and  small mangrove islands strewn throughout the intercostal waterway for miles.  This allows for a larger area to target all the inshore species around the region in March/April.  On nice wind days nearshore offshore wrecks can be targeted using light tackle. Species to catch out there are widely varied and will be exciting! We’ll be doing light tackle exploring new stuff all the time!

Beautiful Triple Tail!  Great to eat, huge fight!

Specks Galor

Primary technique for catching will be slinging lures.  I will have the ability to provide live bait onboard but will concentrate on casting BKD’s, Paddle Tails and various plugs depending on what’s happening.  My style and approach coupled with incredible electronics, Rods, Reels and boat, the fishing should be great!

Incredible scenery

Last winter I went down to Florida with the mission of learning a region to fish this coming March/April.   I did it and it was great!  Can’t wait to guide and immerse myself in the Florida fishery!  I’m going to live it, eat it and drink it the entire time I’m in Florida!

Remote Red, reachable with my 16′ Grumman Canoe rigged out with Minn Kota and Humminbird!

Lot’s of action!

Details for Trips out of Dunedin, FL and Ozello, FL
I will be chronicling my Florida Trips daily on Facebook, will be a blast!  
Cost: $700 for up to 4 anglers on my Judge 27′ Chesapeake
Cost: $500 for up to 2 anglers all day in Ozello, FL on why 16′ Skinny water machine
We will launch just before sunrise and return around 4pm
Launch location will be Edgewater Park in Dunedin, FL on the Judge and Ozello Community park, FL if we are going remote skinny water
I provide all baits, tackle and licensing
My rods are all Backyard Custom Rods and Florida Fishing Products Reels
Any fish legal to keep I will fillet if kept

Closest Airport is Tampa International Airport, it’s about 20-30 minutes from Duneden, about 75 minutes from Ozello/Homosassa, FL
Weather during March/April is pleasant but can be chilly in the morning
My boat heater will be used if needed!
Dunedin and Homosassa has many great places to eat and several hotels in the area varying in prices.  I’ll have more hotel information as we roll into 2020.  Should be no problem with hotels in the region

If interested in booking a trip or trips or have any questions give me a call or text at 703-395-9955

Canoe Trips out of Ozello, FL
I’ll be running my 16’ Grumman Square Stern Canoe out of the Homosassa, FL region in remote incredible water!  This water is absolutely beautiful protected water with hundreds of islands, nooks, crannies.  With my rigged out (Minn Kota, Humminbird) shallow water aluminum  Canoe I will be able to cover this water in a big way!  Current and structure everywhere, Specks, Reds and Snook along with other goodies to catch!  I will be able to fish 2 anglers plus me in this water.  Will be a great addition to the Dunedin, FL fishing adventures!

Walk-On Trip List!
I will put together a walk-on trip list with folks without a crew but would like to fish on my Judge 27’ Chesapeake out of Dunedin, FL or out of my 16’ Grumman in the remote beauty of Ozello.  Walk-On Trips will be 200 each.  I’ll get a list of walk-on folks together then put together the dates to do the walk-ons and offer them up to those on the walk-on list.  Feel free to call or text at 703-395-9955 with questions!

Additional fishing options while in Dunedin, FL    

Big Triple Tail for Capt. Jeff!

Capt Jeff Vickers is a light tackle guide and great friend of mine out of Dunedin, FL. He’s an expert on the regions inshore fishery who catch’s every day!  Great guy and super teacher!  Provides an incredible fishing experience! I fished with Jeff for several days while in Florida last March.  He taught me plenty and we caught very well…..all on artificial lures!  To check him out go to CaptainJeffVickers.com


Capt. Jeff Vickers working it!

Jacinda with a remote water sweet Red!

If you’d like to do an incredibly beautiful fishy kayak trip while on your Florida fishing adventure check out Jacinda’s Kayak Fishing Adventures on FACEBOOK.  I did a kayak trip with Jacinda while I was in Florida last March.  I had NEVER set butt in a kayak before!  Jacinda had me rolling in no time and we fished water like I’ve never seen in beautiful Ozello, Florida.  It’s a series of islands, channels, holes, grass beds and oyster piles…….best fished from Kayak.  We caught Specks, Reds and even a black drum while I was on the yak.  Great time for sure and an adventure to give a shot at while in Florida.  Check her out!


My Mission in Florida and How it’s Come about!

 I’ve been a Fishing Guide in Maryland since the year 2000.  Since 2004 upon retirement from the USAF I have been living my dream.  Full time fishing guide, loving every moment of every day taking folks to a fishing adventure like they’ve never had.  Fortunately I’ve been very lucky to have great folks to fish with and a full time schedule doing what I love,  fishing over 200 days a year and just a bit under 4000 guide trips completed. Countless new friends met and way more incredible experiences than I’ll ever deserve.

 From 2000 thru last year I have fished catch and release during the months of March/April in Chesapeake Bay at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Susquehanna Flats and Islands of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I’ve literarily guided thousands of folks in these fisheries, fishing trips of a lifetime had by many.  Sad it’s almost certainly to be turned off by the state of Maryland for no valid reason.

 I saw this sad situation regarding our fishery and had concern the state may (in my opinion) make a bad choice regarding mortality reductions last winter.  I decided to make a run to Florida in March of 2019 to learn a region with ambitions to guide anglers during the winter of 2020.   My trip was highly successful, guiding for me in Florida is going to happen!  Florida weather, family and good friends in the region contributed highly to my Florida guiding ambition.  I’m always up for a challenge and can’t wait to get underway on a new adventure.  It’s sad the state of Maryland is forcing my hand but excited to start another chapter.  March/April Florida fishing will be great!

 My Mission:  Fishing structure and current is right in my “wheelhouse”!  The waters near Dunedin, FL, and areas around Homosassa, FL are loaded with current plus structure along with clear water grass beds.  Within a short run offshore many wrecks and reefs exist providing great light tackle angling opportunities.  My Humminbird electronics with incredible side imaging coupled with the Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra trolling motor, fishing Florida inshore and offshore will be a great fishing adventure!  The Florida light tackle fishing trips will be a warmer weather super fun fishing adventure! I will be immersing myself every minute of everyday in the Florida fishing I’m about to do!  I can’t wait!

 If interested in booking a trip or have questions give me a call or text at 703-395-9955







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Walleye Pete’s 2017 Fish Of The Year and Honorable Mentions


Every year I declare a fish of the year on my boat, this year is a bit different. I’m declaring a fish of the year but its a fish which has never been graced with the title of “Fish Of The Year” on my boat prior to this year.  Also, I’ve got an angler who is the first ever “twice” catcher of the “Fish of the Year”!  2017 has certainly been a spectacular season of large catches.  Many huge Reds, Stripers, Specks and even Blues have come over the side this year!  As I’m typing its December 15…..still some days ahead in 2017 for a huge fish to be caught.  Only fish in these waters now-a-days is Striper,  so…… kinda safe to say my boat won’t catch a true 50+ pound fish so I’m declaring the fish of the year a hair early.  I will say, “hope I’m wrong”!  If we get a huge fish, 50″/50 pounds, the catcher of the 50+ pounder will get a free trip in 2018!


HERE’s Some honorable mention fish and anglers for 2017!


First Giant Red of the 2017 Season

This huge Red was caught in Mid August and the first giant Red caught in 2017.  The angler is a first- time ever angler!  He listened well and learned quickly but was certainly overmatched a bit by this giant 47″ Red caught on a very light rod.  We had some problems during the fight and the net but we did get the fish.  He was released quickly and swam away hard!  One of many giant Reds caught in 2017.


A beautiful Maryland Citation Size Speck caught in May 2017

2017 was the best year on Specks since 2014. A wide spread cold shock winter kill of thousands of specks over 2 winters in a row made 2015 and 2016 very poor for catching Speckled Sea Trout in the Maryland waters I fish.  Spring of 2017 was a pleasant surprise……..Specks started biting in late April and continued a strong showing in May.  As May rolled into June it slowed down for me and the Stripers moved out of the islands for the most part so I moved north to pursue the large body of Stripers available in the main stem of the bay.  

A Huge Maryland Speckled Sea Trout for Brandon!

This massive Speck hit a Rapala XR-12 Crank Bait while fishing for Stripers……we’ll take that accident!  Beautiful fish!


2014-2016 FISH OF THE YEAR catches


2014 Fish of the Year! 30″ Speck


2015 Fish of the Year, 50″ Red! Way to go Billy!


2016 Fish of the Year! Good job Freddy! 49″ Red

2016 Fish of the Year catcher Freddy Menage lands an honorable mention Speck in 2017…….Freddy is the MAN!



beauty at 47″……great Striper Kyle!


Striped Bass are the staple for me in my guide business.  2017 was HUGE for sure.  Had 87 Stripers over 4o” in Feb-Mar caught using BKD’s on 1.5 to 3 ounce jig heads.  A 40″ Striper is an incredible light tackle trophy for any angler new or experienced.  We have such a gift in Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.  It’s not always great and can be very very dangerous but is a gem of a place to get light tackle catch and release action in the winter.  I didn’t have any 50″ fish landed this winter but had some very close ones.  Stripers over 45″ are a “fish of a lifetime” catch for many folks……had many of those in 2017.  Had 103 personel best Stripers on my boat in 2017.  Here’s a couple more honarable mentions from last winter……


Buddy Chad with a sweet 46″er

Craig with a really big 47″er on a cold day!



Craig gets the “most over 40″er” award for 2017!  Craig is pictured above with his biggest of the winter, A true giant of 47″!  On a 1/2 day trip to the plant in 2017 Craig caught 6 beasts over 40″ and probabaly lost a few more!  The day was very windy and cold, no boat traffic and quite a few cooperative huge Stripers.  Craig has the catching technique down to a science and truly “makes it happen” every time he’s on my boat.  Congrats Craig for the best big fish day of 2017 on my boat!



big ole’ blow fish! 2017’s best!


Choosing a “fish of the year” is no easy task!  I think long and hard about it and consider several different things.  Catch difficulty, tackle used, rareness of fish and overall shock value to me, etc……….it’s my boat….I make the rules…..LOL

Here’s the runner up for “Fish of The Year 2017” ……it’s a fish we don’t catch a whole lot of and it’s the hardest puller out there and was caught on a very light stick by a Spectacular angler……my man Jason!  Congrats on a light tackle giant!

Jason Jernigan’s 50″ runner up Red! Majestic beauty of a fish!



This fish was caught in the month of May with Billy……a guy who’s fished with me for years and has more ambition to fish than guys half his age.  Every trip is an adventure with Billy and he never puts the rod down………heat of summer doesn’t slow him down…..truly incredible guy and outstanding angler……here’s the first ever fish of the year of this species and second time recipient Billy Brener!

37″ Bluefish for Billy! 2017 FISH OF THE YEAR!


Billy and I were fishing together in early May.  Some nice Bluefish had moved into the region and some truly huge Bluefish of which I’ve never seen on the bay were lurking.  Billy and I were drifting through an area which was holding some nice 4-6 pound Blues and small to medium sized Stripers.  Billy is a comedien and even shorter than me by the way…….not kidding….he is!  He was telling me a joke and gesturing with one hand and holding the rod and jigging with one hand as the boat was drifting along.  Billy was using a 1 ounce jighead and a 6″ Chartruese Glitter BKD (Bass Kandy Delight)……. before the punch line Billy all of a sudden lunged to his left as something large struck his lure……almost lost the rod before he got his other hand on the rod.  Now….both hands on the rod and drag screaming Billy and I were thinking about what this might be.  We thought big Striper but I didn’t think a Striper was going to pull with that much speed and the head shake on the rod wasn’t quite the same……my other thought was the dratted cow nosed Ray….they just began moving into the region.  When they get hooked it’s not a good thing…..they pull hard an damage light tackle and usually you don’t get your lure back.  I didn’t see anything to clearly show this creature on the other end of the line was a cow nosed ray so Billy kept on fighting whatever was pulling.  Some time had passed and many runs were run.  Finally the critter started coming up…….when the fish broke the top I couldn’t believe what I saw…….the biggest Blue I’ve ever seen.  I know they were all over the ocean front this size but not in the bay.  Billy and I got the blue in the boat as it’s jaws were a snapp’in!  Truly a monster blue for Chesapeake Bay and I hadn’t seen one that big……….so………fish of the year it is!  Congrats Billy on a great fish and a rarity for our portion of Chesapeake Bay!



Full 2017 year in review coming soon with a preview of whats coming up in 2018!

Good luck fishing everybody!








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August Is Coming Up BIG! Awesome catching this week!

44″ Bull Red Caught in MD Waters up near the Choptank River on light tackle…..Incredible catch!


August has been a great catching month for as long as I can remember.  Bay Anchovies/Silver Sides are all over the bay and all the fish that eat fish are all over these things!  Stripers, Blues, Spanish Macs, Red Drum etc…….are eating.  I find them with binoculars then the fish finder.  Any school of fish could have one of any of the above listed species.  The last few days we’ve been lucky enough to hit some great fish!  All are caught on light tackle using BKD’s, Hardhead Custome Bait Metal Jigs, Jerk baits and surface plugs.  It’s all good!  I’ve been fishing from Solomons Island running north, south and East…….locating lot’s of good stuff the last few days!  Life is good!

mammoth 48″ Red Drum caught on light tackle…..chartruese sting silver 2 ounce fooled this huge fish


Incredible summer light tackle striper caught on artificials!


sweet jerk baited 28″er…..great august striper!



A real pretty Keeper size Red……26″er!

Had a few like this lately! Good stuff!

here’s my buddy Billy with a good one!


Linda’s pair of sweet Stripers!

good stuff!


The Spaniards are here!


AND MORE………..it’s been a really good few days!  Good luck fish’in everybody!







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Fishing Report and Walk-On Trips!

Been a while since I’ve updated here….need to quit slacking!

young angler with a 30″er! Good stuff!

I worked the waters from above the bay bridge to Sharpes Island while slipping the boat in South River.  Had a great couple of months up there but am glad to be back to Beacon Marina at Solomons.  Masses of Stripers and Blues have certainly entered the waters north of Solomons and the catching is great!  Most days I’m finding nice fish on structure along with huge numbers of Stripers and Blues in the main stem of the bay.  Also I’ll be going to the eastern shore islands from Solomons hunting down specks.  Cobia, Reds and Blues to the south could be interesting when the conditions are good!  All in all it’s been a great summer and I’m thrilled to be back at solomons.  Hated the hour commute before and after trips out of south river.  Anchor Yacht basin was a great place to slip my boat…..clean, organized and they really keep track of all activities……good stuff for sure!




Short Notice Walk-On fishing trip this Thursday, 10 August and more dates……14, 15 and 16 August walk on trip dates.

Updated 8 Aug-915am

Thursday 10 aug- booked solid
Friday 11 aug-booked solid
Monday. 14 aug- booked solid
Tuesday. 15 aug- booked solid

Wednesday 16 aug- booked solid


More walk ons to come


703-395-9955- call or text to reserve your spot

I’ve moved the boat to Beacon Marina out of Solomons. Thursday’s weather looks perfect! We will be running early to shallow structure surface plugging then rolling open bay finding breaking Stripers, blues, possible Spanish mackerel and even a shot at a giant red. Also eastern shore island speck fishing could happen.

Cost: 140 each

Launch from Beacon Marina (260 Lore Road, Solomons) at 530 am and returning around 2pm

I provide licensing, all baits and tackle and fillet fish at the end of the day. You can bring your own gear if you want. Medium sized tackle recommended. Bring what you want to eat and drink.

If you are interested in going on any of these trips contact me via text or call or message on Facebook to reserve your spot. First come first serve. 703-395-9955

Trips will be comfortable in my judge 27′ Chesapeake. This boat allows us go anywhere we need!


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Short Notice Walk-On Trip for this Thursday, 27 April!

We got a Speck! Lots of Stripers!


Short Notice Walk-On Trip

4 Spots Available!

This Thursday, 27 April! Weather forecast shows S/SE breeze……great temps and warming waters should inspire a great shallow water bite in the islands. Will probably start the day shooting for big fish on plugs/jigs then roll to the islands to shoot shallow structure. Warming waters may give a shot at a Speck! I’ve seen a couple already so maybe we’ll see more! We’ll launch at 530am and return around 230pm. We’ll cover lots of water and catching should be good!

If you are interested in going give me a call or text at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot.

Cost is $140 each

I provide all baits and tackle…..bring your own if you want

We’ll cover around 90 miles by days end

I will fillet any fish we keep

Launching from Beacon Marina at Solomons, 260 Lore Rd,

Give me a call, text or message here if you’d like to go!

Come on out and give it a shot!

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Updates to the boat…..thanks Judge Yacht, Annapolis Boat Sales and Reliable Marine!

Bill Judge and Walter at Annapolis Boat Sales finished up work by late Jan.  Since then I’ve ran the boat, tested the systems and love whats been done!  Reliable Marine joined the upgrade train by taking care of some electrical issues 7 years of corrosion can cause…….

I’ll start with what Bill Judge did at the Judge Factory, www.judgeyachts.com  Starting at the bow of the boat they installed a bow pulpit and new Profish 1000 windless

new windless and pulpit definetly improved greatly the situation I had. Good stuff!

Next up front are my bow rails……had some problems with loosening of bolts.  They reinforced the rails by getting up under the rails and affixed backplates and bolts…..totally fixed that problem.

Next down the line I have new windows and frames installed.  I had one window with a crack and others had an issue or two…..the frames were starting to show corrosion so I had those replaced also.

the new frames and windows are updated from when my boat was built. Everything is very sturdy and easier to operate!

My floor  got sanded and recoated with non-skid.  So many folks on my deck and scrubbing often knocked the non-skid off the floor.  (no jokes! Yes I scrub the floor often!)LoL

new floor came out great!

not a good shot of the floor but you get the idea!

Love my new Captains Chair………it has a leaning post along with the chair. So far I love it! Very comfy……..expecting to be on the boat a record amount this year…..I need a good chair!  I’m not getting any younger…….

leaning post in postion……..great for the back when I don’t feel like sitting

Next in line is the L-Bench seating.  Now that i’ve done some trips and received feedback from folks on the boat I’m VERY happy!

plenty of room for 4 to sit……5 if you are good friends!

built in cup holders! I needed those!

Under the seat is also lots of room for stuff!  Very happy with the seating and storage!  Cushions make it comfy to boot!

The thing I like the best is the new heater!  It’s a Webasto 3900 marine heater.  The Judge boys had to custom install this thing and I know it wasn’t easy!  The end result however is spectacular!  I’ve ran it about 100 hours so far and it is flawless to this point.  I”ll add it’s not a cheap gadget by any means.  I love heat…..hate trying to think while freezing and it’s awesome for folks fishing on my boat in the cold.  Wether it’s a chilly October/November morning or a freezing cold day in the winter this thing is a HUGE asset!  It puts out a max. of 13400 BTU’s and burns 1 gallon of deisel fuel per 20 hours of operation set at medium.  Medium setting warms my cabin nice even on 22 degree mornings with the back curtains down.  Here are some shots of the install and unit.

Unit is mounted up under the L-Bench along the side, up off the floor.
Red hose is exaust covered with a heat resistant covering. Fuel pump is mounted just under the heater

Heater is the size of a loaf of bread……Judge did a great job with placing duct work, exhaust etc…….freak’in great!

Walter George from Annapolis Boat Sales had a great idea for my boat and man was he right!  He installed an incredible light bar called Fathom lighting www.fathomlighting.com.  This thing lights up the world up front.  The first night I tried it was reality…….won’t live without this type of light on a boat ever again!  I also had Walter install new flood lights for the back deck and blue lights under the gunnel.  You can find Walters great stuff at www.marylandboatgear.com.  Thanks Walter!  Great job by you and your crew!

low profile spot/flood lights for the bow…..they are awesome!

Two of these light the back of my boat UP! Little LED’s use little juice to do it!


My Shop! Love these guys!

Next on the list is some stuff recently done by Reliable Marine in Solomons, MD, www.reliablemarineonline.com  Now that I have more room to install stuff I had Dave at Reliable Marine install an onboard battery charger which he tied into my shore power hook-up. No more problems with a dead battery because of something left on or other battery issue.  This thing manages the batteries and lets you know of any problems before you break down!

This gadget is installed under my L-Bench…..it’s up and out of the way and easy to see. Dave at Reliable tied it into my shore power making it real easy to use!

After renovations done…..lights….Heater….etc I noticed some funny electrical things going on. Main thing was upon start up of my engine my fishfinders were shutting down.  Never did that before!  I start and stop often so fishfinders going on and off is a NO GO!  Dave at Reliable told me what he thought, I listened.  Pulled the boat and ran it over to him.  He thought a battery isolater would benefit me and he also found plenty of issues in my battery compartment caused by 7 years of corrosion!  He knocked that issue “out of the ballpark”!  Did alot of rewiring in the battery box etc…….cleaned it all up well and installed the battery isolater……electrical issues GONE!  I hate trying to figure this stuff out!  Thanks DAVE!

wires re-done…..cleaned up and labled……gives me piece of mind!


new battery isolater won’t let my fishfinders shut down ever again while turning on and off the engine! I like that!


Had lot’s of stuff done!  I’m very happy and feel like I’ve got a new boat!  Based on last year and what trips I’ve got booked already it looks like this is going to be a great year!  Can’t wait to get lot’s of sticks bent this year!  Thanks to all who fish with me and hopeful future folks who will be on my boat!  Let’s go fish’in!!!!!!



Dave at www.reliablemarineonline.com

Walter George at www.annapolisboatsales.com

Bill Judge at www.judgeyachts.com






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Presentation Tomorrow Night In Cambridge, MD……come on out!

Light Tackle Success

Come on out tomorrow night, (Thursday, 19 January) to the MSSA Dorchester meeting where I’ll be chatting about Winter and Spring Light Tackle Catching! I’ll be talking in depth about how, when and where I do it on light tackle……no tricks or riddles! Straight talk on how, when and where! With over 200 trips a year guiding for the last 13 years I’ve got lot’s to share!

Meeting starts at 730pm…..I’ll be arriving around 645 to set up and run videos……..address is Elks Lodge 1272 located at 5464 Elk Lodge Rd, Cambridge, MD. If you have any questions give me a text, message or call at 703-395-9955

Come on out! Will have a couple GIVE-A-WAYS!

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Calvert Cliffs Report and What To Expect……

upper 40’s inch whopper…..early A.M.   (March 2016)

Catching right now at the power plant isn’t blockbuster for sure.  It is however not horrible!  With that said it’s about normal for this time of year according to the last 20 years I’ve recorded it.  One thing for sure is you won’t catch a fish if you don’t go and you might not catch one if you do go!  None-the-less it’s fun and it’s a way to have a good shot at catching a Striper in the dead of winter.  Big fish can and will happen in the dead of winter, just not consistent or reliable.  Some winters we get more large fish in the flow than other years in Jan/Feb.  Mid-March usually begins a more reliable and consistent flow of big fish into the outflow.  One “first” for this winter is specks in January!  A few Speckled Sea Trout have been caught. I hadn’t seen  this ever!  So……that is pretty cool.  You just never know!  Also some small Puppy Drum have been caught……Jan 2 the boat I was on caught 4 I think.  The Specks and Reds were caught on 6″ BKD’s loaded on 1.5 or 2 ounce heads.  Trick with them is certainly maintaining bottom with a sharp short twitch while maintaining a snug line which enables the detection of a strike.  If you get hits and miss several they may be Specks, Reds or very small Stripers.  To catch the missed fish downsize your bait and jighead weight if possible.   The Specks have been located for me more down the flow just past where the boulders end.  The bottom is oyster shell and easy to detect bottom without snagging.

A true 50″er caught in April 2015


Evaluation of the extended temperature forecast indicates about average temps from here to Feb 4.  Some above average temps and some below.  Bottom line is overall about average.  Now we all know that can change!  Ice will be a factor on some occasions out of Flag Harbor but probably not from the Solomons boat launch.  I don’t have enough experience from Chesapeake Beach or Breezy Point to comment on ice. I expect fishing to maintain an Avg. historical bite this winter from now till Mid March.  I don’t expect any blockbuster runs of crazy great fishing but for the persistent guys who just want to get out there and take a shot at some fish I think it will be good!  A 4 hour trip with 4 guys who know the game should be able to hit 20 or so fish.  A big one right now is 28″-33″……haven’t seen any true big ones yet.  Could happen though!

Luke with a big March fish!


March 10, 2015…….Most ice ever this winter!

One thing for sure is winter is dangerous!  Water is deadly and fast!  Anyone running their boat in winter needs to take xtra care to make sure you are prepared.  I don’t have my boat back yet but when I do it will be readily available and I can get to it very quickly if anybody has a problem out there.  I would roll out there quick if anyone called and needed help.

We don’t want this in 2017!

So…..as of now we do have some fish at the plant.  It’s average over the long haul and I hope it gets real good!  Nothing would surprise me, either way good or bad can happen any given year.  A boring average report and winter outlook.  Good luck fishing and STAY SAFE!



As of now I don’t have a hard date on when I’m getting my boat back.  I’ll find out later this week I hope. If Flag Harbor is iced in I’d go from Solomons.  When I do get my boat to Flag Harbor I plan on running 1/2 day trips starting at daylight till 11ish and 1pm till darkish.  If you want to book the boat for anything in Jan or Feb give me a call and I’ll throw you in the book, I will take up to 4 for these trips.  The boat booked will be 375 for up to 4 anglers until March 15.  Walk-On Trips will be $70 each before March 15.  When you book the boat you are guarenteed that date for your crew.  All walk-on trips will be relatively short notice.   I will provide all baits/tackle or bring your own, licensing and HEAT!  These trips will be focused on proper technique…having fun and hopefully catching some fish!  Prior to our trip we’ll talk about whats going on with the fishing and of course weather and we’ll decide to do or not do the trip.  The winter fishery is “iffy” with weather and catching……I’ll tell it like it exactly as I know it.

if this guy can catch a 45″er ANYBODY can! Lol
Great fish John!









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Walleye Pete’s 2016 Year In Review

2016 was a BIG year!


Table of Contents

1- Intro to 2016 Review

2- January      – Cold But Hot Fishing

3- February    – Darn Good Catching

4- March          – One Word…..HUGE!

5- April             – Warming Waters, Sweet Catch’in

6- May               – The Movement….Northbound

7- June              – Big Fish Rolling In The Boat!

8- July               – Hot Temps…….Big Stripers and Breakers

9- August          – Huge Numbers and Monstrous Surprises

10- September – Breakers Rolling Shallow, Big Reds!

11- October       –Stumps, Rocks, Cuts, Rips, Wrecks and Shallow Oh MY!

12- November – Record Breaking Big’uns On Structure

13- December  – Hot Start…..chilly finish

14- 2016 Fish of The Year!


THANKS TO ALL WHO FISHED WITH ME!  You made it a great year of catch’in!



1- Preview to 2016 Review

One of several huge Reds caught on
light Tackle in 2016! Wow!

2016 was certainly a year to remember for me.  Broke my one year record of trips in a year,  223 trips!  The season ended a bit early for me or I would have struck 230!  From well above the Bay Bridge to Smith Point, Virginia fish were caught in great numbers and beautiful fish!  As normal the power plant between mid-March and early April produced the biggest fish.  May-early July produced plenty of over 30″ Stripers.  Late July-September was breaking fish galore with some huge Redfish and the 2016 fish of the year!  Fall Island fishing was spectacular again and then the late fall early winter fishing out of Point Lookout was very very productive with a smattering of difficult days.  Overall a great year for sure and I’m looking forward to a record breaking 2017!

2-JANUARY- Cold but Hot Fishing

Typically my years start at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in January.  However, through the years sometimes a great bite somewhere in January will keep me from home and the winter power plant bite.  2016 was started with abnormally warm water in Chesapeake Bay because of a very mild start to the winter.  So……..even though the season to “keep fish”  was closed, catch and release was alive and well at the mouth of the Potomac River.  I did 7 trips in the first two weeks of january…….what a bite their was to start 2016!  We caught using 6″ and 10″ BkD’s, Hardheadcustom baits veritcal jigs, Specialized Baits “Lil’ Bunker Spoons and surface plugs!  Even a fly guy was able to connect in January at the mouth of the Potomac.  Here’s a few shots of fish caught in Jan 2016………All fish were caught utilyzing light tackle and released to swim another day!

First double of the 2016 Season!
Beautiful light tackle Stripers in the cold!

2nd double of 2016…..really quick!

Until the water temp dropped below 43 degrees
the fishfinder looked like this!

Average fish for the start of 2016!

Lot’s of bent sticks on Jan 7 2016!

A real nice 33″er in the cold!


My Friend Phil Chorney loves his fly slinging!  On a day that started at 17 degrees you wouldn’t think the  top portion of the water column and a fly would produce but they did!  Way to go Phil!  Love it!

The fly stick is bent!

just a blast on the fly!

Not a giant but in Jan on the fly

Here’s Sammy using a home made “slamm’in sammy”
to catch on this day…..he caught MANY!

another 30ish inch fish in Jan 2016

My buddy Mike with a great
January Striper!

Mid 30’s in Jan 2016

One of the last hard earned
Stripers in Jan 2016! Good job John Fox!


3-FEBRUARY- Darn Good Catching

The beginning of Feb 2016 was the start of my power plant season in 2016.  Typically I don’t do many guide trips in Jan-Feb and I didn’t in 2016.  I live very close and keep my boat in Flag Harbor…..less than 2 miles from the plant.  My normal plan is to take friends and neighbors who live close by for short missions to the plant.  Catching a couple fish is nice…..if we don’t catch it’s fine.  Easy trip……have fun….stay warm and if we catch it’s great!  Last Feb I did one guide trip and lot’s of little excursions to see whats going on.  Feb 2016 did produce a fair amount of Stripers and many in the mid 30’s inches in February  Every little trip out in Feb we caught fish!    This year “2017” In Feb I’m going to run cheap walk-on trips at the Plant.  Lot’s of fun…..learn…..have fun and stay warm in my heated Cabin…..it’ll be great!  Here’s a few shots from Feb 2016 at the plant……..

my friend Dan with a nice little Feb fish
Hungry fish ate a 10″ BKD

a nice Feb Striper caught on a 6″ BKD

my other buddy Dan….good fish brother!

A real healthy one…..good fish fritz!

nice one Allan!


4-MARCH- One Word……HUGE

March is a GREAT month for sure at Calvert Cliffs!  Every year the biggest Stripers of the year happen in March.  April is big…..Feb is big also but not as big.  One thing is for sure…..every year is different.  In the late 90’s Feb was loaded at the power plant with big fish.   March is a time when migratory forage fish play around in the power plant outflow and really big Stripers like to eat them there!  Bar none…..the 10″ BKD is the best big fish bait I’ve ever used at the power plant.  Other baits in the 10″ range work great also.  What makes the 10″ BkD really stand out to me is it’s durability.  You can catch many fish on one bait.  Other baits I know of are very soft and rip after a fish or two.  Glue could help for sure.  1.5 to 2.5 ounce jigheads are the tool of choice for me at the plant.  Detecting bottom without getting snagged and at the same time putting on a great twitch is what “makes it happen” at the plant.

Here’s a few shots from March!  None of these fish were 50 pounds but some were really big!

this fish was the first true big one of the season……43″!

Big Al with a 42″er!

This fish is a SLOB!

Really big healthy fat Striper…..40+”er


hey….I caught one!

this was a massive 47″!

here’s what the 47″er ate……..10″ BKD


dawn monster….45″ish I believe!

this fish was HUGE…..not 50″ but close!

Chances at fish of a lifetime
are high!


just sweet!


light tackle joy

Towards the end of March the waters are warming and shallow water starts to approach 60 degrees.  When the water strikes 60 the power plant still produces but not as consistent.  I start exploring the eastern shore islands and shorelines and really catch some nice fish.  They aren’t huge but some over 30″.  Numbers can be big and the beauty of it all is gigantic.  2016 was a great April in the islands as the power plant fizzled.


5-APRIL- Warming Waters, Sweet Catch’in

April is one of my favorite fishing months!  Winter turning hard to spring…..warming waters and active fish.  The season opens to keep big ones around April 16.   In 2016 I moved from Flag Harbor to Solomons on April 15.  I don’t “trophy” hunt in April but do catch some really big fish in April.  April is when the shallow water bite really turns on and the weather starts to be very nice…..Love it!  When the charter boats are out trolling up one fish per person to take home I’m in the islands catching and releasing large numbers of really nice fish to keep forever on camara……love this time of year.  Had a great April 2016!  Here’s some shots……

An early April double on real nice fish!

super bent stick!


Huge April Striper for Luke……whoop whoop!

Early Aprl fatty

good stuff!


big shallow water fatty!


Todd with a well over 40″ April big boy!


Nooks and Crannies catch
good in April


Little guy with a jigged
up Striper!


last several years I’ve seen
lot’s of these in April! Cool!


This is fishing the islands!

Cool April adventure!

April Striper in the skinny


A REALLY big light tackle
caught April Striper

sunrise striper in April


Nice bent stick in the islands!


Great spring catching on this day!


Lot’s of spring fun!


5- MAY

May brings about warmer temps and Stripers becoming very active on the surface with temps into the upper 60’s and low 70’s.  I fish from Solomons and run the main stem of the bay and the islands of the eastern shore.  If Speckled Sea trout are in our area I start to catch them well in May.  The last few years have seen very few Specks on the waters I fish.  2016 was much of the same.  I caught less than 10 Speckled Sea trout in 2016.  Sad but the way it goes.  Hoping they trend back in soon!  The Striper fishing however was very productive in May.  Lot’s of great stripers on the jig and surface. I had a busy month with 28 trips out of 31 days.  All trips produced well!  Here are some shots from May 2016!

Some early May rainey
day Striper action!

A surprise Speck in May……I’ll take it!


another rainy May catching day


great surface plugged


some fun skinny water

beautiful striper on
the light stick!


some real Happy Fishing today!


Young angler with a great


sunrise joy!


Getting some real
Nice fish today!


Beautiful young lady and


Surface plugged


May Worms getting ate on the bottom!
They love BKD’s in this picture!

calm shallow water
good ones!


just beautiful!


Bombed a surface plug!


doesn’t get any
better in May!




Nice fish!


incredible may striper


Way to go man!


7- June- The Movement…..Northbound

June 2016 brought about movement of fish.  During the month of May plenty of fish were in the region of Solomons but as June rolled along the biomass of decent sized Stripers were moving north,  and North…..and more north.  So……..in early June I moved from Solomons to Deale in order to be way closer to the fish.  One thing I know is I can’t catch’m where they “ain’t”!  The last three years I’ve fished out of Deale, MD starting in June until fish started showing up back south again.  2016 was a great year for me in June from Breezy Point up to as far north as Man-O-War Shoal at the mouth of the Patapsco River.  Jigging around schools of Menhaden was key during June.  Structure also produced some incredible Stripers from Deale up to Rock Hall.  Here’s a few shots from June 2016!

Huge June Stripers Jigged up on
structure in June!

Super Striper on light tackle
in June!

Mid-30’s in June!

Bent stick! Good stuff!

Kid’s, Light Tackle Jigg’in!
Nothing better…….



Blues started to show in mid-june on structure……
nice ones too!

Young man with a GREAT
Striper…..good stuff!


Look at this great Striper!

A family day of catching
big Stripers!

Lovely ladies ane lovely
Stripers…best it gets!


Good stuff!


buddy dan with a great June Striper!


mid-30’s whopper

Bunch of good ones!

Last Big one in june….
July was on fire to start!


8-July-  Hot Temps, Big Stripers and Breakers

July was a month where I ran big miles daily rolling up the bay from Deale.  The biomass of Striped Bass over 24″ and up to 35″ or so were up the bay above the bay bridge.  Fishing structure early (before sunrise) produced many great fish.  After sunrise the bite typcially was in water over 20′ deep and centered around bait.  Deep water pilings of the bay bridge was productive along with humps, bumps and lumps in water 20′ deep or deeper. Some fish were caught on lumps under 20′ deep off Love Point.  After about July 16 I started rolling east and south from Deale Catching lot’s of Blues and Stripers 16-22″.  Breaking fish were wide spread and a blast in late july and rolling thru September.

Typical breakers last july:


Here’s some shots:

Incredible stripers on July 1!



Great fish fry!

Nice summer 33″er


Good grade of fish today!


Beautiful summer sunrise


Fun on the light stick!


Sweet lady with a huge jigged up Striper!


Great Family Affair!


Nice bent fly stick at the
Bay Bridge


Great fish on the top!


9- August – Huge Numbers and Monstrous Surprises


August is the end of summer.  We’ve have a couple months of heat, fish moving around and changing patterns and now they are hitting hard on the top every day.  Great time of year for gigantic numbers of fish and endless action.  Surprises in large forms tend to hang out under active Bluefish in late august and September feeding on scraps falling though the water column.  August is Stripers. Blues, Spanish Mackeral and some monster Reds!  All reds were caught on metal or plastic below breaking Blues and Stripers…….a site to behold when you see the redish orange glow appear below the surface after an EPIC fight on light tackle.  Nothing like it!  August was great action everyday…….great BIG surprises underneath!  Good stuff!

A few shots from August:

Nice one Linda!

Linda caught lot’s of Stripers and Blues
and this REALLY nice Spanish Mac!


Whoop Whoop! Good stuff!


August is Month of the Spanish…..
here’s a real good one!


These two are fish
catching machines!

A great mixed bag!


why I do this job!


Grandfather/Grandson fun!
Memories forever!


Family catching in a
big way!


Lot’s of Spanish
in 2016

First Bull Red in 2016


A little puffer….isn’t that cute!

Massive Bull Red jigged
up on light tackle…..incredible!


Remick @flytimes and a fly caught Spanish……GOOD STUFF!


Check out this quick Red Battle Video!



Massive Red….massive fight…released
safely to swim another day!


10-September- Breakers Rolling Shallow, Big Reds! 

September has always been and didn’t disappoint in 2016 as an incredible catching month!  Breaking fish in the main stem of the bay are consistant and reliable daily and the shallow water of the eastern shore islands and shorelines really turn on and a variety is possible.  Large schools of Stripers and Blues push bait into very shallow water at times, very exciting!   We caught Stripers, Puppy Drum, Specks, Bluefish and even a Flounder in September.   As water temps drop from 80 plus degrees down into the 70’s and cool nights happen fishing becomes wildly wonderful in shallow water from 2′-8′.  Beautiful temps and prevailing calm seas make for a great month to catch lot’s of fish with some great fish mixed in.  2016’s fish of the year was caught in September.  A great fish and story it was!  I’ll tell it and show it at the end of my 2016 review.  Here’s some stuff from September 2016!

Between all the fish my family and
I love some Nationals Games!


we did catch a few Specks in September
Here’s one!


I got a Spanish! I got a Spanish!


More fish from the Breners’!

good stuff


A huge September Bull Red!

beautiful skinny water Striper!

Island guts are a blast and beautiful
to catch in…….awesome!


A lost flounder! Hope
more show up in 2017!

Windy day in the islands…..lot’s of these!

Great shallow water action!

More fun than should be legal!


11- October- Stumps, Rocks, Cuts, Rips,  wrecks and Shallow…. Oh MY!

Folks ask me what my favorite place or time to fish is…….I have a hard time answering!  I love it all and I love that things change enough to keep me sane!  I love the power plant in the winter because of big fish. I love the April/May shallow water and island fishing because we catch nice fish in shallow and winter is over.  I like summer  because huge numbers of fish are available and it’s great for folks to catch easily.  September is heaven on earth because summer is ending and the heat turns down a bit and fishing is GREAT!  However……..if I have to pick I pick as my favorite as October.  I fish primarily in the islands and shore lines of the eastern shore and fish structure in the main stem of the bay as I’m traversing the bay.  The islands are miles and miles of remote shorelines with rips, grass beds, rock piles, guts and cuts and wrecks.  I’ve got great catching opportunities all october even on breezy days.  October also produces some really big Stripers in 2-7′ of water.  Fishing is exciting and never boring in October.  So……it i must admit October is my favorite month and the islands are my favorite place to fish.  Here’s some shots from October 2016!  Great stuff!

MIke with a big Oct 1 shallow water striper

great double

A huge October shallow water Striper!


great bag of stripers!

Way to go girls!

beautiful rock pile Rockfish!

great rainy day Rockfish!


that’s a whopper!

Big boys in the stumps today!

nice bent shallow water stick!

Just beautiful…..and fish!


Incredible remote water!

Way to go Gene!

October is just loaded
this year! Beauty!

Father/Daughter catching!

beautiful place to catch fish!

Island Cuts Are Amazing

A puppy Drum!

Paddle Tails over stumps were work’in!

Sweet morning and nice fish!

more island beauty


nice puppy!

Happy JIgging!

Look at that! Wow!

two whoppers


Last day of October produced
some real big fish!

October was busy with lot’s of catching…..whew!  Off to November!


12- November- Record Breaking Big’uns on Structure

The title of this month says it………Record breaking Big’uns!  I did many trips in November and almost all of them saw several stripers over 30 inches and up to 38″ as the biggest.  Love November for two reasons……great fishing and I launch out of Buzz’s Marina,  love the owners of the marina, Mike and Christy!  About 90% of large fish were caught on structure in less than 25′ of water.  Toward the end of November some large fish started showing up under birds.  For the most part all the big fish were on little hunks of structure and not in big schools.  The over 30″ fish seemed to be in small “wolf” packs hunting menhaden and crabs around structure.  We caught all the big fish on Hardhead Custom Baits Skirted Jigs tipped with a 6″ BKD, either chartruese glitter or purple glitter.  The large fish caught on my boat in Novmember was by far more than any November I’ve ever had…….come on November 2017!

Incredibly beautiful 35″er and
lady! Awesome!

Biggest fish of November! A beauty at 38″…..wow!

yes sir! Good stuff!


good fish Colonel!


Nice fish…..short guy! Lol…..good one!


Way to go Tommy!


Beautiful fish Rick!

Endless 28″ fish…..so good!


Moral of the story in NOV
Big ones!


Hardhead Custom Bait skirted jig and 6″ BKD
caught this beauty!


Fritz! Good one!


LOVE a good bent stick!

great fish!!!


What a Freak’in Hog!

Incredible fish brother!

awesome bunch of fish!


Great day….better fish!


it’s a big one

it was an accident!


We couldn’t keep big fish
off the lines today……


As good as it gets
with the light sticks!


a triple of big ones! Whoop whoop!

So many 30-34″ers…….love it!


Lot’s of big doubles today!


Look at that fish!


Super double caught here…..wonderful stuff!

holy crap!



what a fight


sunrise is great!






A beauty at 36″…..


Thanksgiving Morning was
big for sure!

Thanksgiving morning father and son
big ones……..what it’s all about!


just awesome!


Love kids and big fish!

last big one in November
Off to December!



13-December- Hot Start, Chilly Finish

November ended and December started hot…..nice weather and great fishing.  Typical of late November and December is volitile weather with plenty of wind and some major cold fronts to bring winter in to the region.  I was hoping for a repeat of last year which was great fish and wild bombing Gannets all through December and well into January of 2016.  This year 3 cold fronts slammed though the area and dropped water temps down quickly and the bite was becoming more difficult. We caught lots of fish on most trips in December but it just wasn’t crazy like last year……it was a little crazy on occasion but that’s it.   Fish are still at the mouth of the Potomac and in the river but I decided to pull my boat a bit early and not fight to catch.  Also, weather outlook overall wasn’t great so I pulled the boat and delivered it to Judge Yacht for some cool renovations.  I’ll have the boat back in January and will be starting the 2017 season fishing the power plant.  Good luck to all fishing in 2017 and I hope you had a great 2016! I sure did and loved every second of it!

December 1st was perfect and
so were the fish!


Husband wife admring dinner!


great fish!


A December Fly caught whopper for Dixon Young!
Way to go brother!


Nice Double Boys!


awesome bite!

Hey John…..Nice fish buddy! See ya this winter!




A great fish and a cool story……….On September 8th I had a trip booked by Richard and didn’t know who else was coming until they showed up at the boat.  Up marches Fred Menage and he states to me “I’m going to fill one of my bucket list fish today”!  I said….”oh ya, what fish is that”?  He said with confidence “Bull Red Drum, 40 Pounder”!  I typically try to keep folks expectations down prior to trips.  I just don’t want folks to be disappointed if they are expecting to much.  Now fishing had been great and I had some huge Reds in some days prior to this trip.  Fred saw the reports and told me he was feeling lucky…..like before when he won a truck at the Maryland Fishing Challenge Party.  Well….I told him with confidence our boat had a 5% chance to land a Bull Red today.  They aren’t easy or wide spread…..ya got to get a little lucky to get one to hit…..then you gotta land the thing on light tackle…..not easy!  I wagered something I probably shouldn’t have ………..I bet Fred my left (you know what) he wouldn’t catch one.  Fred took the bet!  Lol………We caught Stripers and Blues from the beginning of the day and kept catching.  I was running from breaking fish to breaking fish looking for the biggest Bluefish.  Under the biggest bluefish is where I’ve been getting lucky with some huge Reds.  Sometime in the early afternoon when it was real hot Fred hooked a fish and drag was screaming….and screaming and screaming.  After a bit Fred had some sweat beading up on his head and the fish wasn’t coming towards us much.  I had to chase the fish with the boat some to get some line back.  Fred hung in there fighting this fish with the vigor of a 35 year old……man with a mission!  After quite a fight we saw the fish….a huge Red for sure….absolutely the “bucket list” fish Fred was looking for. I was beyond happy we got the fish to the boat and that Fred was done with the fight……he was beat!  But he did it and didn’t wince in pain at all.  The crew was wincing in pain though!  We were able to get the fish in the boat….got a picture with Fred and the fish, put the fish near the measuring tape….wasn’t 50″ but it was 47″ at least.  It was awesome……made my year!  After the fish was released (we held the fish just above the tail till it “kicked out”) Fred told me to grab my Bubba Blade Knife…”it’s time to pay up”.  I said “What”…….Fred reminded me of our bet…..gulp……i lost the bet but Fred let me off the hook….whew!  What a fish….a great day and one heck of a Bucket List fish caught and released.  Good stuff…….great job FRED!  Whoop whoop!!!!


click the links to see a short video of the fight and Fred Holding the fish……good stuff!



 and the 2016 Fish of The YEAR is

Fred Menage with the 2016 FISH OF THE YEAR with Walleye Pete!

Twas a great year….thanks to all!  Good luck in 2017!!!!!! Have a Happy Holiday!

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Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Winter Fishing Preview

Luke with a huge light tackle winter Striper

Join My new Private Group on facebook: ” Live at Calvert Cliffs With Walleye Pete”

 After you Read the preview check out the Videos!  Good stuff!

Light Tackle Jigging Stripers On Chesapeake Bay in March! – an incredible trip at calvert cliffs with friends and I happen to be ambitious with the video this day…..good stuff!

April Fool’s Stripers – One of the best days ever at the plant!  Check it out!

Calvert Cliffs, Marylands Striped Bass Off Season Catch and Release Heaven – a ton of pictures of big fish from last 4 years at calvert cliffs

50lbs Striper on Light Tackle in Chesapeake Bay – a quick look at the biggest Striper caught on my boat!



disclaimer– I wrote this quickly with passion…….their may be some typos and mis spellings….but I hope you get the idea……..i don’t have time to make it grammatically perfect. Read on!

Winter at Calvert Cliffs

Well folks, it’s that time of year where the winter fishery at Calvert Cliffs will soon be taking hold.  This will be my 20th year of jigging huge stripers at Calvert Cliffs in the winter.  Winter for me being Jan-April 15 or so.  What I’ve learned through 20 years worth of catching and  journal entries on fishing calvert cliffs is every year, month, day, hour and minute can be different.  What I do know for sure is if you don’t go you won’t know if a bite is there.  Another thing for sure is we are lucky to have a place in Chesapeake Bay where in the winter you can go and have a shot at a bent stick and a hopeful great memory.  The chance at a mammoth at 48″ or more is possible and 40″ers are not uncommon.  For the last several years almost all my 40″+ fish have come from Calvert Cliffs in the winter till early April.  The late fall fishery is great with many fish to 35″ but very few over.  Seems as though the huge migratory fish which used to show abundantly in November/December in Maryland waters haven’t shown well in years.  Many opinions exist on where they went.  My thought is their are many less of them and the ones still in existance aren’t coming up Chesapeake Bay in the late fall/early winter before heading to near shore or offshore waters from Virginia down to North Carolina.

lot’s of fun! A March 2016 Big’in

A beautiful Mid-40’s inch Striper! What a Fish!

Through the years I’ve had a few fish at 50″ or a hair over and countless 45-49″ers.  The over 40″s can be incredible in numbers at times.  I literally have thousands of huge fish pics through my 20 years of winter fishing at Calvert Cliffs.  Styles of fishing varies at Calvert Cliffs and some days many boats share the same water trying to hook the big one.  Every year when cold winter turns to spring and air temps warm up so do folks ambitions to get their boats on the water.  Late march and early april Calvert Cliffs can see as many as 30 boats fishing a nice weekend morning.  Typically this will slow down the success of catching.  In the cold winter Jan/Feb sometimes catching can be incredible and sometimes it stinks.  Ya never know.  My intention with this preview is to highlight the importance of safety while angling in the winter, the different catching techniques I’ve experienced to work the best,  angling etiquette and fish safety.

Biggest my boat has had at Calvert Cliffs,
about 4″ past the 48″ tape and very heavy,
we don’t weigh fish in fear of injuring them

IT’S FUN!  That’s it………..

I may ruffle a feather or two here but this is what I think……..after 20 seasons of catching huge fish and watching others catch huge fish at Calvert Cliffs in the winter it isn’t a big deal.  It’s a BLAST but not a legend maker for sure.  If you are local to Calvert Cliffs like me or an angler who plies the water of Calvert Cliffs several times a year, month or week it really isn’t difficult to catch big fish at Calvert Cliffs in the winter.  It’s a goldfish bowl with 2 million gallons of water blowing through it with boulders on the bottom from 18′-30′ deep.  All the experienced anglers know the fish hold at the bottom or very close most of the time and are in certain areas of the rip most of the time.  The experienced anglers position themselves to cast to and present their 1.5 to maybe 3 ounce jigheads into the current upstream of where they know the fish should be……detect bottom with their heavy lead head with BKD or Bust’m bait or any other plastic and aggresively and sharply jig (twitch) their sticks while maintaining a snug line as their bait gets blown downstream.  The massive current pushes their baits downstream quickly allowing their bait of choice to cover the bottom in the area they think the fish are located.  If fish are in the zone of presentation they typically will inhale the bait.  The experienced angler detects the “thump” of the large striper inhaling the bait and sets the hook……the fight is on!  This does require skill but zero challange once mastered.  It is one heck of alot of fun though!  Have Fun!

Even with Big Al at.6’9″ tall………this fish Still looks huge!
It’s a mid 40’s Inch Fish     (March 2016)


Fish Anyway You Want!

No person, club, group or FACTION own the power plant fishing rights.  All folks who go there can choose to fish the way they want. Trolling, bait slinging and anchoring is not against any law and if it happens then so be it.    There are some things I think can really mess fishing up and I’ll talk about them.  My opinions are that…..an opinion, I really don’t know, no human knows!  NOTHING worse than a person who knows it all when they really don’t!  What I’m writing about is what I’ve experienced and what has worked best for me through the hundreds of trips at the power plant in the winter.  If you have another technique not described that works for you it’s all good!  One thing that I’ve learned with over 3000 guided fishing trips is to adapt and overcome and keep on truck’in.  I practice what I preach and will keep on truck’in no matter who does what at the power plant. It’s all good!



Personel safety at calvert cliffs is very important.  We all know cold water kills very fast.  A NNW, N, NE, E or ESE wind at 15 knots and more really starts to rough it up at Calvert Cliffs.  Two million gallons a minute flowing against wind coming from the opposite direction makes for very confused seas and dangerous conditions.  Catching can be great in bad conditions there but I don’t recommend taking your boat there unless you have experience with the rips in nasty winds.  S, SW, W and NW is fishable with some nasty wind.  SW is best…..comes from right over the power plant.  Proper communication and all safety equipment is crucial to have on board at all times but especially in the winter.  If the wind is blowing hard and you are there it’s best to stay on the downwind side of the current.  It’s best to have the wind in a position to blow you out of the current when rough.  A fatal mistake could be to get blown into the current with a nasty wind from the bad directions I noted above.  Here is what happens:  your boat turns with the wind facing downwind and the current is taking you stearn first down the current.  Waves are very close and high.  If you have a low stearned boat or cut out like a 21 parker or similar boat you will take waves over the back and possibly submerge your boat if your engine won’t start and you take on water.  It happens fast!    DON’t Let This Happen……..you could die.  If you have any questions about this stuff feel free to text or email me.


Bait and Equipment

Equipment I use at the power plant are 6’medium or 6’6″ medium heavy  rods which allow you to detect the slightest of hits and the tick of detecting bottom.   I use 14 or 20 pound test flame green Fireline.  I use this because I can see it above the water and no stretch allows for great detection of bottom and hits.  When multiple folks have fish on they can see where there lines are crossing so they can go over or under in order to not lose a fish because of tangled lines.  I use a 30 pound test clear leader at about 2′. It’s strong enough for big fish and not to thick to tie directly to your fireline.  I never use swivels…..they fail and break eyes on rods.  I use 3500 or 4500 size spinning reels at Calvert Cliffs on the big Stripers.  I’ve been using Penn Battles mostly.

The Baits I use are exclusively BKD’s www.basskandydelights.com.  I like chartruese glitter when it’s sunny, white anytime and purple glitter in low light.  Tipping baits with different color garlic stuff can’t hurt.    6″ and 10″ baits work great.  When big fish are around no baits catch and last longer than the 10″ BKD.  I use 1.5 to 2.5 ounce jigheads for my BKD’s.  The heavier the jighead the easier to detect bottom…..also more expensive to lose, I use mainly 1.5 ounce jigheads.


   Techniques, it’s all good!

Two different techniques are used mostly at Calvert Cliffs.  Some experienced guys at Calvert Cliffs like to position their boat just on the outside of the current.  Casting a 1.5-2.5 ounce jighead upstream and across the current in a position to have the jig touch bottom adjacent in the current to the boat.  if you touch bottom upstream it’s very easy to get snagged……touching bottom adjacent to the boat or just down stream from the boat is ideal to not get snagged and to work the jig down the current and at the bottom where you hope the fish are holding.  This technique is not an exact science and will require practice and you may or others may do it a bit different than described.  On my boat I preach a short, very sharp jigging technique.  short and sharp draws the fishes attention and it allows you to more easily maintain a snug line and keep close proximity to the bottom.  Once the current washes your jig down stream and off the bottom you need to reel it up and do it again.  This technique takes some practice and plenty of lead loss to the bottom. When the fish are thick it’s easy…..when only a few fish around the bite is tough and the experienced guys will out fish the less experienced.  Sit back and watch the experienced guys work this technique if you are struggling.

The Technique I like with folks without or little experience at the power plant on my boat is drifting the outflow.  I will idle perpendicular to the flow…..cut the engine on the edge and drift into the flow.  Once the boat is in the current I have folks flip out to the sides, open bail paying line out until the line slightly changes speed or about a 5 count, click the bail and start the short sharp twitch technique as the boat drifts abrubtly downstream.  Ideally, after you sharpley twitch up, follow your jig back down until you detect bottom then sharpley twitch again.  The bite happens typically on the drop as you attempt to detect bottom between sharp twitches.  If you don’t detect bottom open and close the bail quickly and follow jig down to the bottom.   Slack line is always bad!  If you see slack line you are wrong…….practice makes perfect.  Detecting bottom is very important.  Dragging bottom is bad……not ever feeling bottom is not good.   Ideally detecting bottom as you are following your jig to the bottom with the rod tip is edeal.  If the fish are at the bottom in the area you are drifting you will catch them if you detect bottom and work the jig with a sharp, short twitch near the bottom.  It’s all good!  Practice makes perfect!


Fish Handling While Catch and Releasing

I’ve caught and released ungodly amounts of huge fish from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel up to the Susqy Flats. Anytime I’m in an area catching large Stripers I like to catch them on a one hooked lure…..like a jig if possible, if using surface plugs it’s good to cut some hooks off to make releases easier.  Barbless is even better!  I’ve got a boat i can reach a fish from without netting.  I never net a large fish if releasing.  I like to lip the fish while in the water….lift quickly up and support under the belly while maintaining a thumb in the mouth with a good grip.  You never want to drop a large fish or let it flop around the deck.  I will hand a fish to a client for a picture…..a quick measure on a tape on the back of the boat and then the release.  On huge fish and a lengthy fight in water over 60 a huge fish may roll over and float when released.  What I do and I’ve done for more years than I can remember is have a person with a thumb in the mouth of the fish and I grap just above the tail.  We set the fish in the water and the thumb guy releases the fish on the front.  I maintain a grip on the tail end of the fish and gently move the fish back and forth.  Usually very soon I can feel the tail area starting to twitch a bit…then more…. then the fish KICKS out……..it  runs off strong.  Unless a striper is gill hooked and bleeding they are very hardy in cool water and will swim away strong.  Dropping on the deck, netting or weighing from a boga is probably not a great idea.  It’s all about the fish during catch and release…..be careful and do the best you can!  Have fun!


                                                                                  Fact or fallacy

A few “gum flappers” declare to know everything about fish without real experience or science and why they might not be catching at the moment.  The true beauty of fishing is no one knows………Some love to blame others.  instead of adapting and overcoming…….some make stories in an attempt to make themselves look superior…….my advice is go ahead and fish!  Work hard, learn from mistakes, learn from others and do what works for you!  As in all aspects of life and work……don’t let a person tell you to do something when you KNOW it’s not right or accurate or best for you.  Fact- TRUTH is powerful

If you hear somewhere that drifting at calvert cliffs in the current spooks fish it is an opinion not a fact.  I believe with 2 million gallons a minute blasting out of two four foot pipes and blowing over boulders at a huge pace the noise must be incredible.  The fish are holding at the bottom in 18′-30′ of water, water is not gin clear, 5′ of visibility at the top is good.  The bottom must be wildly horrible but the fish love it………I believe there is zero chance fish are spooked by a floating boat in this situation. This is my opinion, not a fact.   My boat has caught continuous for hours on hundreds of trips at the power plant conducting this technique.  I believe my opinion is true based on results for 20 years and hundreds of trips catching incredible fish.  Some simple math…….20 years multiplied by 50 trips a year  is 1000 trips (probably more trips)  ……..based on this number I’ve concluded a floating boat isn’t spooking fish.  I believe a boat running it’s engine up the rip to retrieve a snagged jig is going to spook fish…..not sure but I think it is.  I preach and have always preached silence is always best over fish.  If I experienced what I believed to be “spooking” fish while floating over them in 25′ of wildly turbulant, noisey water I’d not do it.  No stomping on deck, slamming hatches, crushing beer cans, etc….is something never done on my boat…….you get the hint.    I’ve re-thought my number of trips per year at Calvert Cliffs……..it’s way more than 50 a year…..you get the idea…..Lot’s of trips and experience…..I still DON’t know for sure!  Lol

Do fishfinders spook fish?  NO NO and NO……..In over 3000 guided fishing trips and god only knows how many unguided trips before I was guiding I never shut off my fishfinder and caught huge numbers and size…….Fallacy!

Science:  Striped bass hear low-pitched subaquatic sounds better than humans. They have an auditory range that starts on the low end at 15 sound waves per second (Hz) and tops out on the high side at about 15,000 Hz.,According to The Complete Book of Striped Bass Fishing
The auditory range of striped bass is 15-10,000 Hz
Both of these ranges are FAR below that of a typical modern sonar (50,000-83,000-200,000) cycles per second. Think of a dog whistle (23 to 54 kHz) or even higher pitched.  I believe this science!

This science coupled with my own real time vast experience says fishfinders don’t spook fish………if it makes the angler feel better to turn it off then it is best to turn it off……..confidence breeds success!  IF 20+ boats are fishing the outflow typically the bite is not good.  I’ve seen great bites with lot’s of boats but typically when lot’s of boats are present the weather is beautiful and the fish don’t stick around long even with few boats. They are fish and they swim away……..  Is it weather related or boat related?  I’m not sure……….

Here’s  some big ones from Calvert Cliffs, all with fish finder on and floating over the rip: Calvert Cliffs, Marylands Striped Bass Off Season Catch and Release Heaven,  all the fish in the pics are caught Drifting the flow or casting across the rip. Majority is drifting the flow.   Pics are covering a few years…….most days of catching great had large numbers of big fish with only a couple big fish pics shot per person per trip.  These pics are a small fraction of huge fish caught over the time of the pics…….I typically will shoot a shot of a persons first big one…..then not another unless it’s significantly bigger.  I like to get the fish back in the water immediately…..multiple shots of the same size frame fish doesn’t make sense to me.  Get’m off quick and back in the drink……


        Rips Etiquette

As I see it many boats can successfully fish the rips when the conditions are right and the fish are there.  Back in the 90’s folks liked to anchor in the outflow….right in the middle….right where the fish are……and fish got caught….lot’s of them.  I don’t recommend that style now…….haven’t seen it done in a long time.  When it’s flat calm on a beautiful weekend morning many boats will attempt to fish at the rips.  Care must be taken to not run into each other……current, wind, eddies and boat hulls infuence a boats drift at calvert cliffs……if a boat is on the edge of the current (in an eddy) and another boat enters the current upstream the two boats may come within close proximity.  For 20 years boats have come close to each other there……the boat operator has to pay close attention to his direction of travel and be careful.  If you come close to another boat say hello and have a chat as you gently drift by.  If it’s rough you have to be very careful not to get close…..wind makes everything way more dangerous.  If you are new there on a rough day pay close attention to how your boat is reacting in or near the flow and watch what other boats are doing and how there boat is reacting…….it’s a learning experience.  Out of many trips to the Rips last year I was probably alone there 10 times.  I live very close to my boat and my boat is close to Calvert Cliffs,  I could run out on a bad weather day with a short window of opportunity…….10 times by myself was alot!  Most trips other boats will be there.  If you can’t work with and around other boats I don’t recommend you go there.  Unfortunately over the last couple of years a few specific folks have spent lot’s of time at the power plant and yelled disrespectfully at folks trying to fish.  The folks yelling think they are the only ones who know how to fish there and if you don’t do it like they want you too they yell at you.  If you go there and get yelled at just tip your hat and tell them to have a nice day.  Continue to do what you are doing …..it’s alright.  Bottom line is be safe first……..drift or cast in is fine……watch your direction of travel with boat traffic and just work with the other boats…….it’s sll good!  If you have any questions feel free to ask me……..life is to short not to enjoy it!



The bottom line on Calvert Cliffs winter fishing is to be careful, work with others fishing the plant, watch the wind direction and forecast, learn from your experience out there, have a blast fishing and don’t let any person, group or faction ruin it.  Calvert Cliffs is a widely known wonderful place to give winter fishing a shot.  Some days can be great some days not.  Every day is different, fish move in and out of there like fish do everywhere…..”have tails will swim”……..no one knows what actually inspires fish to come and go at different times of the day or night.  My guess is the food source………but don’t know.   Light tackle is a blast, have fun at Calvert Cliffs!  Practice safe catch and release and do what you think is right!   What I do know is I’m going to fish there all winter and love every second of it no matter what!  Be Safe and Happy Catching!





In response to many requests to guide Calvert Cliffs in Jan/Feb more and provide more information about whats going on I’ve started a Private Group called “Live At Calvert Cliffs with Walleye Pete” .  This group will highlight whats going on currently at Calvert Cliffs this coming winter.  I will post pics and reports daily about catching or non-catching at the winter hot spot.  I’m making this a members only site because of a very small group of Radical Anglers who attacked me and others because I and others don’t fish the way they want us t0 and report to friends on facebook about the current bite happening at Calvert Cliffs.  My intention with this site is to let folks know  whats happening currently at Calvert Cliffs.  If you want to launch your boat to fish the plant because of my reports that is fine.  If you want to jump on a walk-on trip this winter that is fine too.  If you just like to see fish stuff in the middle of a work day that is fine too.  I won’t be starting to fish Calvert Cliffs till sometime in January.  Going to have some renovations done to my boat in January but will probably have access to another boat during that time to fish and report on my site.  This whole thing will be a work in progress and fun all at the same time.

To join the group go to facebook and in the search box type: “Live at Calvert Cliffs with Walleye Pete” click on the JOIN Box and I will approve your request.  This process may change as I learn how to use this thing!  Lol……….

Here are some Power Plant Videos you might enjoy:

Light Tackle Jigging Stripers On Chesapeake Bay in March! – an increible trip at calvert cliffs with friends and I happen to be ambitious with the video this day…..good stuff!

April Fool’s Stripers – One of the best days ever at the plant!  Check it out!

Calvert Cliffs, Marylands Striped Bass Off Season Catch and Release Heaven – a ton of pictures of big fish from last 4 years at calvert cliffs

50lbs Striper on Light Tackle in Chesapeake Bay – a quick look at the biggest Striper caught on my boat!


I would love nothing more than for all folks fishing the power plant in the winter to work together, have fun and not judge others………it’s just fishing and it should be fun…..not a race, a competition or life altering activity……it’s just fishing…..enjoy the fact we have the freedom to do it………see you on the water!



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It’s Been A Great Fall!

Biggest of the fall…..a beauty at 38″


I haven’t posted in quite a while…….certainly would like to post much more.  I’ve been crazy busy on the water and having a spectacular fall.  Lot’s of great fishing on surface plugs, Crank  Baits, plastics and vertical jigs.  Every day is a bit different but the overall theme is; plenty of fish!

September and October was very consistent in the islands of the eastern shore out of Solomons.  I was running an average of 80 miles per day and catching over 100 fish a day on average.  Some fish were over 30″ and very feisty.  Good stuff for sure!

Linda Brener with a whopper caught in skinny water! Good stuff!

As the waters cool and the Bluefish departed the waters I’m fishing my trips were featuring BKD’s “bass kandy Delights” to fool the fish.  Waters between 60 and 70 degrees is prime time for me catching large and plentiful fish in shallow island waters with structure.  When the water drops below 60 and falls throught the 50’s the shallow water bite starts to deteriorate.  Fish can still be caught down through the 50’s in shallow water.  Once into the 40’s I’m concentrating in deeper waters of the main stem of the bay.

A recent beauty caught on medium depth structure on the bay……..

Currently I’ve moved my boat to Buzz’s Marina  www.buzzsmarina.com for the incredible fall fishery out of St. Jeromes Creek over to Smith Point, VA.  Right this second the bite is looking to explode as it has the last few years.  With higher than average water temps fishing should hold on through December like it did last year.

One of many great late fall/early winter Stripers caught on light tackle

When I’m on the water I typically post pics/reports on my Facebook page  PETE DAHLBERG and Four Seasons Guide Service.  Feel free to friend me if not already a friend on facebook!

Currently I’m booked every single day in November.  I have zero open dates and I’m even fishing on Thanksgiving morning.  I do have some open dates in December.  Last December was some of the greatest light tackle fishing I’ve had in all my years of guiding.  Lot’s of fish and many over 28″…….on light tackle that is real good stuff!  I don’t currently have any walk-on trips because I’m booked every day with no scheduled days off.  Other than weather I will be fishing every day through christmas.

Ready to catch’m up on the light sticks!

Feel free to message me on facebook or text at 703-395-9955 if you have any questions about whats going on!  Thanks and good luck fish’in!!!!




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Short Notice Walk-On’s Available Now!

Getting bigger in the skinny water!

Short Notice Walk-On For This Tuesday and Wednsday 20 and 21 September. Have 3 spots available for Tuesday and 3 spots for Wednsday. Had a problem with my boat but will have it back or will be running a 32′ Contender. The Contender is a beautiful boat with plenty of fishing space and runs great in a chop! Hope to have my boat back but it’s all good! If you are interested in going on a walk-on trip this tuesday, 21 Sep. or wednsday, 22 Sep.
give me a call or text at 703-395-9955 or message here to reserve your spot!

3 spots available on Tuesday, 21 Sep
2 spots available on Wed. 22 Sep

-Cost will be 120 each
-We will launch from Beacon Marina at Solomons at 6am and
return around 2pm
-we will be light tackle jigging up and down the bay all day
looking for breakers and maybe a wayward Red Drum under
the breakers! Ya never know!

ya just never know!


IF you are interested in going give me a call or text at 703-395-9955!

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11 September Fishing Report and Open Walk-On Trips!

Been seeing alot of this lately!

The late summer/early fall pattern is in full swing for sure.  Breaking fish have been somewhere every day.  Stripers, Blues, Spanish Macs and the possible huge Red Drum are available!  Since August 1 I have found breaking fish somewhere on all my trips…..many trips have bee epic.  Spanish Macs and the occasional huge Red Drum have been making trips very exciting!

Spanish Macs in the light tackle mix!


Last week after the tropical storm thingy or whatever it was I fished the eastern shore skinny water a couple of days.  We picked up some nice Stripers and even 3 Specks!  We lost a Speck at the boat which was the largest I’ve ever seen…..I’ve had 2 Specks at 30″ in the past.  This Speck was bigger than that for sure.  I’m glad it’s still swimming!

A 46″ Red caught today….September 11!

This monster was caught on a chartruese 5″ z-man on a 3/4 jighead.  Z-man plastics are Bluefish proof……so….instead of losing all my bkd’s with all the blues around Z-Man is a great alternative.  I’ve had several Reds lately but none expected……not shocked but never expected.  They tend to just show up under breaking fish for me.  I’ve caught most of the Reds on Hardhead Custom Baits 1.5 or 2 ounce jigging spoons but also have caught some on the Z-Man baits and one on a 6″ BKD.  Most of the Reds have hit down low but two recently hit right at the boat!  That is exciting…..when a Red monster blows up near the boat it’s shocking!  Wish it would happen every day!

this beast hit right at the boat! Fred was surprised to say the least….it was on his bucket list!

Truly an incredible accomplishment to hook and land one of these beautiful fish on light tackle, land it and release it…..seeing them swim away is special!



Wednsday, 14 September-2 spots available

Saturday,    17 September-2 spots available

Thursday,  22 September-5 spots available

We will launch from Solomons Island Island….Beacon Marina at 260 Lore Road, Solomons, MD. We will run the bay looking for surface activity and fish some structure.  Depending on water temp in the islands we may run there also.  Light tackle will be happening all day!  Lot’s of Stripers and Blues with an occasional Spanish and maybe a giant Red!

Cost: $120 each

Launch From Beacon Marina, Solomons Island, 260 Lore Rd at 6am and return around 2pm

I will fillet fish at the end of the day

I provide all Baits and Tackle…..feel free to bring your own…….

All licensing is provided

If you are interested in going on the trip

give me a call or text at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!

come on out and give it a shot!





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25 August Fishing Report and Short Notice Walk-On trips

Big Reds Are Around! It’s Possible! Come on out!


Good news!  Big Reds are getting caught!  My boat got lucky with a good one yesterday and I know others have been caught in other areas of the bay.  Our huge Red was caught on light tackle using a 1.5 ounce Hardhead Custom Bait Jigging Spoon in chartruese and white.  What a battle this fish put on light tackle.  We landed the fish and carefully released it back to the sea……we watched it take off strong.  Reds are still a long shot to catch but certainly very possible!  Stripers, Blues and Spanish Mackeral are very busy on the main stem of the bay from Buzzs Marina all the way up to the Choptank and probably above.  I’ve been making runs and glassing for activity…..been finding good stuff every day!  Here’s a brand new light tackle angler who caught a trophy spanish mack on a jig……..really cool!

BIg Spanish Mac caught on the light stick!


Best days I’ve had has been on very light wind and sun……fish are going off during the day on Silver sides all day long. Once the sun gets up the fish really get busy on these bait fish.  Great time to be on the bay with lot’s of action with the shot at a true light tackle monster!  Get out there and try it!


WALK-ON TRIPS Booked solid………

Sunday-   28 August- booked solid

Tuesday- 30 August -booked solid
With favorable weather and anxious fish a walk-on trip could be a great way to really get hooked up!  We will cover lot’s of water and attempt to hunt down a Red Drum on a jig.  While trying to find a Red we will see and catch a BILLION (well….alot)  breaking fish with Stripers, Blues and a few Spanish.  We’ll launch at 630am from Beacon Marina and return around 230pm or so.  I will fillet fish at the end of the trip.

COST: 120 each

Launch from Beacon Marina in Solomons at 260 Lore Rd, Solomons, MD at 0630 and return around 230pm

I provide all baits, tackle and licensing…..feel free to bring your own stuff if you’d like

Bring whatever you want to eat or drink.  sunglasses and sun block would be good to bring

If you are interested in coming on either trip give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot

We will be running in my Judge 27 Chesapeake covering 70-80 miles or so

come on out and give it a shot!

Reserve your spot by texting or calling at 703-395-9955.   First 5 are in!





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Fishing Report and Walk-On Trip Open Now, Tues, Aug 23!

Some Great Father/Son Catching!

Summer fishing has sure been great this summer!  Breaking fish in large numbers has happened just about every day!  Only tough days were on nasty wind.  Haven’t seen any Blues over 5 pounds this summer yet but that may come soon.  Stripers have been from super small to 23″ in the breaking fish.  Catching a few Spanish Macs in the breakers along with the Stripers and Blues.  All in all really good stuff!   Fly guys have had a ball everytime they’ve slung the fly on my boat this summer.  I haven’t seen any of the huge Reds which made a showing last year around this time…….hoping it happens soon!

Some nice Macs to be had!

Expecting these bad boys to make a showing late this month and in to September!

some big Reds coming!

Right now I’m using Z-Man (super stretchy) soft baits on a jighead.  These plastics don’t rip….love my BKD’s but Bluefish just tear them up to bits. As soon as the Bluefish thin out I’ll be back to using BKD’s all the time when the need for a plastic arises.  Hardhead Custom Baits Jigging Spoons and Specialized Baits “little Bunker Spoons” both in 1 ounce have been on my lines often casting to breaking fish.  My bigger stripers lately have come in water greater than 25′ deep.  Whether you are slinging a metal jig or a plastic get the lures down low if you are marking a thick school of fish.  Often lately bigger fish have been at the bottom of the schools of fish.  Working baits very fast have caught the spanich macs so far.

why I do this job for sure! Catching with kids is just great!

Grandpa and his fishing buddy!



Tuesday, 23 August- 4 spots available

Walk on Trip this Tuesday 23 August.  We will launch from Solomons at Beacon Marina at 630am and return around 230pm.  Jigging and plugging will be on the menu all day.  We’ll cover lots of ground chasing down the best fish available.  I provide all licensing, baits, tackle and fillet all fish at the end of the day.  Great chance to come out and meet some folks who love to fish just like you do.  Walk-On Trips have been great this year………come on out and give it a shot!

Cost: 120 each

Launch from Beacon Marina at 260 Lore Road, Solomons MD

If you want to come down the night before you can stay at the Quality inn for around 75 bucks a night.  My boat is the closest boat to the hotel…..about 25 yards out the side door!

If you would like to join in on this trip give me a call or text at 703-395-9955 or message here!

First five requests are in!

Ready to roll before the sun comes up!







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24 July 2016 Fishing Report, Summer Breakers! Walk-On Dates now Open!

Summer Breakers have began! Whoop whoop……and some nice ones in the mix along with lots of Bluefish….Spanish Macs are on their way!


Well folks…..it’s what I’ve been waiting on for a while now!  The summer massive breaking fish game is now on!  I’m still at Deale, MD but look to be moving south back to Solomons real soon.  Over the last couple of weeks catching has really picked up on Bluefish and Stripers together in huge schools of breaking fish well south of the craziness above the bay bridge.  Also early morning shallow structure certainly can produce well.  With the high heat I’ve been lauching around 530am and getting off the water by 130pm or so.  Late afternoon can certainly be really productive too!  The summer breaking fish don’t care if it’s sunny and 100 degrees……..they just do it!  Covering lots of ground to locate these schools is sometimes required but it’s all good!  Baits of choice for me on these schools of breakers are 1 ounce Lil’ Bunker Spoons in white, silver or chartruese.  I like a 40 pound leader tied to them to help stop Bluefish break-0ffs but with0ut metal expect to lose some stuff.  BKD’s crush these fish but don’t hold up to the razor blades in the bluefish mouth.  Z-man plastics work great as long as they are glued to the jig head.

huge schools of summer breakers are a blast! Fly and light tackle heaven for sure!


When breaking fish are active on top in a huge mass of frothing craziness they are feeding on small silversides/bay anchovies.  These baits aren’t big and sometimes a large lure like a big surface plug or large plastic  just won’t get the hits of a much smaller bait.  A 5″ Z man plastic or 1 ounce lil’ bunker spoon or a Hardhead Custom Baits 1 ounce minnow spoon in white or chartruese .  When throwing metal you can throw across the school and work them very agressive or work them straight below the boat if schools of fish are real thick. Also, over the last several years many huge reds will start to show up under large schools of Stripers and Blues breaking.  They are down there gorging on debree falling through the water column from the feeding blues spewing fish parts all over.  A metal jig or plastic put in front of a huge Red feeding like this will get hammered!  Here’s one from last august……..

Huge bull red caught on light tackle under breaking Blues and Stripers in Aug 2015

Also coming soon is the Spanish Mac on light tackle.  They will roll into our waters soon feeding right along with Blues and Stripers.  They will bomb the same baits listed above but worked as fast as you can.  I like to throw metal over and around the breakers….. let it sink for 10 seconds or so then rip it fast with the rod tip low to the water with very short pauses along the way.  When they hit it’s a blast…..they pull real hard on the light sticks!  Here’s a big one from last august……

a 27″ Citation Spanish for my buddy Billy! Last august was the bomb for this stuff!

The same day Billy did this……..he was real tired after this battle!

Billy with this 50″ Red Drum caught on light tackle…..a HardHeadCustom Baits one ounce chartruese minnow spoon hooked this fish!


My boat as of this second is still moored in Deale, MD at Paradise Marina but I’m about to pull the trigger and roll back to Solomons.  Last year I moved back to Solomons on July 20th and crushed it every day mother nature let me.  Summer light tackle is a blast!


Walk-On Trips Open Now!

 UPDATED 24 July at 300pm

27 July 2016- one spot available

28 July 2016- 1  spot available

30 July 2016-  3 spots available

2 Aug   2016- booked solid

I will update here and on facebook on what is available daily

As of right this second I am still at Paradise Marina in Deale.  Moving will be a decision I make on short notice.  Anyone booking a spot I will let know where we will launch for sure.

We will depart the marina at 530am and return around 130pm.  I will fillet all Stripers and blues caught on our trip.  I provide all baits, tackle and licensing needed for the day. We will be hunting down and light tackle jigging/plugging for the entire trip.  Come on out and give it a shot!

Cost: 120 each

Launch from Deale, MD, Paradise Marina but could be moving to Beacon Marina, Solomons soon

I provide all baits, tackle and licensing…..bring whatever you want to eat or drink…..a small cooler is fine to bring

IF you are interested in going on any of these trips call or text 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot or spots!

come join me on my Judge 27 Chesapeake!


IF you’d like to go or have a question give me a call or text at 703-395-9955 to reserve you spot!









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Quick Report and Walk-On Trip for this Saturday, 11 June

Come on out and give it a shot!

 ALERT:  WALK-ON TRIP IS NOW BOOKED SOLID…….sorry….will be doing more soon!

Fishing out of Deale now!  Seems like this year is like the last few years, fish are all north for the most part.  Masses of fish are certainly Breezy Point and North.  I’ve fished several days now out of Deale with great results.  Catching lot’s of over 28″ fish jigging and plugging over schools of fish.  Early morning has been best for me lately while evenings are good too.  I haven’t been out much in the evenings though.  Baits of choice for me have been 6″ BKD’s tipped on Hardhead Custom Baits  Jigheads with skirts.  White BKD’s and chartruese and white jigs have been the best bet lately.  When over a large school of fish just about anything works.  When the fish are suspended over deep water and feeding on menhaden suspended down in the water column an aggressively retrieved jig works best.  Shallow structure has also been productive early and scattered schools of breaking fish can happen just about anywhere between Breezy Point and the Bay Bridge.  I haven’t been up above the Bay Bridge yet.  Come on out and give it a shot!


I am launching from Paradise Marina in Deale, MD at 515 am.  We will be jigging and plugging throughout the day.  Early has been good so we will be launching early. Weather forecast it favorable for Saturday…..light wind is good!  Fishing has been great!  Come on out and give it a shot!

Saturday, 11 Jun 2016- TRIP IS NOW BOOKED SOLID…..sorry….will be doing more soon!

Cost: 120 each

Launch at 0515 and return around 130pm

I will fillet all fish at the end of the trip

I provide all baits and tackle, feel free to bring your own stuff

I provide all licensing

If you want to go give me a call to reserve your spot at 703-395-9955


Let’s go fish’in!


To book your spot give me a call or text at 703-395-9955!


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1 Walk-On Spot Open for Tomorrow…..Fishing is HOT!

Fishing is HOT right now!


Catching on light tackle is about as good as it gets right now.  Lot’s of breakers and some great fish chewing on menhaden down low.  We will be surface plugging and jigging all day!  Tomorrow’s weather is perfect…..light breeze….flat seas!  Will be launching out of Solomons, Beacon Marina at 530am, slip F-1.

Cost: 120

Launch at 0530 and return around 2pm

I will fillet all fish at the end of the trip

I provide all baits and tackle, feel free to bring your own stuff

I provide all licensing

If you want to go give me a call to reserve your spot at 703-395-9955

Come on out and give it a shot!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to catch some great fish on light tackle!  It’s a blast!


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Quick Report, Short Notice Walk-On this Wednsday, June 1

Let’s Go!


Well Folks…….fishing is very good!  My island bite has basically ended.  Some shallow structure near deep water north of Solomons and on the eastern shore is still producing nice fish early.  During the day the bite on real nice stripers with some over 30″ is very good.  Locating large schools of great fish is the trick.   Every day is a bit different for sure.  Most schools of fish are from Parkers Creek north to Deale and beyond I’m sure.  (I haven’t been past Deale).  Locating schools of fish is the trick……..birds makes life easy….after that it’s all about small clues like a slick in the middle of nowhere……..as few as one bird sitting…….a bird circling back around over and area even thought it doesn’t dive and you always have ledges and other structure like a light house or wreck.  Once fish are found they can typically be caught with 3/8 ounce to 1.5 ounce jigheads loaded with 6″ bkd’s in whatever color you like.  Paddle tails loaded on an ounce jighead and cast way out, paused and then retreaved slow with some twitch can absolulety trick some nice fish.  On occasion the fish will be up high and they will bomb surface plugs……you never know……try it all until something works or it all may work.  The trick is locating fish and putting the bait where the fish is and make it look like food.  Piece of cake!

Great fish to jig up and plug right now!



5 spots available

Cost is $120 each

Launch from Solomons, Beacon Marina slip F-1 at 5am and return around 2pm

I will fillet fish at the end of the trip

I provide all baits and tackle if needed, dress for the weather and bring sunblock

We will surface plug and jig all day.

Wind forecast is perfect for 1 june!  We will be able to run hard and locate fish!

If you are interested in going or have questions text or call at 703-395-9955

come on out and give it a shot!


To reserve your spot give me a call or text at  703-395-9955 to reserve your spot



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Light Tackle Bite Shallow and Deep! 3 Walk on Spots Thursday, 19 May 3pm till dark…..

Some Big Ones Shallow!

With the forever lasting rain and cool weather the water in the shallows has mantained mostly in the high 50’s and low 60’s degree area.  Water clarity has been really good and fish have been very eager to hit.  Biggest problem is most of the water is to clear…….need some more temperature and some emerald green water instead of gin clear.  The main stem of the bay has had some great schools of real nice fish in the 20′-50′ depth range under a few birds here and there from Breezy Point down to Point No Point.

It’s a Trout! A Speckled Sea Trout!


While slinging Jerk Baits for Stripers on Eastern Shore points in 3-7′ of water a wayward Speck nailed the bait.  Hoping many more show themselves as the water rolls through the 60’s and into the 70’s.  Time will tell!

Rain and Fish! Good ones!


Baits of choice for me lately has been 6″ and 10″ BKD’s in Chartruese Glitter and Purple Glitter along with Storm Shads (4″), Bomber Wind Cheaters, CHug Bugs and any walk the dog type surface plug.  Really good stuff!


WALK-ON TRIP!     3 Spots available

Weather for Thursday afternoon looks great!  LIght wind and decent temps should equal a great shallow water bite!  Had a crew of two request to get out but I’ve been booked solid for may for a while.  Decided I’d do a few aftenoon (3 till darkish) walk-on trips.  Afternoon can certainly be a great time to be on the water!  We’ll be jigging and plugging shallow plus deep depending on what is going on the day we are fishing…….

cost: 100 each

All baits, tackle and licensing provided

You can bring your own stuff if you’d like

Bring what you’d like to eat and drink

Dress for the occasion

The size limit is 20″ starting the 16th!  I will fillet all fish at the end of the trip

We will launch from Beacon Marina Slip F-1 at 3pm on Thursday, 19 may.

If you are interested in going give me a call or text at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot

Come on out and give it a shot!

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Great Fishing, Weather for Tomorrow and Two short notice Walk-On Spots!

Some sweet light tackle fishing right now!


Light tackle fishing has been great!  Catching a good number of nice Stripers on surface plugs, BKDs  and Jerk Baits every day!  Tomorrow is real short notice but maybe worth getting “sick” for.  (cough cough)!  Lol   I’ve got two spots open right now for tomorrow morning out of Beacon Marina at Solomons.  We will launch at 530am and return around 3pm.  We’ll be fishing light tackle all day with many miles of skinny water covered.  Weather forecast looks perfect!  Come on out and give it a shot!

30+ incher caught today on a 6″ BKD

Great young angler was work’in the Jerk bait!

New lady angler learned real fast!…..and loved it!


Here’s the walk-on deal:

$120 each

launch from Beacon Marina, Solomons at 530am and return around 3pm

I provide all baits and tackle…bring your own if you’d like

I provide all licensing

We will light tackle jig and plug all day in many different areas….always looking for the next fish!

If you are interested in going give me a call or text at 703-395-9955

My Judge 27 chesapeake can do it all!
Come on out and give it a shot!



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Great Catching Pattern Right Now! Short Notice Walk-On’s Open Now!

LOT’s of Bent Sticks!

ALL WALK On Trips Booked solid…..more to come!

The typical shallow water island bite turned off a bit with this chilly weather pattern.  Water temps went from mid 60’s to mid to upper 50’s pretty quickly.  Made catching not quite as easy as I like!  Changed my fishing pattern a bit and it worked big time.  Fish are still shallow but not where I usually get them.  Today and yesterday the surface bite was great and overall hot fishing for sure.  The current weather pattern is holding and so should the current bite!  6″ BKD’s, crystal minnow crankers, paddle tails and surface plugs are all catching.  A fly would catch too if it got thrown in.

Some very fiesty shallow water fatties!


SHORT NOTICE WALK-ON’s- update 752pm 1 may

Wednesday, May 4- booked solid

Thursday,     May 5- booked solid

We will be launching from Beacon Marina at Solomons, MD at 0530.  We will be running to multiple shallow water areas slinging many different baits.  Weather forecast looks great for both days at this point.  Rain is fine…..wind is the enemy, wind forecast is light!  Catching should be very good!  These trips typically book up quick, give me a call or text to reserve your spot!

Cost: $120 each

Launch from Beacon Marina, Solomons, slip F-1 at 530am and return at about 230pm

I provide all custom rods from Shore Tackle and baits, you can bring your own stuff if you’d like!

Dress for the weather

I provide all licensing

My Judge 27 Chesapeake is ready to go…..great fishing platform in all water!

If you are interested in going on the trip text or call at 703-395-9955

My flexible fish catching machine!


Come on out and give it a shot!  



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Light Tackle Action Is Pretty Darn Warm! Walk-On Spots Open Right Now!

Here’s a very recent Light Tackle 40″er!  (Sunday)

Light Tackle fishing is very good and getting better as the water temperature rises in the shallow water.  I’m expecting a May Worm hatch soon over in the islands.  When that happens some wild light tackle fishing occurs.  Wish I could predict exactly when and where that would happen!  Mostly the light tackle action is on fish 17-23″ with some up to 27″.  As April rolls on and the water warms the chance at over 30″ fish in the shallow water is very possible.  Bottom line is action is great and the scenery is beautiful!  Surface plugs are getting hit quite regurlarly now too!

Had some fun with a dad and his two young sons on Monday evening……warm all day….outgoing tide produced some real warm water (67 degrees) blowing out of the shallows and around points.  Fish were real anxious.  The boys caught plenty on the light sticks as dad coached….here’s one…..

Light tackle fun for the youngsters!

Over the last few years I’ve really dug deep into the islands and their interiors.  Running my judge boat up into areas where even small boats would get nervous.  I love working those waters and catching some nice fish in them.  Really cool stuff!

Where’s the water?

Some fun fish and as the water warms and the spawn ends bigger fish will be wandering into the island water looking for chow……..it’s all good!


WALK-ON TRIPS OPEN NOW!- All Trips Booked Solid-update 830pm 21Apr

Saturday, 23 April- Booked Solid

Monday, 25 April- Booked Solid

Tuesday, 26 April-Booked Solid

Mother Nature has broke her chilly hold and has allowed the waters of the bay and tribs to warm.  Life is shallows for sure!  Have a crew for this saturday who had some folks drop out and need a crew.  Monday the 25th I opened up and have 4 spots available and the 26th is wide open.  We will jig BKD’s, throw surface and jerk baits all day.  We’ll launch at 530am and return at 230 or so.

Cost: $120 each

Launch from Beacon Marina, Solomons, slip F-1 at 530am and return at about 230pm

I provide all custom rods from Shore Tackle and baits, you can bring your own stuff if you’d like!

Dress for the weather

I provide all licensing

My Judge 27 Chesapeake is ready to go…..great fishing platform in all water!

If you are interested in going on the trip text or call at 703-395-9955

Come on out and give it a shot!

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WALK-ON TRIPS at the SUSQY FLATS OPEN NOW! Short notice decided to roll to the flats!

Great Light Tacke Action!

 SHORT NOTICE! (no pun intended)


UPDATE: lot’s of trips booked today……unreal!  Opened up afternoons from 3 till dark for folks who still want to go but missed out on the full day starting in the AM.


Heading to the Susqy Flats today!  Didn’t decide to do it till NOW!  So……..trying to put together some crews to fish it……..if you are interested in one of the walk-on’s or booking the boat for a morning trip starting at 0600-2pm or 3pm till dark half day give me a call or text!

Very Short Notice Walk-On’s At The SUSQY FLATS open NOW!

13 April- 6am till 2pm or- booked solid

13 APril- 3pm till dark-4 spots

14 April-6am-2pm – booked solid

14 April- 3pm till dark- 4 spots

15 April-6am-2pm- booked solid

15 April-3pm till dark-4 spots

16 April-6am-2Pm- Booked solid

16 Apirl-3pm till dark- 3 spots available

17 April-6am till 2pm- Booked solid

17 APril-3pm till dark- Booked solid

All walk-on’s are for the day trip starting at 6am till 2pm.

If folks want to book the boat for a half day starting at 3pm – dark on any day from 13-17 Apr  I will fish then also.

Didn’t fish there last year because of “lack of fish”……..very fired up to go up for a couple weeks with a few fish around!



Walk-On Cost:

$120 each for full day starting at 6am-2pm-$100 each for 3pm till dark 

I provide all licensing and tackle/Rods from (Shore Tackle and Custom Rods) and baits.  Heated cabin if it’s chilly!

All you need to do is bring yourself and dress for weather…..heated cabin to warm up if chilly!

Launching from Tidewater Marina, Havre De Grace slip 431, parking on site

We will be throwing crank baits, BKD’s and possibly surface depending on the conditions.  

If you are interested in going give me a call or text at 703-395-9955

Let’s Do IT!


IF interested or questions call at 703-395-9955……THANKS!






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Short Notice Walk-On For Tomorrow Afternoon, 10 April, 230pm till 730pm

Big Stripers very possible right now!



4 spots available right now!  


Short notice walk-on spots for Sunday afternoon, April 10 leaving Flag Harbor at 230pm returning around 730pm. Have been getting a 40″+ fish on many trips still.  Not huge numbers of fish but a great shot at a monster.  Sunday afternoon’s wind forecast is very light out of the southwest.  Perfect conditions to work the flow!

Here’s the deal:

90 dollars each

Launch from Flag Harbor Yacht Haven in St. Leonard, MD

I provide all baits and tackle…..feel free to bring your own if you want

I provide licensing and a heated cabin if it’s chilly

Great opportunity to learn a bit about jigging and meet some folks who love to fish!

If you are interested in going give me a call or text at 703-395-9955 or message me on facebook

Bent sticks is a good thing!

Come on out and give it a shot in my Judge 27 Chesapeake!


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Not Hot But Still A Great Shot!

Chet’s Personell Best 41″er today!  Many personnel bests lately dispite a tough bite…..

The Pics here are a few fish from the last 4 days.  Decent for sure!  Plenty of tough stretches too………..

Fishing at the plant has certainly been hit and miss quite a bit lately.  Last year at this time we had a steady slug of fish eager to eat most of the time.  Small, medium and large fish were consistant.  Right now we’ve got fish early, late and sometimes in the middle of the day.  10″ BKD’s loaded on 2 ounce Hardhead custom baits have been the ticket on my boat on all the big fish.  6″ BKD’s have been catching more numbers but not as big of an average fish.  Still a great shot at catching your personel best and maybe even a TRUE 50″ fish.

Lot’s of exaggeration and flat out lies have occured with some folks and their fish size at the plant this winter.  Certainly plenty of 40+ inchers but a little hocus pocusery (new word, lol) going on… LOL….it’s funny.   Just how some folks are….no big deal.  However, rest assured there are some great fish to be caught with a true trophy fish a strong possiblilty for a couple weeks still.  The biggest to date on my boat this year is 47″.  Last year we had many between 45″-49″ with one at 50″.  Not as good this year as last but it’s still good!

I measure fish on a tape on the back of my boat….look at the pic below…you can see it in the bottom middle of pic.   I place the tip of tail on the zero and the lower lip to the other end.  Pretty accurate way to measure.  I never weigh a fish or lay them on the deck because I don’t want to take the time or the risk of injuring the fish. I stress to my folks the importance of getting them back in quickly and safely.  All my pics are of fish being lipped and supported under the belly.  I think it’s the best way to handle them but don’t really know.  I do know with a quick release and decent handling they swim away strong in the cold winter/early spring water.

Dave tied his personel best recently with a 41″er. You can see what he ate! It’s a 10″ BKD rigged on a 1.5 ounce jighead….way to go Dave!

Dave (pictured above) and Dave, his father-in-law (pictured below) recently fished on a beautiful rainy morning.  What a morning it was!  Not one other boat and plenty of big fish.  Several around 40″ and  up to 43″.  Nice bunch of fish on this day!  Dave (father-in-law), (picture below) smashed his personel best on this day!

Dave’s early morning whopper! 43″er caught on a 10″ BKD on a Hardhead Custome Baits 2 ounce chartruese and white jighead.  We sure could have called that one 50 pounds!  But in reality it’s 43″ and maybe 32-35 pounds.  It was a real fatty!

Some great bites have occured on some real windy days lately.  I don’t recommend anyone venturing out on northerly stiff breezes if they aren’t highly experienced!  Very dangerous for sure and I sure don’t want anyone to get hurt out there.  Please be careful!  Here is a windy day whopper lately…..

Pete with a 41 incher! Tough fight on the light stick for sure!

A recent windy day whopper caught on a chartruese 10″ BKD! Good stuff

what it’s all about!


Love my Shore Tackle Custom Rods! Been whooping up on some beauties this year with them! Great stuff!



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Steeler Lineman Hook some Whoppers! Short notice Walk-On!

Real Short Notice Walk-On Trip!

Crew for TOMORROW,  monday AM is in the highway department of a northern MD county. Snowflakes in the forecast have caused them a monkey wrench in their trip. If anyone wants to get on the boat tomorrow AM…..0615……Message me here, text or call to reserve your spot. Going to be breezy but with some west in it. Making fishing and catching very do-able. Good things could happen! If you would like to go it’s $90 each, I provide all baits and tackle or you can bring your own. I have heat on the boat……it’s all good! Come on out and give it a shot!

Had a short notice cancel and have a great weather forecast for this thursday.  Fish have started to show up in decent numbers and some large fish are becoming more consistant.  Great chance this thursday to jig up some numbers and a few big ones!

COST: $90 each

Launch from Flag Harbor Yacht Haven at 615am and return at 11am…

We will jig BKD’s for some possible great stripers on light tackle

I provide all baits and tackle….you can bring your own stuff if you’d like

If it’s chilly I’ve got heat on the boat

All licensing provided

If you are interested in going give me a call or text at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!


Big Al’s father-in-law with the biggest of the day!

Yesterday’s Blast with my Steeler Friends!

Couldn’t fish Saturday afternoon but got out Saturday morning!  The power plant bite has been on and off for sure. Nothing is easy or a gimme there this year. Just about every trip out there has required some work. I certainly like easy and have historically had that many many and many more times. Today was NE at 20 knots or so….. and no decent fish yesterday. Had my Pittsburgh Steeler buddies David DeCastro and Alehandro Villanueva on the boat today along with Al’s two brother in laws and father-in-law. Fishing the plant in wind takes some experience out there and some sea legs. Big Al and David DeCastro and everybody else did great with the seas and put the jigs where they needed to be. We caught some good ones today but certainly not wide open. BKD’s were king today for sure. 10″ Chartruese glitter and purple glitter were getting bit on 1.5 ounce jigheads. Hard earned and had a blast! Thanks to Al and Dave for taking a pic at the house with my wife and daughter…..Good stuff!!!!

Big Al fighting a whopper!



Here’s the whoppper Alehandro Villanueva was happy about fighting !  A nice Jigged up Striper using a BKD (Bass Kandy Delight) 10″er, Chartruese Glitter


All Pro NFL Guard David DeCastro with a beautiful BKD Jigged up Striper!

A real happy “Big Guy”!

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Short Notice Walk-On/Quick Report

Never Striper fished ever….first time here from Hawaii caught this 39″er!  WOW!


Calvert Cliffs is producing on and off.  Fish aren’t there thick all the time but certainly could be at any moment.  Starting to get some good numbers caught on each trip out now.  The lure of choice is a 6″ or 10″ Bass Kandy Delight in white, chartruese Glitter or Purple Glitter.  They all work.  I load them on 1.5 or 2 ounce jig heads.  The technique is drifting along the side and casting across the rip or drifting into the flow and flipping the jigs about 1o yards from the boat. Detecting bottom and short twitching the bottom while maintaining a snug line is crutial.

Nice 43″er! Nailed a 10″ Purple Glitter BKD!


First ever Striper fisherman from Hawaii and his girlfriend
caught these two nice ones side by side today! Good stuff!


WALK-ON TRIP THIS THURSDAY, 17 March! 5 spots available

Had a short notice cancel and have a great weather forecast for this thursday.  Fish have started to show up in decent numbers and some large fish are becoming more consistant.  Great chance this thursday to jig up some numbers and a few big ones!

COST: $90 each

Launch from Flag Harbor Yacht Haven at 630am and return at 11am…

We will jig BKD’s for some possible great stripers on light tackle

I provide all baits and tackle….you can bring your own stuff if you’d like

If it’s chilly I’ve got heat on the boat

All licensing provided

If you are interested in going give me a call or text at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!

Lets catch some fish!



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Quick Report/Walk-On Trips Available!

FIsh-On Baby!


Well folks, their are some fish at Calvert Cliffs right now!  Still not on fire with huge numbers of fish but some decent action with some nice fish mixed in.  Certainly some fun to be had before fishing really amps up.  Jigging BKDS (Bass Kandy Delights) in the 6″ and 10″ size has been very productive.  I load them on a 1.5 or 2 ounce jig head.  Detecting bottom while in the major current is where you want to be.  It’s all catch and release right now so be mindful to handle fish carefully with a quick picture and gently back in the water!  It’s all good!

WALK-ON TRIPS Available Now!

All trips will launch at 6am from Flag Harbor Yacht Haven

Saturday 5 March- booked solid

Tuesday 8 March- booked solid

Wednsday 8 march- booked solid

Friday 11   March- booked solid


Trips will launch at 6am from Flag Harbor Yacht Haven at 6am.  Catching is decent right now and should be trending better every day.  We will be jigging BKD’s in the outflow at Calvert Cliffs.  Big Stripers are moving up the bay and a chance exists to catch a true giant on light tackle.  If you are interested in going on a Walk-On trip give me a call as soon as possible to reserve your spot!

Cost: 90 dollars each

-I provide all baits, tackle and licensing along with heat!

-We will launch at 6am returning around 11am

-If you are interested in going or have questions call or text me at 703-395-9955

A chance ALWAYS exist to catch a whopper at the plant!

Last years biggest, right at 50″!





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Calvert Cliffs…..a Winter Wonderland For Anglers

Rick Dell and I with an over 50″(about 51″) Striper he caught using a 10″ BKD loaded on a 1.5 ounce jighead

A Quick look Back

I moved to the Washington DC area in August of 1995, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Chesapeake Bay and it’s incredibly wonderful light tackle opportunities.  By September I purchased a boat to fish Chesapeake Bay and begin to experience all it’s wonder.  Stripers, Blues, Flounder, Weakfish and Croaker were abundant.  Life and fishing was great and I fell deeply in love with Chesapeake Bay and it’s fishery.  From 1996-1999 I was always taking friends fishing with great success and meeting some incredible folks.  By late 1999 my fishing buddy Pete Dressler, AKA Superfish on Tidalfish.com talked me into the fact I could be a fishing guide on Chesapeake Bay.  I was doubtful but open to thinking about it.  Somewhere around Dec 1999 Steve Seigel (founder BKD’s) made it known he knew a guy selling his Maryland Guide license……long story short…..I bought it, took the OUPV 6 pack class, passed first try  and started guiding at the Susquehanna Flats in April of 2000.  As a full time military guy I only guided part time until my retirement from the Air Force in Nov 2004.  Since 2004 I have guided anglers full time without a real job…….CRAZY!


Nothing better than helping a great guy catch the light tackle Striper of
his lifetime!


How I Began At Calvert Cliffs

The winter of 1996 was mild I recall……I was dieing to fish but didn’t know where to go other than the power plant outflow up the Patuxant River called Chalk Point.  We caught lots of white perch and catfish there…..was fun!  While surfing the web on my new computer I found a fishing report on the Maryland DNR website.  Marty Gary wrote an incredible story about Pete Dressler, an angler with great skill and passion who fished Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant all winter long starting in January.  I was greatly intrigued and decided to go for it.  I went out there on a gloomy day with wind light out of the west.  Perfect day to be there even though it was chilly with bad visibility.  I anchored up in the middle of the flow like the article said and I began to throw a jig.  A bass assassin on a 1/2 jighead is what I had to throw.  I didn’t catch anything because the jighead was to light, not getting the bait to the fish in the huge current.  As I was slinging away another boat rolled out of the fogbank and slowly made his way up the rip and threw his anchor in the rip.  Shortly his boat was about 20 yards off my port, his first cast was a fish on.  Didn’t take long and he threw me over a bag with bigger jigheads.  I tied one on and immediately I was catching right along side the “Superfish”.  Shortly he yelled over to me and invited me to fish on his boat at a later date.  I gave him my phone number and he called soon.  We fished together for about 4 years straight very often.  He taught me much about life. The one thing embedded in what I do in my business is this…… Pete Dressler told me to “be kind and give away as much as possible,  it will come back 10 fold and you will always feel peace.”  and another thought Pete preached to me is, ” life (and fishing) is like a game of poker, you don’t always get all high or low cards, the measure of a man is how he handles the low cards”.  I sure do my best to live by these thoughts.  Thanks Pete Dressler (RIP brother)!

My Chesapeake Bay Hero…..RIP Pete


From 1996 thru the present time I’ve fished every winter at Calvert Cliffs starting in January or later depending on wether or not Stripers were at the CBBT (Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel).  The fishing techniques have changed for sure.  Back in the 90’s it was common for a guy trolling to mow right up the outflow with cannon balls attached to some type of lures, never saw them catch a fish.  The light tackle guys were mainly anchoring in the flow.  You get there first you pick your spot and so on and so forth.  As time moved along drifting while light tackle jigging and anchoring was a big controversy.  Since no person owns the rips you could do anything you wanted.  After the year 2000 and certainly in 2001 I drifted instead of anchoring.  While anchored an angler had to be skilled at throwing across and up the current and detecting bottom without dragging.  If you drag you snag quickly while in the boulders  which line the bottom from the outlfllow to approximately 150 yards down the flow.  After the boulders its an oyster shell/sand bottom.  Can only imagine the jigheads down there! I tried guiding while at anchor at the power plant and it just wasn’t working consistantly.


A TRUE 49″er….incredible


How Its fished Now 

My intention may be different from others.  As a guide my mission at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant is to get my folks sticks bent as quickly and efficently as possible.  Whether the fish are huge or small it just doesn’t matter.  One thing for sure at Calvert Cliffs is you can catch a small fish and then a huge fish in the same spot.  Everyday can be different but it sure can be great!  I like big baits like 10″ BKD’s and 6″ BKD’s.  Normally my crews are folks who don’t have the opportunity to catch these fish on their own boat in the winter or would rather just let me drive my boat and leave their boat winterized and provide everything for them.  Through the years my crews and I have had a blast catching big fish, medium fish and small fish.  The great thing is HUGE fish are possible anytime you go there from Jan-Apr.  The prime time for me on numbers of huge fish, 40″ and above is mid march – mid april.  However, some great fish absolutely can be there in Jan and Feb.  Some winters there are more fish than others…..ya just never know.

Click on the link below to see the last 5 years of great fish in a slideshow format. During the timeframe of these pics we would take pics of a couple of big fish per trip per person.  On many trips dozens of huge fish were just caught and  quickly released because we didn’t need more pics…….good stuff!

Calvert Cliffs, Marylands Striped Bass Off Season Catch and Release Heaven


The technique I typically use  is drifting down the outflow with the engine off.  I enter the side of the outflow from a perpendicular position, cut my engine as I enter the flow and the momentum takes me where I want to be.   Right now 2 different techniques are used.  Experienced folks will drift their boat on the outside of the current and cast at an angle upstream and well out into the flow.  They hold their rod tip steady and wait to feel the tick of their 1.5, 2 or 2.5 ounce jighead to touch the bottom.  Once detected a short (6″-12″), very sharp twitch along with the current moves the jig through the area fish at Calvert Cliffs in the winter hold. Once the jig is downstream and off the bottom they reel up and cast again.    The farther the cast the more difficult it is to detect bottom and work the jig just off the bottom without getting snagged, unless you are out past the boulders.  Quite a few (experienced at Calvert Cliffs) anglers use this technique with great success.

we didn’t spook that 50″er……didn’t weigh it……released quickly

The Technique I use with incredible success with hundreds of trophy light tackle Stripers caught is drifting the current with my engine off.  If I have a couple anglers with great skill on the boat or if we have rough seas I’ll cast into the flow without drifting in much.  Drifting the flow with experienced and inexperienced folks alike have produced hundreds of trophy Stripers over 40″ with loads over 45″  and three “actually” at 50 or more”. ” I never weigh fish, don’t want to stress them by hanging them on a boga grip or similar thing.”  It’s legal…….my choice to not.

                           A “TRUE” 47″ Striper……weight unknown, probably around 42 pounds

Detecting bottom at calvert cliffs is crucial!  If the fish are thick and it’s crazy good it doesn’t matter.  If the bite is difficult with not many fish then detection of bottom has to happen or typically you won’t catch.  Slack line while jigging is ALWAYS wrong.  If you have slack line you won’t detect bottom or a bite, you’ll miss hits and get snagged if in the boulders.  Light tackle jigging anytime anywhere slack line is a huge no no.  When on my boat I preach detecting bottom when jigging.  Once we are in the flow I have anglers flip baits 10 yards or so off the boat, we either utilize a count or hold your index finger and thumb in a circle,  line rolls off your reel and through your fingers.  When you notice the line change it’s speed………HURRY…..click the bail, turn the reel one turn and start your short, sharp twitch technique.  Almost always the Stripers hit when the jig is falling after the sharp twitch.  I always preach a sharp twitch.  The sharp twitch draws attention of the fish, then the fall is when they strike.  If your line is not slack and you are using braided line you will feel the strike.  It’s either a “tick” or a “thump”……I like the THUMP!  Thump is the big ones!

Check out this trip on April 1st… We drifted over them all day! How the heck did that happen?   April Fool’s Stripers

Catch and Release Is a Wonderful Thing-if it’s done right

Here’s what I think is best when catching and releasing Stripers at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in the winter.

-handle the fish without a net if possible

-lift the fish out of the water by lipping the fish.  That is placing your thumb in the mouth and grabbing the lower lip……then as lifting out of the water place your other hand under the belly area to support the fish

-use single barbless hooks for a quick de-hook

-never drop a fish on the deck if possible

-hold the fish with a thumb in the mouth and hand under the belly area

Thumb in the mouth, hand under the belly area, quickly release after a quick photo.  Water under 60 degrees unless the fish is gill hooked and bleeding have a huge survival rate

-if you have hooked and caught a really huge fish and a prolonged fight occurred have one person lip the fish upon return to the water and one person hold around the area just above the tail.  Once the fish is in the water the lip person lets go and the person holding the tail gently moves the fish back and forth.  If the fish was badly winded it will absolutely come back strong quickly if you do this technique.  When the fish is ready to go you will know….it will “kick out” of your grasp.

my buddy Alejandro Villanueva from the Pittsburgh Steelers with a “THUMPER”
He caught 5 over 40″ (he is 6’9″ 340) on this trip in 2015. This one was 46″……..awesome!

The rods I like are shore tackle custom sticks from 6’to 6.5′ medium action or medium heavy.  You need  enough stoutness to cast a heavy jighead and to hook a huge striper.  A very fast tip is not what I like at calvert cliffs.  Other stuff is fine, I like what I’m using.  I like 3000 or 4000 size reels but lighter is fine with experienced anglers.  I use 14 pound test flame green fireline and tie on a 30 or 40 pound test clear leader.  Florocarbon not required.   I don’t place swivels between my braid and leader.  If I did my rods would come up with broken eyes all the time.

Important Notes about Fishing Calvert Cliffs

SAFETY!  Winter time water temps are cold.  Be prepared if you are running your own boat to be able to communicate it you have a problem.  Make sure the best that you can your boat is in top running form.  Boats are boats you never know.  Have all safety equipment ready.  On occasion several to 30 boats could be drifting the outflow when nice weather in march/april.  Most times very few boats are there in Jan/Feb.  On occasion some of the best fishing is happening at Calvert Cliffs when the weather is nasty/windy.  Caution: if you don’t understant that area don’t go when the wind is over 15 knots out of the NNW, N, NE, E, ESE………when the wind is blowing out of the SE it still isn’t great but better, South is great, SW is best, W is great, NW is starting to get iffy and NNW it starts to get bad.  Calvert Cliffs has approximately 2 milion gallons of water a minute coming out of the outflow…..it’s a HUGE current pushing very hard to the east.  When the wind is against it the seas get horrible in there.  When this is happending and you are there get on the downwind side of the outflow, bow into the edge of the flow, cast across the current with a 2 or more ounce jighead, detect bottom maybe and work the jig.  One cast is all you get in windy conditions.  DO NOT put your boat on the upwind side of the current in a heavy wind.  If your boat is not real big or if you have a cut transom you could sink your boat quickly there if your boat won’t start and you get blown into the massive flow.   It’s happened and it’s scarey!  Be Careful!

Who Rules The Plant Fishing?    

The state of Maryland does…….it’s an open place to catch and release Striped Bass out of the kill season.  No person or organization can tell anyone how to fish there.  Anyone can have an opinion on the best way to fish there.

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant is not owned on the water by any group or single angler.  If multiple boats are there understand your boat will drift and could drift real fast depending where you are in the flow.  Wind, outflow current and tidal flow along with current eddies make drifting always a challange and you have to be aware of your surroundings.  Always be polite to others and all will be great!  It’s a good idea to not run your boat up the current to attempt to release a snag.  Running engine over structure where the fish are in 18-30′ of water will probably spook fish.  The plant has 2 million gallons of water pumping out of two (i think) pipes 20′ or so feet under water.  At the outflow down about 150 yards is rip rap boulders on the bottom to help combat erosion.  I can only imagine the noise all that friction from water coming out of pipes and blasting through boulders makes.  2 MILLION gallons a minute is a huge volume of water!  With 18-30′ of water and all that craziness in the water allows for boats to drift over the fish without them leaving the area. (my 0pinion)  If any human tells you they know anything for sure about what fish do in some situations  they really don’t!  Here’s what I know…….I DONT know!   Especially in 18′-30′ feet of huge current and fish tight to the bottom!  Drifting over the top of the flow at Calvert Cliffs has been a magical fishing experience for me and hundreds of folks I’ve taken to Calvert Cliffs over the last 16 years!  Silence is best for sure, especially shallow without 2 million gallons flowing through a small area.

Here’s what we caught drifting over fish at Calvert Cliffs!  Great video of light tackle jigging at Calvert Cliffs….check it out!  Light Tackle Jigging Stripers On Chesapeake Bay in March!

What I explained above is the way I fish Calvert Cliffs and have for the last 16 years.  Fortunately, I’ve had great success helping folks catch many of their best fish ever at Calvert Cliffs.  Whether you fish with me or not I wish you well at Calvert Cliffs and please say hello if you see me out there in my Judge 27 Chesapeake named Four Seasons.  If anyone has any questions feel free to text, call 703-395-9955 or email at Pete@walleyepete.com

 I will be guiding at Calvert Cliffs through about April 15 give or take a little depending on the bite.  My boat is very close to Calvert Cliffs for easy access.  Right now the bite is on and off.  Typically it gets great around mid march.  I will be doing Walk-On trips or booked trips now through mid march when I think the bite is decent.  If I don’t think we can catch decently I don’t guide.  Starting around March 15 I will do two trips a day starting at 30 minutes prior to sunrise till 11 am….then in the afternoon from 2pm till dark.  I’ve still got some availability but it’s filling up quick for march 15 and beyond. It’s a blast!  

If you are interested in a trip or just have some questions feel free to contact me at 703-395-9955 or pete@walleyepete.com  Thanks!




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Pre Storm Fishing Excursion with My Buddy Mike from Buzz’s Marina

MIke From Buzz’s Marina ( www.buzzsmarina.com ) with a really cold water Jigged up Striper!

Went down to Buzz’s Marina today to check on my boat which is still in the water.  Everything is fine…..a bit chilly but good to go.  Mike was gassing up his 23′ Grady and acted like he wanted to make a quick run out to check on the fish.  So…….he needed a helper so off we went!  If I had to bet….I would have bet we would catch nothing.  About 11am the wind had subsided, sun shining and what-the-heck, let’s go give it a shot!  Mike pushed his Grady out of his marina through some thin ice.  Never sounds good pushing through ice!  We made it out of St. Jeromes Creek headed southerly.  First stop was in the middle of the Potomac in about 40′ water.  We marked a few little marks near the bottom so out came the jigs.  I was using a Hard Head Custom Baits 4 ounce vertical jig and mike was using a 3 ounce Lil’ Bunker Spoon.  I struck first with a Striper measuring about 20″….we slapped high fives cause we didn’t get skunked!  Good stuff.  We continued to catch a few fish……small but FISH!  After a bit we ran out to deeper water……50-65′ to look around.  To my surprise we ran over some good marks…….dropped down and bang!  Fish on and on and on!  Believe me….they weren’t big.  Lot’s of very small fish but fish none the less!

They weren’t big but fun! Caught that one with a Hardheadcustombaits 4 ounce vertical jig!

Even got one at 28″ today! Caught many this one could have eaten……it’s all good!

Thanks to mike for letting me tag along on his scout trip on this little break in the wind this afternoon!

I won’t be doing any walk-on trips for awhile.  Not sure what I’m going to do yet.  May pull the boat and put it in Flag Harbor and start looking at Calvert Cliffs.  Might look south a bit…….heck…I don’t know.  Maybe I will just do some work on the house for a bit.  We’ll see!!!!!!  Maybe Catfish!

Take care all and be safe this weekend!

I wasn’t ready for fishing today but was glad to go out with Mike and catch a few!
I wasn’t expecting to fish…..my clothes weren’t exactly great for cold weather winter fishing but it wasn’t too bad! Fish on!
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Short Notice Walk-On For This Sunday, 17 Jan!

A whole bunch like this today! Water temp around 45….fish going nuts!


BKD’s were happening today!

Fish were bombing 10″ers!


Well folks…….went out today in a pretty sloppy chop out of Buzz’s Marina.  Ran south and hit it big for sure.  Didn’t know what to expect after a temp drop in the water and a few days of not fishing.  Fishing was great!  Non-stop action on some really great drag screamers!  Never had this happening before up here so I’m taking it as it’s happening.  I’m booked tomorrow, doing the Frederick MSSA Show on Saturday but think a Walk-On trip out of Buzz’s Marina can happen on Sunday, 17 Jan.   Wind Forecast is 5-10 NW.  Very doable……..So

WALK-ON TRIP- Sunday, Jan 17- 5 spots available

Cost: 120 Each

I provide all baits, tackle and HEAT inside a closed cabin!

We’ll launch at 730am and return around 330pm

Launch From Buzz’s Marina

Catch and release only with lot’s of pics and video shot

If you are interested in going give me a call or text at 703-395-9955

Heat, cabin, tank full of gas, lot’s of BKD’s, Lil’ Bunker Spoons, Hardhead Custom Baits and Shore Tackle Custom Rods Ready to go!!!!!!!! Come on out and give it a shot!


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Quick Point Lookout Report and Open Walk-On Trip for Thursday, 14 Jan

My Fish’in Buddy Slam’in Sammy with a bait he made called The “Slamm’in Sammy” caught endless fish on Saturday! Way to go Sammy!

Winter is here…..high water temps have kept lot’s of Stripers in the Point Lookout Region longer than normal.  Historically I’ve been well south long before now plying the waters for Stripers on the light sticks.  This year is quite the anomaly in a good way!  I fished this past Wednsday thru Saturday catching fish all day everyday.  Incredibly great stuff.  Many fish over 30″ with the biggest at 37″.  WIth water temps in the 40’s the fish fight really really strong.  They are gorging on the millions of Menhaden and other forage fish in the region.

Great light tackle Striper caught in the cold water off Point Lookout this week!


Here’s a whopper!

Today the air temp is around 60 and the water temp off Point Lookout is hovering around 48 degrees.  Still need several more degrees colder to move fish from the area.  I think I’m going to attempt to get on the water on good weather window days to hunt down and catch Stripers until they leave region.  At that point I may move south with them.  Who knows…..they could end up thick at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel!  Time will tell!  So…….for the short term I’m still going to fish out of Buzz’s Marina and run the Potomac and south if needed.  Last year fish were caught in the Potomac at the end of December with water temps in the low 40’s.  I think we’ve still got some great stuff to come even with cold temps about to happen again!

Have had many on the fly lately!


Looks right now as if Thursday, 14 Jan will be the next good weather window to fish.  I don’t believe the water will be below the threshhold of holding hungry fish.  So a Walk-On Trip is in store!  We will launch from Buzz’s Marina with heat in the boat and what is forecasted to be light wind.  We’ll roll out and hunt down the Stripers!  Could be spectacular or …….who knows…..we won’t know unless we go!  I do think a great shot will exist to do great!

WALK-ON TRIP- Thursday, Jan 14- 5 spots available

Cost: 120 Each

I provide all baits, tackle and HEAT inside a closed cabin!

We’ll launch at 730am and return around 330pm

Launch From Buzz’s Marina

Catch and release only with lot’s of pics and video shot

If you are interested in going give me a call or text at 703-395-9955

Heat, cabin, tank full of gas, lot’s of BKD’s, Lil’ Bunker Spoons, Hardhead Custom Baits and Shore Tackle Custom Rods Ready to go!!!!!!!! Come on out and give it a shot!


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Big Day Today, Jan 5, 2016…..great start to the new year! Walk-On Trip Open Friday, 8 Jan!

Lot’s of these today….even after the cold!

Wasn’t sure what was going to happen on the water today!  After severe wind and cold for over 48 hours I thought maybe the fish would have moved south or east or west or somewhere.  They did move but not far and man were they hungry!  Between the birds and fish baitfish didn’t have a whole lot of a chance today!  Today’s walk on crew was brave to be test donkeys and brave the cold for maybe no bites.  Today their boldness payed off big time.  Countless Stripers over 28″ jigging metal and BKD’s.  Could not have been better!

fishfinder looked like this almost all day!

What a way to start 2016!  Water temps were still not to low for fish to be really on the feed!

John with a beauty for sure!


Jon with a 34″er!!! Nice light tackle Striper!!!



Friday, 8 Jan- 5 spots available

Evan though it’s January the fish are biting like crazy….today was 20 degrees at launch but real warm in the cabin!

Fish were biting as soon as we got out and never quit!  Life is good!

This inside the cabin makes for one heck of a pleasant ride and warm up if it’s chilly!


I have an open date this friday and the weather forecast is PERFECT to catch fish.  Light wind and not overly cold.  With the heat on the boat it’ll be great for jigging!  Don’t know how long it will last……it could be epic on Friday!

Crazy good jigging!


Here’s the deal:

Cost: $120 each

Launch from Buzz’s Marina in Ridge, MD at 0730 and return 330

I provide all baits, tackle, licensing and heat!

Great chance to learn some jigging and meet some new folks who love to fish

If you’d like to go give me a call or text at 703-395-9955

Nice and warm! Come on out and give it a shot!




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2015…..A Great Year It Was!

A 50″er for 2015!

2015 is in the books!  I fished from well above the bay bridge to well south of Point Lookout and many places in between. Just added up 205 fishing trips in the book!  Great year considering I did zero trips in Jan/Feb.  Boat sat in 10″ of ice for 45 days!

STUCK!    March 10!  Softening up though!


nothing good here!  17 Feb 2015


2015 didn’t start great……..Jan and Feb had plenty of snow and cold along with more ice than I’ve ever seen in Maryland waters.  I finally broke out of the ice on March 14.  Typically my year starts at Calvert Ciffs Nuclear Power plant in January or so.  I check for any numbers of fish in the outflow often during the winter.  If they are there in numbers I’ll do trips….if not any numbers I don’t do trips.   Jan/Feb 2015 had a few fish in the outlflow for hearty anglers who spent plenty of time for few numbers of fish.  The fish caught were nice ones for sure…..no numbers.  My year started with a bang for sure.  On March 19 I did the first guide trip of the year………off the hook!!!

I have hundreds of Pics from this year…..wish I could show them all!

Take a quick look!

March/early April

GAME ON!  What a start!

One of many over 40’s on this first trip

Pittsburgh Steelers starting left tackle Alejendro Villanueva with a 44″ light tackle caught beast!

here’s Luke with a 46″er! What a first day!

From March 19 until April 5 I had 97 Stripers caught and released over 40″, 9 at 45″ to 49″ and one at 50″!  After April 5 plenty of great Stripers were still at the plant to catch.



When the catch and kill season opened on April 16 I was able to catch keepers and then run to the islands to catch some nice shallow water Stripers.  While the “Trophy Season” crowds are out icing large females I was in the islands with lot’s of action on decent fish up to about 34″ or so.  When the spring sun warms the shallows of the eastern shore islands the area springs to life big time