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Island Fishing is Darn Good and Going to Get Better! 11 Sep 2014

Posted by on September 11, 2014

Charles with a great “nook and cranny” Striper on a really windy day!

Rain and wind Monday and Tuesday lowered the Island water temp down to the mid 70’s….last two days heat brought the temp back up a bit but not too much!   Water today was around 77-78 degrees and the sun was shining but that didn’t stop some nice Stripers hitting hard in 5′ and less of water.  Right now Stripers are moving in to some shallow water haunts but not in huge numbers.  Certainly not an easy game right now but really rewarding!  Love hunting hard then scoring on keeper Rockfish in shallow, remote waters.  Makes for a great fishing trip!  Today and yesterday I fished the islands really hard in the wind…..doing great on decent numbers and some really nice Stripers.  The scenery alone is worth the price of admission…..catching is a bonus…..well…you know me…..we HAVE to catch!!!!!!!

Here’s Ron with a fiesty light tackle caught 21″er in remote beautiful water! Good stuff!

Fishing the remote “nooks and crannies” requires stealth and some stratagy.  Some areas I’m running into are no wider than my boat is long……..some very shallow water but enough….my boat only needs 14″ to float.  My power poles have played a key role in success while fishing points, rock piles, wrecks, weed beds and all the “nooks and crannies”.  Couldn’t have the success I’m having without them!

My power poles stop my boat right NOW! While fishing skinny water, current and structure I’m able to perfectly position my boat to enable my anglers to target the best water without spooking fish……..priceless!!!!  With the wind blowing and the current ripping the fish I caught today wouldn’t have been possible with my Power Poles!

Baits of choice have been BKD’s ( ) loaded on jigheads made by Hardhead Custom Baits  ( ) in 1/4 ounce and 3/8 ounce.  The water was so high yesterday and today I didn’t need to use weedless jigs in the grass beds.  The best technique was working quickly over the grass.  Fish were bombing baits above the grass.  You could usually see the strike near the surface.  Great stuff and hopefully much more to come!

Chris caught many nice Stripers today off the bow of my boat…..most hits he could see happen! Cool stuff!!!!


Here’s Joe in some beautiful water and holding a nice Striper caught on a light stick……nice!!!!


Big mike with one of many for him on Wednsday…..went from wind to flat….love when that happens!


Fish On!!!!!


I never get sick of this!


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