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HUGE beginning to the annual “Catch and Release” Trophy Striper fishing!!!!

Posted by on March 22, 2015

Big time bent sticks!


Folks, the game is on right now at Calvert Cliffs!  So far 4 out of 5 trips has hit it big.  Had one tough trip but still produced a big one.  The power plant is a place that can be incredible one minute and vacant the second.  The best chance to catch a true giant is here for sure.  Between now and mid-april or beyond can produce incredible stripers on light tackle.  Even though it’s catch and release only……..a picture will last a lifetime!  I’m using 7″ and 10″ Bust’m baits in chartruese and Albino.  BKD’s in the same colors work great too!  Tipping your plastic with a garlic dip can’t hurt either.  All in all great stuff for sure!  Every one of these fish are hooked with a single hook in the mouth and just inside the mouth.  Fish are handled properly.  Successful release of these incredible fish  allow them to strongly take off to continue there journey up the bay.  Cold water catch and release is great!  Incredible adventure and conserving the resource while making a great memory……..nothing like it!!!!!!   Here’s a few shots from the last three trips!  Just Awesome!

A huge 44″er caught with a 10″ chartruese Bust’m Bait!


First time LIght Tackle Jigger crushes fish today!




great bend on that stick!


LIght Tackle Beauty! Single hooks…..all fish released to swim another day!


Jon with a huge light tackle jigged Striper!


43″ monster!


Even a Pittsburg Steeler lineman can catch a big one!!!!! Good stuff!


sunrise beauty…….love it!


                                                               Father and Son double header whoppers!





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