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Hot Shallow Water/Surface Plug bite! What a great few days of catching! Walk-On Booked Solid for this tuesday!

Posted by on May 8, 2015

Sunrise Surface Plugger! 35″er to start the day!


Last few days of fishing has been a big hit!  Catching fish in most shallow water areas I’m fishing.  Today we immediately hit many great fish on surface plugs.  Yesterday we caught many fish but none over 30″… was a different story.  A few over 30″ on light tackle is a real good thing!  Looks as though many fish have rolled out of the spawning rivers.  Over the last 4 days I’ve seen more and larger fish in the mix over in the eastern shore and on the western shore in skinny water.  It’s all good!  Best baits have been surface plugs (Storm Chug Bugs and Stillwater Smack’it’s)  Color doesn’t seem to matter….I guess what ever you like will work if the fish are present.  When I’m not catching I move quickly to my next spot…..always on the hunt.  Today was one of those days where I looked pretty smart!  I like that!

May Worm eating 32″er……..real nice on light tackle in skinny water!


Great stripers caught shallow on light tackle……just awesome!

Spawned out big one…..eating hard today!

Running across a flat sea…..sweet!


WALK-ON TRIP TUESDAY, 12 May 2015-BOOKED SOLID…..more walk-on’s to come!

Running a walk-on trip this coming tuesday, 12 May 2015.  Right now the wind forecast is light!  Light wind equals good fishing!  We will launch from Beacon Marina in Solomons, MD 255 Lore Rd, Solomons, MD.  We will use light tackle all day.  Suface plugging to start and then take the day as it comes depending on the bite.  Launch will be 530am and we’ll return around 230 or so.

Cost: $120 each

I provide all baits and tackle….bring your own stuff if you’d like

Boat is licensed, you don’t need a license

I will fillet any keeper fish we catch

Launch at 530am, return at 230 or so

If you are interested in going give me a call or text at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot.

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