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Florida Fishi With Capt. “Walleye” Pete March/April 2020 Book Your Trip Now!

Posted by on December 1, 2019

I’ll be fishing out of Dunedin, Florida, 20-30 minutes from Tampa International Airport and just a couple miles north of Clearwater and south of Tarpon Springs.  Lot’s of wind protected areas to target even with a stiff breeze.  Also, I’ll have a remote water boat up near Homosassa, FL to fish Ozello, FL.  (google Ozello, FL to check out the fishy looking water!

Remote Ozello! Adventure and catching waiting to happen


Dunedin, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, over 20 miles of protected water

This region has great winter inshore fishing for Speckled Sea Trout, Redfish and Snook.  The inshore waters also have Triple tail, Ladyfish, Sheaphead and other goodies!   One beautiful thing about this area is it hasn’t been hammered by the red tide which has been very bad to the regions south.  Along with good water is the fact the region has barrier islands and  small mangrove islands strewn throughout the intercostal waterway for miles.  This allows for a larger area to target all the inshore species around the region in March/April.  On nice wind days nearshore offshore wrecks can be targeted using light tackle. Species to catch out there are widely varied and will be exciting! We’ll be doing light tackle exploring new stuff all the time!

Beautiful Triple Tail!  Great to eat, huge fight!

Specks Galor

Primary technique for catching will be slinging lures.  I will have the ability to provide live bait onboard but will concentrate on casting BKD’s, Paddle Tails and various plugs depending on what’s happening.  My style and approach coupled with incredible electronics, Rods, Reels and boat, the fishing should be great!

Incredible scenery

Last winter I went down to Florida with the mission of learning a region to fish this coming March/April.   I did it and it was great!  Can’t wait to guide and immerse myself in the Florida fishery!  I’m going to live it, eat it and drink it the entire time I’m in Florida!

Remote Red, reachable with my 16′ Grumman Canoe rigged out with Minn Kota and Humminbird!

Lot’s of action!

Details for Trips out of Dunedin, FL and Ozello, FL
I will be chronicling my Florida Trips daily on Facebook, will be a blast!  
Cost: $700 for up to 4 anglers on my Judge 27′ Chesapeake
Cost: $500 for up to 2 anglers all day in Ozello, FL on why 16′ Skinny water machine
We will launch just before sunrise and return around 4pm
Launch location will be Edgewater Park in Dunedin, FL on the Judge and Ozello Community park, FL if we are going remote skinny water
I provide all baits, tackle and licensing
My rods are all Backyard Custom Rods and Florida Fishing Products Reels
Any fish legal to keep I will fillet if kept

Closest Airport is Tampa International Airport, it’s about 20-30 minutes from Duneden, about 75 minutes from Ozello/Homosassa, FL
Weather during March/April is pleasant but can be chilly in the morning
My boat heater will be used if needed!
Dunedin and Homosassa has many great places to eat and several hotels in the area varying in prices.  I’ll have more hotel information as we roll into 2020.  Should be no problem with hotels in the region

If interested in booking a trip or trips or have any questions give me a call or text at 703-395-9955

Canoe Trips out of Ozello, FL
I’ll be running my 16’ Grumman Square Stern Canoe out of the Homosassa, FL region in remote incredible water!  This water is absolutely beautiful protected water with hundreds of islands, nooks, crannies.  With my rigged out (Minn Kota, Humminbird) shallow water aluminum  Canoe I will be able to cover this water in a big way!  Current and structure everywhere, Specks, Reds and Snook along with other goodies to catch!  I will be able to fish 2 anglers plus me in this water.  Will be a great addition to the Dunedin, FL fishing adventures!

Walk-On Trip List!
I will put together a walk-on trip list with folks without a crew but would like to fish on my Judge 27’ Chesapeake out of Dunedin, FL or out of my 16’ Grumman in the remote beauty of Ozello.  Walk-On Trips will be 200 each.  I’ll get a list of walk-on folks together then put together the dates to do the walk-ons and offer them up to those on the walk-on list.  Feel free to call or text at 703-395-9955 with questions!

Additional fishing options while in Dunedin, FL    

Big Triple Tail for Capt. Jeff!

Capt Jeff Vickers is a light tackle guide and great friend of mine out of Dunedin, FL. He’s an expert on the regions inshore fishery who catch’s every day!  Great guy and super teacher!  Provides an incredible fishing experience! I fished with Jeff for several days while in Florida last March.  He taught me plenty and we caught very well…..all on artificial lures!  To check him out go to


Capt. Jeff Vickers working it!

Jacinda with a remote water sweet Red!

If you’d like to do an incredibly beautiful fishy kayak trip while on your Florida fishing adventure check out Jacinda’s Kayak Fishing Adventures on FACEBOOK.  I did a kayak trip with Jacinda while I was in Florida last March.  I had NEVER set butt in a kayak before!  Jacinda had me rolling in no time and we fished water like I’ve never seen in beautiful Ozello, Florida.  It’s a series of islands, channels, holes, grass beds and oyster piles…….best fished from Kayak.  We caught Specks, Reds and even a black drum while I was on the yak.  Great time for sure and an adventure to give a shot at while in Florida.  Check her out!


My Mission in Florida and How it’s Come about!

 I’ve been a Fishing Guide in Maryland since the year 2000.  Since 2004 upon retirement from the USAF I have been living my dream.  Full time fishing guide, loving every moment of every day taking folks to a fishing adventure like they’ve never had.  Fortunately I’ve been very lucky to have great folks to fish with and a full time schedule doing what I love,  fishing over 200 days a year and just a bit under 4000 guide trips completed. Countless new friends met and way more incredible experiences than I’ll ever deserve.

 From 2000 thru last year I have fished catch and release during the months of March/April in Chesapeake Bay at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Susquehanna Flats and Islands of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I’ve literarily guided thousands of folks in these fisheries, fishing trips of a lifetime had by many.  Sad it’s almost certainly to be turned off by the state of Maryland for no valid reason.

 I saw this sad situation regarding our fishery and had concern the state may (in my opinion) make a bad choice regarding mortality reductions last winter.  I decided to make a run to Florida in March of 2019 to learn a region with ambitions to guide anglers during the winter of 2020.   My trip was highly successful, guiding for me in Florida is going to happen!  Florida weather, family and good friends in the region contributed highly to my Florida guiding ambition.  I’m always up for a challenge and can’t wait to get underway on a new adventure.  It’s sad the state of Maryland is forcing my hand but excited to start another chapter.  March/April Florida fishing will be great!

 My Mission:  Fishing structure and current is right in my “wheelhouse”!  The waters near Dunedin, FL, and areas around Homosassa, FL are loaded with current plus structure along with clear water grass beds.  Within a short run offshore many wrecks and reefs exist providing great light tackle angling opportunities.  My Humminbird electronics with incredible side imaging coupled with the Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra trolling motor, fishing Florida inshore and offshore will be a great fishing adventure!  The Florida light tackle fishing trips will be a warmer weather super fun fishing adventure! I will be immersing myself every minute of everyday in the Florida fishing I’m about to do!  I can’t wait!

 If interested in booking a trip or have questions give me a call or text at 703-395-9955







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