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Pre-Wedding Fishing Report……..Sep-Oct preview! Walk-On Trip Tuesday 11 August……

Posted by on August 6, 2015

 September/October Beauty is coming!  Fishing will be great!



Well folks…..getting married this Saturday!!!!!!  Yikes!!!!!! LOL…… Will be out of commision for a few days…..will be back in the saddle full time starting Aug. 21.  Between the wedding and departure for the honeymoon I’ll be on the water a bit from 11-13 August.

Here she is…….My bride to be inspires me……she makes me so better,  way to good for me……I feel like the luckiest guy on earth!


August Action is HOT!

Currently fishing is great on chesapeake Bay!  The bay bridge north is where larger fish have taken up residence.  Folks going after over 28″ are still catching a few up there.  Typically its a trolling/chumming/live lining game but good light tackle jiggers can “make it happen”!   I just moved my boat from Deale back to Solomons.  Breaking fish in great numbers are the game from Bloody Point down to Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.  Finding breaking fish is the key…..I cover many miles using binoculars often to do this. Sometimes its easy and sometimes it’s not.  When it happens life is good!  Shallow water structure early in the morning can be very productive right now.  Once the surface bite is over in the morning birds will be out locating bait the breaking fish are pushing up.  It’s a time of year when huge numbers can be located and bent sticks abound!  It’s all good right now!

Breaking mayhem!




Big Blues and lots of stripers can happen all through august!












                                                                        September is coming! September is coming!

ya ya…’s me….but it was a really nice striper caught on a surface plug in September in shallow water……really good stuff!

For the last several years I have plyed the waters of the Eastern Shore Islands of Hoopers/Bloodsworth/Adams/Spring/Holland/South Marsh and Smith Islands.  These Islands have so many beautiful places to catch fish I couldn’t begin to count them all……just incredible beauty and darn good fishing!  Last year starting in late August and running through October fishing was on fire and the best I’ve ever had in the islands on numbers and quality of Stripers.  Had dozens of Stripers over 28″ and had a 30″ Speckled Sea Trout!  Although Specks are not abundant because of two terrble cold winters and a winter kill the chance to catch a monster is absolutly there in September and October.  As August rolls towards September the waters of Chesapeake Bay will start to cool and this starts the movement of many stripers to the near shore island waters where current rips, stump fields, grass beds, rock piles and wrecks abound.  An endless adventure of fishing areas to explore!

beautiful waters……beautiful fish……no other boats……incredible!


Mike Mike Mike Mike……….beautiful September Morning whopper!


30″er caught in 3′ deep grass bed…….what a battle!


2014 Fish of the Year caught in September……a 30″ Speckled Sea Trout!




Right now I’ve got plenty of availability in September and October for a booked charter trip.  As time gets closer and if days are open I will open up dates as they come up for walk-on trips to the islands.  If you don’t want to miss out on this great fishery give me a call to book a date and get your crew together.  This fishery is truly great and very memorable! Typically manyStripers are caught and some big ones to boot!  A speck is possble along with Reds, Blues and Flounder!  You never know in the islands what might be on the hook……part of the beauty of it all!

My Power Poles make shallow water fishing so much better!


My Judge 27 Chesapeake is a shallow water fish catching machine!


My Judge 27 is the perfect boat to run the bay and ply the skinny waters of the islands.  With the power poles and very shallow draft I’m able to get into waters and catch fish shallow incredibly well!  Even if it’s windy the Judge crosses the bay in comfort.  Once across the bay and into the islands I fish protected flat water….makes windy days very fishable.


WALK-ON TRIP- TUESDAY, 11 August-  2 spots left as of 340pm, 6 aug…….

Since I’m not leaving for the Honeymoon till 14 August I’m going to fish 11-13 August.  Right now 11 August is open……that means WALK-ON!  Currently my boat is at Solomons, Beacon Marina!  Just moved the boat back.  Looking at doing early morning surface plugging then running the bay looking for breaking fish.  Bluefish, Stripers and maybe Spanish Mackeral will be in the mix.  All fishing will be light tackle jigging and plugging.  We will launch at 530am and return around 2pm!

Cost: $120 each

I provide all baits and tackle….you can bring your own stuff if you want

I will fillet all fish at the end of the trip

Bring your own food and drink

I provide licensing….all you need to do is bring yourself!  

If you are interested in going on this trip give me a call or text at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!  


Come on out and give it a shot!!!!!






















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