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Pre Storm Fishing Excursion with My Buddy Mike from Buzz’s Marina

Posted by on January 20, 2016

MIke From Buzz’s Marina ( ) with a really cold water Jigged up Striper!

Went down to Buzz’s Marina today to check on my boat which is still in the water.  Everything is fine…..a bit chilly but good to go.  Mike was gassing up his 23′ Grady and acted like he wanted to make a quick run out to check on the fish.  So…….he needed a helper so off we went!  If I had to bet….I would have bet we would catch nothing.  About 11am the wind had subsided, sun shining and what-the-heck, let’s go give it a shot!  Mike pushed his Grady out of his marina through some thin ice.  Never sounds good pushing through ice!  We made it out of St. Jeromes Creek headed southerly.  First stop was in the middle of the Potomac in about 40′ water.  We marked a few little marks near the bottom so out came the jigs.  I was using a Hard Head Custom Baits 4 ounce vertical jig and mike was using a 3 ounce Lil’ Bunker Spoon.  I struck first with a Striper measuring about 20″….we slapped high fives cause we didn’t get skunked!  Good stuff.  We continued to catch a few fish……small but FISH!  After a bit we ran out to deeper water……50-65′ to look around.  To my surprise we ran over some good marks…….dropped down and bang!  Fish on and on and on!  Believe me….they weren’t big.  Lot’s of very small fish but fish none the less!

They weren’t big but fun! Caught that one with a Hardheadcustombaits 4 ounce vertical jig!

Even got one at 28″ today! Caught many this one could have eaten……it’s all good!

Thanks to mike for letting me tag along on his scout trip on this little break in the wind this afternoon!

I won’t be doing any walk-on trips for awhile.  Not sure what I’m going to do yet.  May pull the boat and put it in Flag Harbor and start looking at Calvert Cliffs.  Might look south a bit…….heck…I don’t know.  Maybe I will just do some work on the house for a bit.  We’ll see!!!!!!  Maybe Catfish!

Take care all and be safe this weekend!

I wasn’t ready for fishing today but was glad to go out with Mike and catch a few!
I wasn’t expecting to fish… clothes weren’t exactly great for cold weather winter fishing but it wasn’t too bad! Fish on!

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