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Posted by on January 18, 2021

A little test post to see how this site is or isn’t working. Don’t know if subscribers are still attached or not. We’ll see! If you see this post please let me know you got it. You can text me at 703-395-9955 to let me know…..Thanks! is back up and running! Or at least I hope!

Steelers Left Tackle Big Alejandro Villanueva with a huge Striper. Unfortunatiely from 2016 has never been dead….just a bit sick.

When you typed in, an add for viagra came up! Lol…..that’s funny! I’ve been working off facebook but need to start doing everything here on my own site first again.

Looking forward to posting daily while fishing in Florida and living on the boat. Through out the year posting here often will be the best thing to do.

Will put up some great content as much as humanly possible……I’ll be fishing every fishable day so content shouldn’t be a problem.

Miss my old truck!

Was certainly a great 2020 on the water! Looking forward to 2021!

Great Day In August 2020 catching Giant Reds with Wayne and Mark

2020 was a super year of catching with many incredible memories….check it out the video!

Here’s a quick 2020 Review video! check it out! Hope it works! lol

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