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Not Hot But Still A Great Shot!

Posted by on March 31, 2016

Chet’s Personell Best 41″er today!  Many personnel bests lately dispite a tough bite…..

The Pics here are a few fish from the last 4 days.  Decent for sure!  Plenty of tough stretches too………..

Fishing at the plant has certainly been hit and miss quite a bit lately.  Last year at this time we had a steady slug of fish eager to eat most of the time.  Small, medium and large fish were consistant.  Right now we’ve got fish early, late and sometimes in the middle of the day.  10″ BKD’s loaded on 2 ounce Hardhead custom baits have been the ticket on my boat on all the big fish.  6″ BKD’s have been catching more numbers but not as big of an average fish.  Still a great shot at catching your personel best and maybe even a TRUE 50″ fish.

Lot’s of exaggeration and flat out lies have occured with some folks and their fish size at the plant this winter.  Certainly plenty of 40+ inchers but a little hocus pocusery (new word, lol) going on… LOL….it’s funny.   Just how some folks are….no big deal.  However, rest assured there are some great fish to be caught with a true trophy fish a strong possiblilty for a couple weeks still.  The biggest to date on my boat this year is 47″.  Last year we had many between 45″-49″ with one at 50″.  Not as good this year as last but it’s still good!

I measure fish on a tape on the back of my boat….look at the pic below…you can see it in the bottom middle of pic.   I place the tip of tail on the zero and the lower lip to the other end.  Pretty accurate way to measure.  I never weigh a fish or lay them on the deck because I don’t want to take the time or the risk of injuring the fish. I stress to my folks the importance of getting them back in quickly and safely.  All my pics are of fish being lipped and supported under the belly.  I think it’s the best way to handle them but don’t really know.  I do know with a quick release and decent handling they swim away strong in the cold winter/early spring water.

Dave tied his personel best recently with a 41″er. You can see what he ate! It’s a 10″ BKD rigged on a 1.5 ounce jighead….way to go Dave!

Dave (pictured above) and Dave, his father-in-law (pictured below) recently fished on a beautiful rainy morning.  What a morning it was!  Not one other boat and plenty of big fish.  Several around 40″ and  up to 43″.  Nice bunch of fish on this day!  Dave (father-in-law), (picture below) smashed his personel best on this day!

Dave’s early morning whopper! 43″er caught on a 10″ BKD on a Hardhead Custome Baits 2 ounce chartruese and white jighead.  We sure could have called that one 50 pounds!  But in reality it’s 43″ and maybe 32-35 pounds.  It was a real fatty!

Some great bites have occured on some real windy days lately.  I don’t recommend anyone venturing out on northerly stiff breezes if they aren’t highly experienced!  Very dangerous for sure and I sure don’t want anyone to get hurt out there.  Please be careful!  Here is a windy day whopper lately…..

Pete with a 41 incher! Tough fight on the light stick for sure!

A recent windy day whopper caught on a chartruese 10″ BKD! Good stuff

what it’s all about!


Love my Shore Tackle Custom Rods! Been whooping up on some beauties this year with them! Great stuff!



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