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Great Catching right now! ! Thrilled with the Bite in the Islands! Two Spots Open still For Sunday, 27 Sep!

Posted by on September 23, 2014

Holy “Blowfish” Batman! This one was caught on a 6″ Purple Glitter BKD!


Hello Folks!  I’ve been really working hard lately!  Lot’s of trips in the islands with LOTS of great bent sticks in beautiful remote waters!  Water temps today reached as low as 67.5 degrees….prime temp. for a great bite in shallow water.  I’ve had Stripers in every type of shallow water lately!  Stumps, grass, current rips, sod banks, rocks and wrecks……..all these places have had fish over the last several days!  Really good stuff!  They aren’t everywhere all the time.  I’ve had to work hard to locate fish at times but once located I’ve had great fishing!  The one thing loud and clear is CLEAR water is needed for good consistant success!

Biggest Speck of the Year! A true GATOR!!!! Let’s hope there are more to come


I’ve been having a ball fishing in little nooks and crannies all over the islands.  Even in wind I’ve been getting into very fishy water.  I’m always looking for clear water on the windy days.  I don’t even bother fishing the wind blown shorelines…..always check out interior coves, guts and downwind sides of islands on the windy days.  The days where the wind gods ease their wrath I am all over the place loving life!  Most points with current are holding fish if they haven’t been spooked off.

A tremendous skinny water striper!


Even though the Specks and Reds are just about no-shows in Maryland waters right now…….Stripers are filling the void.  Light tackle fishing for these fiesty scrappers is a blast.  With the breath taking beautiful environment and heart pounding light tackle runs……our Maryland skinny water Rockfish are providing lot’s of excitement!

Plenty of keepers for a great Striper Dinner!

beautiful fish and look at the backdrop! Just incredible!!!

This September has really been lot’s of fun!  All trips have been great successes!  As the water temps drop fishing will become more consistant in the islands and I believe we’ll be seeing some bigger fish…’s all good!!!



A great bite is on right now!  If you’d like to fish the islands, meet some new folks and have a great time, right now is the time to get out on a walk-on trip!  Here’s what is coming up!

Sunday,  28 Sep- 2 Spots Available

Thursday, 2 Oct- booked solid

Friday, 10 Oct– booked solid

Right now I’m in Beacon Marina at Solomons, MD.  255 Lore Rd, Solomons, MD

Cost: $120 each

We will launch at 6am and return around 3pm.  Launch time could change due to tide/weather

I provide all baits/tackle/license.  Bring what you want to eat and drink…..bring any of your own gear if you’d like!

I will fillet fish at the end of the trip

If you are interested in going on any of these trips give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!

Come check out the beauty of it all!





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