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Fishing Report, 8 November 2015

Posted by on November 8, 2015

Sam… made the big time! Incredible light tackle surface plugging catch….way to go brother!

Folks, I’ve been crazy busy on the bay, hardly any spare time to write reports.  With decent weather overall and a great boat to go out even in “iffy” stuff my time has been taken for sure!  That’s a good thing!

enclosure up, rods ready, power poles loaded, shallow water bite is ready to be HAD!


This “Island Hopping” season has been CRAZY good for sure! It started late due to warmer than normal water temps in early September.  I don’t like to go shallow till the water temp in the shallow water is under 80 degrees.  Didn’t happen this year till around September 15.  Now, Nov 8, the water is still in the 60’s!  Perfect for incredible shallow water surface plugging, jigging ect………..It’s all great for sure!  Mother nature allowed me 26 trips in September and 25 in October.  When traveling over 75 miles everyday I’m tired for sure in the evening!  Every day in the islands has been different.  Wind direction and speed, water level, current and water color dictates where I fish every day in the islands.  Not where I caught them “yesterday”.  With water temps over 60 fish have definetly been plying the skinny water in great numbers and some big ones on occasion!  My go to lures for the skinny water has been Skitter Pops on the surface, Yozuri Crystal minnows on the jerk baits and 6″ and 10″ BKD’s ( )  in white, chartruese glitter or purple glitter.  Size of BKD is dictated by the size of bait being chased around in the shallows.

Heres some shots of some recent whoppers:

This fish was caught by a “new to Striper”
fishing angler…….he nailed it on the surface
just feet from the boat….totally unbelievable!

This big boy was taken on a 6″ Purple GLitter BKD,
( ) over medium depth
(12′) structure in the main stem of the bay……good one!

Huge shallow water Striper for Carlo! Caught
at sunrise on a yozuri crystal minnow in 4′ of



Peter Baskin with a beautiful 29″er caught on the fly in 4′ of water! What a battle!


Huge light tackle Striper jigged up in 15′ of water, 6″ white BKD
( ) 3/4 ounce
jighead and a beautiful custom 6′ spinning rod from Shore
Tackle on Kent Island……good stuff

what a shallow water hog! Nothing Better!!!!!

Even I trip over a big one here and there!


Most of the big fish I’ve had on the boat this fall have come from 5′ or less of water near great structure with current rolling through.  Water clarity has been so clear you could see a nickle in 6′ or even more of water.  This clear water scares me!  I don’t want to see that well into the water.  Fish spook very quickly in this shallow clear water.  I prefer emerald green color to the water, not gin clear.

Here are some shots of some of the water I roll in:

Many nooks, gutt’s and crannies to fish in wind or anytime!

Island Fox! Beautiful!

a loaded gutt full of stripers!


What a life!

Water ALWAYS wins…..

cool spots…..


I could literally fish 10 days straight for 10 hours a day and not fish the same place twice.  So much to fish in many different situations.  Truly incredible!



Loving what I do is something I certainly do!  However, smiling kids making memories with their dad is truly why I do this job!

Smiling kids with their dads making memories!

Couldn’t be better!



Although fishing has been incredibly great I believe the best is yet to come.  Over the last few years the bite out of Buzz’s Marina,  is great!  From right out front to south a few miles the bite over last few Novembers/Decembers has been supurb!  I’m expecting no less this year for sure.  I’ve got available dates in December for the incredible bite.  Jigging BKD’s and Lil’ Bunker Spoons will be off the hook.  LOt’s of great fish to catch.  Here’s a couple shots from last December!

Lot’s of fish to jig up like this in December! Really good stuff!

if these guys can catch’m…..anybody can! Lol

lot’s of fishfinder shot’s like this in december!

Fishing in November/December is hot for sure and on cold days its warm in the heated cabin! Come on out and give it a shot!


TO book a December trip out of Reedville, VA or Ridge, MD give me a call at 703-395-9955.  I will be docked at wherever the best opportunity to catch fish is located.  Check my website at or my facebook page  Pete Dahlberg or Four Seasons Guide Service

Always looking for THE clue…..where’s them fish!

fish on baby!!!!


Come on out and give it a shot!










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