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Light Tackle Action Is Pretty Darn Warm! Walk-On Spots Open Right Now!

Posted by on April 19, 2016

Here’s a very recent Light Tackle 40″er!  (Sunday)

Light Tackle fishing is very good and getting better as the water temperature rises in the shallow water.  I’m expecting a May Worm hatch soon over in the islands.  When that happens some wild light tackle fishing occurs.  Wish I could predict exactly when and where that would happen!  Mostly the light tackle action is on fish 17-23″ with some up to 27″.  As April rolls on and the water warms the chance at over 30″ fish in the shallow water is very possible.  Bottom line is action is great and the scenery is beautiful!  Surface plugs are getting hit quite regurlarly now too!

Had some fun with a dad and his two young sons on Monday evening……warm all day….outgoing tide produced some real warm water (67 degrees) blowing out of the shallows and around points.  Fish were real anxious.  The boys caught plenty on the light sticks as dad coached….here’s one…..

Light tackle fun for the youngsters!

Over the last few years I’ve really dug deep into the islands and their interiors.  Running my judge boat up into areas where even small boats would get nervous.  I love working those waters and catching some nice fish in them.  Really cool stuff!

Where’s the water?

Some fun fish and as the water warms and the spawn ends bigger fish will be wandering into the island water looking for chow……’s all good!


WALK-ON TRIPS OPEN NOW!- All Trips Booked Solid-update 830pm 21Apr

Saturday, 23 April- Booked Solid

Monday, 25 April- Booked Solid

Tuesday, 26 April-Booked Solid

Mother Nature has broke her chilly hold and has allowed the waters of the bay and tribs to warm.  Life is shallows for sure!  Have a crew for this saturday who had some folks drop out and need a crew.  Monday the 25th I opened up and have 4 spots available and the 26th is wide open.  We will jig BKD’s, throw surface and jerk baits all day.  We’ll launch at 530am and return at 230 or so.

Cost: $120 each

Launch from Beacon Marina, Solomons, slip F-1 at 530am and return at about 230pm

I provide all custom rods from Shore Tackle and baits, you can bring your own stuff if you’d like!

Dress for the weather

I provide all licensing

My Judge 27 Chesapeake is ready to go…..great fishing platform in all water!

If you are interested in going on the trip text or call at 703-395-9955

Come on out and give it a shot!

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