Walk-On Trips Available now for this Friday and some CBBT dates!

Paul and Dan with a pair of good ones!


New walk-on dates available now! For details on the trips go to: http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWco8k6HqZsQ9F?w=3


Here are the trip dates and current spots available: updated 938pm, 19 nov 14

Friday, 21 Nov, Booked solid from Buzzs Marina in Ridge, MD

Saturday, 29 Nov, 5 spots available from Marina Shores Marina, VA Beach

Sunday, 30 Nov, Booked solid from Marina Shores Marina, VA Beach

Wednsday, 3 Dec, booked solid

Thursday, 4 Dec, 3 spots available from Marina Shores Marina, VA Beach

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Fishing Is Really Hot…..Light tackle jigging at it’s best! Walk-On’s will be up quick! CBBT dates available….CBBT Walk-On’s up soon!

Lot’s of fish like this on the light sticks can make or the day of a lifetime!


Fishing over open water and under birds in 25′-50′ of water is on fire right now!  Lot’s of great fish mixed in with some smaller fish.  Great light tackle jigging!  Walk-On trips will be posted soon!

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Open Bay Fishing is Fabulous Right Now!

Good stuff happening on chesapeake bay right now.  Fishing looks to be good all the way from the Bay Bridge to the MD/VA line.  I’ve covered lot’s of water over the last three days and have had really great fishing with metal jigs/Specialized Baits Lil’ Bunker Spoons, 2,3 and 4 ouncers in gold, silver or chartruese are working great.  BKD’s ( www.basskandydelights.com ) are working great in both 6″ and 10″ size, white, chartruese glitter and purple glitter all work great for me.  On occasion surface plugs are working and I like slinging Sunami 6″  paddle tails on 1 or 1 1/2 ounce jigheads.  Birds are leading the way but don’t overlook structure in 10′-40′ of water….it’s all good!

Light tackle craziness….what a great fish!


Deep jigging under breakers nabbed this nice Striper!


First time Striper angler hit’s it big with many jigged up beauties including this 28″er……good stuff!

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Getting Ready for The Fall Chill! And some new sticks!

It’s gett’in chilly! Time to batten down the hatches!


It’s that time of year……..I like the fish’in but don’t love the cold!  In order to keep fishing and stay warm I break out the enclosure and  bring in the heat!  Love my heater when it’s cold!!!!

Warmth and plenty of room to sling the light sticks!


While not fishing today because of forecasted wind and rain I ran over to Shore Tackle today to pick up 5 new custom rods!  Can’t wait to get them bent!  Joe and Billy do a great job putting together some very high quality stuff!  I’m thrilled to be a part of their pro-staff and more thrilled to put their custom rods in my clients hands……..have a boat full of sweet custom rods!

6 great custom light tackle sticks by Shore Tackle of Kent Island, MD


Rods are ready to rumble!


Next time you are on my boat be ready to work with some great sticks!

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“Walleye” Notes Newsletter, 2 November 2014, Walk-On’s Open Now

Beautiful Fall Light Tackle Jigged Striper


Current Walk-On Trips -updated 3 november at 8 pm

Thursday, 6 Nov14- 1 spot available

Saturday, 8 Nov 14- booked solid

Sunday,   9 Nov 14- booked solid


For trip details and my latest Newsletter go to:http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcsEDmr7fYbCr?w=3

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Done At The Flats, It was a Great Year!!!!! Specks are In!!!

                        “Walleye” Notes Newsletter  29 April 12

                                                                     WALK-ON’s Available  Now!!!


                   1-Susqy Flats Review…..great year!
                   2-What’s next?
                   3-Speckled Sea Trout/ Striper Walk-on Trips!!!!


 A lovely  lady with one of many great fish caught at the Flats this year!

Folks, This year certainly was the best year in many years for numbers of Stripers.  Caught some really big fish this year but I’ve had years with many more big fish.  Overall, certainly a year to remember!  On many days we had lot’s of surface hits on Stillwater Smack’it’s.

I did 38 trips this year at the Flats, many more than past years and not one skunk trip!  Had some tough days but no zero fish days.  So glad this year showed up as a good one.  On many days I started before daylight and my second trip didn’t end till dark.  Makes for many long days but I love every bit of it.   Just didn’t have enough time in the day to do trip reports daily……I could use some cheap help!

My best day at the flats this year was a day with loads of fish in the wind.  A northwesterly wind cranked but the fish were in the area just east of Battery Island and they were there thick and hungry!  Almost all of thest fish were caught doing the old “lift while you drift” technique.  Many fish caught in the wind for 3 straight days.



Many small fish this year.  I don’t remember a year with so many really tiny Stripers.  On one particular day they came in handy.  I had a family with some youngsters and the small fish were the ticket.  We had a blast catching many Stripers up to 20″ and some bigger and many smaller.  Some great days on those fish and great crews!

and this next one is memorable!



                Maxx’s Adventure, Fish Every State Before Graduation!

On this memorable day I had a great family from Northeastern NY State.  This crew had one thing in mind.  Get there son on Maryland water and hopefully catch some fish.  Kathy, her husband Dave and son Maxx were ready to fish it up……Maxx has a goal of fishing in every state in the U.S. prior to graduation, his parents Kathy and Dave are doing there best to make it happen.    I was lucky enough to be on the Maryland menu of fishing spots for young Maxx.  We climbed aboard my boat at 3 pm on a really nice day hoping for some flats magic, we got some, catching many Stripers up to around 32″ prior to sunset.  We had a great day of jigging up many Stripers on BKD’s (www.Basskandydelights.com ).  Maxx and crew learned very quickly the technique and it paid off big time.  We caught many, many Stripers until the sun set!  Here’s a few shots of Maxx’s adventure!


Maxx with his first Maryland Striper!!!!


Maxx had a Susqy Flats Bonus…..5 pound Largemouth!
Beauty caught on a Surface plug near sunset, great Maryland fishing for Maxx!!!


One day in late April I wittnessed something I’ve never seen at the flats in such mass.  An area of 3 miles by about a mile Stripers were making babies like there was no tomorrow!  Great to see a so many fish spawning.  All the boats in the area paid close attention to the spawning fish and did not attempt to interupt the activities.  Some small males were hitting BKD’s  and 15 Tony’s during the spawn.  Some huge females were in the area.  I literally saw dozens of massive females on the calm night during the spawn.  Prior to the spawn going off we did catch a c0uple of really big Stripers.  In fact they were by far the 2 biggest fish of the season at the flats on my boat.

This 49″er put up a tussle on light tackle…..a 6″ BKD fooled this big girl…..she was released at the boat and took off strong!
This 50″ Fish was massive!!!!!!! Didn’t weigh it but it was HUGE!!!!! Biggest of the year at the flats and the biggest on my boat this year!


The Susqy Flats really lived up to it’s great rep. this year.  We had many days of great surface plugging, lot’s of jigging and many fish caught on 17 tony spoons.  I love the flats but am glad to be home…….miss my kids and miss sleeping in my bed.  The last few months I’ve been gone lot’s….between the CBBT and Susqy Flats I was out of town often…glad to be home!!!!!!



                            THE SPECKS ARE IN TOWN!!!!

I haven’t personally fished for them yet but will be very, very soon.  Had to clean up the boat and get some maintenance done before I stick it back in the water at Beacon Marina in Solomons.  I’ve heard from reliable sources Specks are in town!  After last falls blockbuster Speck fishing I think this May could be just as good.  One great thing about specks is you catch stripers    in the same areas as Specks.  Beautiful, remote waters are the theme and bent sticks is usually a result of fishing the beautiful eastern shore waters!!!!

Nice South Marsh Island Speck!

Stripers and Specks in the same waters…..really nice stuff!


All the Speck fishing will be done around the islands of the eastern shore.  The beauty of it all is worth the price of admission…..catching Specks and Stripers over there is a bonus that occurs quite often!!!  What a relief it will be to fish this beautiful water not having to compete and become friendly with loads of boats close by…..ahhhhh!!!!!


                                         Speck/Striper  Walk-On Trips!!!!

                                                         Wednsday May 2 and thursday May 3

                                                                       6am till 3pm both days

Well folks it’s time for Specks out of Solomons!!!  If you’d like a light tackle break from trophy trolling come on out and give the eastern shore a shot!  We’ll be launching out of Beacon Marina in Solomons and running east and south.  We’ll look for Specks over on the eastern shore and we’ll fish major structure on the main-stem of the bay on the way back for big stripers.

Here’s the deal-  $100 each, all baits, tackle and licensing provided. The first 5 callers are in…..we’ll launch at daylight from Beacon Marina out of Solomons, MD.  We’ll be running to the eastern shore targeting Speckled Sea Trout and Catch and releasing any Stripers we come across.  If you are interested in coming give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!
The boat is a Judge 27 Chesapeake…….very comfortable boat to run the bay!  Closed cabin makes for a warm, dry ride and the shallow draft allows me to go wherever I need to find the specks in the beautiful eastern shore islands!!!!
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Best May Speck Day ever on my boat!!!!

What a day today was for Specks!!!!  Yesterday we struggled a bit….caught some Stripers…..caught 2 Specks which ain’t bad but what a difference a day makes!  The water was a beautiful ocean green today and the tide ripped really good both in and out.  We didn’t start out great but once the tide started moving out the fish, both Stripers and Specks really lit up.

















Along with many 28 Specks caught today we caught endless Stripers on BKD’s, Shads, Crankbaits and Surface plugs.  The surface plugs hit stripers really good over stumps and other submerged timber.  Really cool getting mid-20′s Stripers over stumps.

One of many nice Stripers caught in the stumps today!!!

















I even got lucky today with a couple of fish myself!  I hooked a good one thinking Striper but it didn’t head shake hardly at all….then it rattled it’s head quick…..definetly not a Striper feel….well…it wasn’t!  This nice Flounder found it’s way into my net!

The Speck bite never seemed to end today….just when we thought it was fizzling out we’d catch a couple more.  I found them on several different points between the Honga River and South Marsh Island.  Quite a day indeed!!!!

I’ve got some open dates next week and the week after for trips over to the eastern shore.  I’m hoping this great Speck bite holds up for the rest of May.  Stripers made a great showing over there also.  I expect it will hold up.  If you are interested in a trip for Specks and Stripers in the eastern shore Islands give me a call anytime!









If interested in a Speck/Striper Trip in May give me a call anytime with questions at 703-395-9955



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Speck Fishing is still running strong!!!!!! Walk-On next Tuesday, 29 May!!!


              Fishing Report for May 24 2012 and Walk-On                         Trip

 What a great week of Speck Fishing and mother nature is a honey! I’ve been fishing every day with great results!  Certainly this May has smashed all May Speck records for my boat. My May count is up to 243 Specks caught in 18 trips.  Not bad for Maryland waters!  Most Specks have been 17-21 inches with a few bigger.  They are all beautiful fish!!!

Incredible Speck, beautiful smile!!! It just doesn't get any better!!!!!


With water temps in the 70′s over in the islands Specks are certainly active quite often and ready to eat a lure.  Most Specks have hit Berkley Power bait swim shads, BKD’s ( basskandydelights.com ) and Gulp 4″ swim mullets.  Basically I’m approaching areas with current near points and sod banks, positioning the boat as to not spook fish in the area i think the fish are and throwing lures across the current.  A slow but irratic retrieve near the bottom.  If specks or Stripers are in the area they’ll nail it!  

Great college kid with a "gator" Speck......great job!!!!













82 year old angler with his 1st Chesapeake Bay Speck! Priceless!!!!!

Way to go Henry.....thanks so much for a great day!!! Love your family!!










I think the Speck fishing will maintain for quite awhile.  Specks haven’t been abundant for some time so I’m not sure exactly what they are going to do this summer.  It’ll be interesting to see what they do and where they go.  You can bet I’ll be following them very closely and try to figure out what they do all summer…..sure is nice to have them as a summer fishng option.  

Great Specks and even a Flounder!!!!




















                                                      Walk-On Trip

What a Speck!!!

Walk On trip for this coming Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Trip will be launching from Buzzs Marina in Ridge, MD.  For directions go to the following link:  www.buzzsmarina.com    

Cost is $120 each, I provide all baits/tackle and licensing.  My boat is a Judge 27 Chesapeake with a full cabin providing a great ride to and from the fishing areas. Bring whatever you want to eat or drink.  I’ll fillet fish at the end of the trip for no extra charge.

We’ll be fishing for Specks, Stripers and maybe even a flounder in the eastern shore islands.  Everything is light tackle and we’ll be covering lot’s of area.  Come on out and give it a shot!!!!!

My 27 Chesapeake


Launch time will be 530am right at the boat launch at Buzz’s Marina.  We’ll fish until about 2pm.  If you have any questions or want to book a spot give me a call at 703-395-9955.


To book a Spot or spots give me a call at





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Year of the Speck! Walk-On Trip this Sunday 29 Jul 12!

Walk-On Trip This Sunday 29 July 12…….details below!
Incredible Summer Speck Caught Recently!!!!

 One of many great Summer Specks!


I haven’t done much lately via newsletters and I apologize for that……will be pumping it back up getting off my lazy butt!

Currently the Striper bite out of Solomons is hugely inconsistant and I haven’t been on a school of keeper size breaking fish yet.  In my 13 years of keeping a journal I haven’t ever seen so few Stripers in the Solomons region.  The Stripers are certainly to the north in the eastern bay ballpark and beyond…….hoping they miraculously show up in more than just the one area.  Really makes me amp up worrying about the future of our Striper fishery.  I’ve been on the water a whole lot this summer and have seen only a small number of nice Stripers on shallow structure very early in the morning.  Schools of breaking fish or numbers of fish live lining in our region is bascially non existant.  There are fish at the gas dock but arn’t out and about much.  Some live-lining has happened there but nothing like years past.

Occasional nice fish are available with a little luck!

On a bright note the Speckled Sea Trout fishing has been and continues to be the best I’ve ever had since moving into the area in 1995.  Starting last September and now this year starting in April the Speck fishing has been very rewarding. What makes it so good is the remote beauty and challange of it all.  It’s not the easiest of fishing…….one day you get’m here….the next day there and maybe on another day none but most days we catch’m.  Water condition and current are a crutial factor in having Speck success.  I’ve had luck catching quality Specks from Hoopers all the way down to Smith Island.   Bad thing is I’m really helping the oil people get rich.

BKD’s and Gulps are catching Specks on my boat!


Currently Croakers and Spot are abundant in the Pax River along with a surprising number of Puppy Drum.  Also, over on the eastern shore Puppy Drum are schooled up in areas with strong tidal current, have had many, many Pup’s in areas with structure and current.  They hit the same lures Specks and Stripers hit!  Wish they would keep coming back year in and year out as they GROW!

one of a ton of pup’s




A while back I was fortunate enough to be a involved with a “Wounded Warrior” Fishing Tournament organized by the non-profit organization called “Rivers of Recovery”  The event was really nice and raised lot’s of money to help wounded warriors get back on track.  Great people involved and very well organized.  Now on to the important stuff!!!!

The tourny was out of the Maritime Marine Museum in Annapolis….YIKES!!!  I don’t know that water.  What i do know is if I don’t know I need help.  This tournament was purely a charity and no money won my participants……rules were “go fishing” any way you want that’s legal.  So….with those rules I called my friend Skip who is an extreme “freak” up there on the water.  He knows the water and knows folks who knows where the fish may be at any given moment.  The event started with breakfast from 8-9 am….fishing starts after breakfast…..whew!!!!  Never start that late……as luck would have it there were fish in the region and bringing skip on my boat as “first mate” was like hitting the fish lottery.  As soon as we pulled out of the harbor Skips phone rang and we had a line on some nice fish.  We ran to the area reported to hold some fish and boy were they there!!!!   One thing I can confidently say is if fish are under my boat we’ll catch’m…..boy were they!  We immediately hooked nice Stripers up on vertical jigs and live spot.  Mike, my wounded warrior was ready to rumble.  Mike lost an arm in combat in Afghanistan.  He’s an avid fisherman and knows his way around a boat.  Within no time we caught several fish in the upper 20′s inches long and it wasn’t long before Mike hit this tourny winner…….yes……mike won the tournament with this 33″ Striper!!!!

Tourny Winner!!!!!!!


Was a great experience and a great time had by all on my boat!  Here’s a shot of our crew……








Mike with his “Biggest Fish” Trophy and another angler with the “most fish” trophy!

Congrats Mike!



SUNDAY 29 July 12


Eastern Shore Speck!


Trip will leave from Beacon Marina in Solomons at 530am and return around 3pm……we’ll run to the eastern shore and hunt down the elusive Speckled Sea Trout.  It’ll all be light tackle and we’ll sling BKD’s, Gulps or even some bull minnows.  Along with Specks there have been many Puppy Drum in the region.  Depending on how the day goes we may pop out into the main stem of the bay and look for Blues and Stripers.

Cost of the trip is $120 each…..the first 5 are in.  I’ll fillet fish at the end of the day.  Bring whatever you want to eat or drink and I’ll have all the tackle/baits ect……..feel free to bring your own stuff if you like.

The weather forecast for Sunday is great…..east wind 5-10…..great direction for Speck fishing!

If you are interested in going this sunday, 29 Jul 12 call me at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!

Great Fishing Platform









Fishing off the front end is great!
Comfortable ride out and back!!!










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Walk-On Trip Tuesday 31 July 12!!! Speck fishing is great!!!!

Speck Fishing is HOT! Come on out and give it a shot!!!!

                                                                   WALK-ON TRIP TUESDAY 31 July


Had a great speck trip today with around 30 Specks caught.  We should have not left the Speck ball park to search for breaking blues because the blues didn’t show themselves but the Specks sure did.  Have an open day Tuesday and with great Speck fishing and a golden weather forecast a walk-on trip is in store.

We’ll launch from Solomons, Beacon Marina at 530am and return around 3pm.  Cost is 120 each, I provide all baits and tackle and will fillet fish at the end of the day.  If you’ve got a rod/reel you like bring it!  The boat is licensed, all you need to bring is whatever you want to eat and drink.  My boat is a Judge 27′ Chesapeake that will give us a great ride back and forth across the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.  We’ll probably cover 8o miles or more on the trip!

Beautuful fish in some pretty water!










There are a few like this around!










If you are interested in going on the 31 July Walk-On Trip give me a call at 703-395-9955.


Come join me for a great day of fish'in on my Judge 27 Chesapeake!


                                                                      COME ON OUT AND GIVE IT A SHOT!




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Great Day Speck’in/Walk-On Trip Glory!!! 31 Jul 12/ Walk-On Trip Friday 3 Aug!

John With A Great Speck!!!! He put on a catch'in clin

Great Day Speck’in Yesterday on the eastern shore in the islands!  Did a walk on trip with 5 guys and had a ball.  Everybody caught specks and we also had 9 other species to boot.  It was quite the amazing day of fish’in!

Great day of Speck'in!!!!



Walk-On Trip this Friday, 3 August

Opening up a walk-on trip for this Friday, aug 3. Weather outlook is good….light southerly wind. We’ll launch from Beacon Marina at Solomons at 530am and return around 2pm or so. I’ll fillet fish at the end of the day. We’ll fish for specks over in the islands and maybe run out into the mainstem of the bay looking for blues/Stripers/Reds if the wind permits. We’ll probably run 70-85 miles total for the day and see some beautiful stuff over in the islands. Fishing has been good but always a challenge over there……with a little luck we’ll do well!

The boat is licensed and I’ll provide all baits and tackle for the trip….if you have tackle you like bring it!

If you are interested in going or have any questions give me a call at 703-395-9955.

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2012 Was A Great Year of Fishing! 2012 Year in Review Coming Soon!

2012 was an incredible year for Speckled Sea Trout in the shallows of the eastern shore Islands of Chesapeake Bay.  From late April through October Speckled Sea Trout were available and abundant when properly attacked!  More to come……..




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5th Blown Honda Powerhead Puts Me Out Again!

5th Blown Honda Powerhead in less than 3 years!

LATEST UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom-9 Jan 13

Fishing was looking good before my 5th Honda Powerhead Blow in less than 3 years! Come on Honda Step up and help out!

MY HONDA STORY……hoping for a Happy Ending!

Fortunate to be “living the dream” guiding fisherman over 200 days a year on Chesapeake Bay!   Currently a “bad dream”!

I bought a beautiful new Judge 27′ Chesapeake in April 2010.  Loved the boat…..loved my Honda 225 Power and business increased because of the 2 great buys!

I chose a Honda Engine because of stellar reputation and “built to last” reputation.  My business depends on reliable power and dependability right now!  I thought based on research, friends with Honda’s and the US Coast Guard that Honda was the right choice.  In my business, my business success and the ability to be consistantly successful and most importantly keep my anglers safe is of huge importance.

As of right this second I’m very disappointed with Honda Marine!



Lifting out after my 5th blown Honda 225 powerhead in less than 3 years!

My boat should not be here with a 5th Blown Honda Powerhead in less than 3 years and only 2287 hours on all 5 powerheads combined!


Honda has supported  very well on all my Honda issues since I purchased the engine.  Without going into detail on minor things, the first year had a few issues but were quickly taken care of by Honda.  I was satisfied with the engine and the service for the first few months. Nothing in life is perfect…that goes for all outboard engines.

Because guiding fisherman is my business and a business I love and desire to be successful at, I push hard and do things many other guides/charters don’t do.  Since late april 2012 – October 2012 I covered an average of 78 miles a day.  That folks is lot’s of covered water.  Throughout my Honda experience I have maintained the engine as good as I possibly could…..everyday I pop the hood and do everything but taste the oil. Change oil timely and call mechanic if anything doesn’t seem right.   Very important for my engine to be running perfectly!

Oct/Nov 2010 real issues with my 225 Honda began!  A “oil pressure” alarm sounded and I responded.  Checked the book….stated turn engine off….check oil level to ensure oil is at proper level……it was.  Restart engine and ” press-on”  if green light illuminates to indicate proper oil pressure.  All was well after the first “horn” on oil pressure.  For the next couple of days I received about 2 “horns” on oil pressure per day.  Contacted mechanic who contacted Honda who stated “check the thrust washer bearing” .  Thrust washer bearing was failing and causing the low oil pressure.  Honda immiately without any question replaced my powerhead.  This occured around Oct 2010 with about 550 hours on the properly maintained engine.  With the “new” powerhead in place I proceeded to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel to guide anglers.  On my 3rd trip on the way out to the fishing grounds the engine completely failed!  Smoke coming out of places it shouldn’t, ect……..trip over…boat had to be pulled and transported back to mechanic about 200 miles away.  This “new” powerhead is blown.  Honda immediately replaced the powerhead with another “new” powerhead.  Honda reponded fast and made everything happen quickly.  ”New” powerhead installed by Reliable Marine of Solomons (certifed Honda Shop).  Reliable Marine has been very helpful and provided me with very quick service.  This 2nd “New” powerhead was installed and I pulled the boat to the nearest water to test the engine.  15 minutes into doing what I was told by Honda/dealer this engine blew up!  My CBBT season is over with another blown engine.  My clients lost many days of fishing and I lost my sole income for many days because of the failure.

Honda responded quickly and overnighted a whole new engine!  I was very impressed although disappointed because of all the failures.  The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel season for me never happened because of all the Honda failures.  2011 was a new year with a brand new (i think) Honda engine.  I maintained very close contact with my mechanic and checked my engine daily for anything different.  All seemed well……..approx. late Oct. 2011 I recieved and engine alarm….immediately had it checked…..scored cylinder, yet another blown powerhead. Wow!  That’s 4 blown powerheads in just over 1000 hours total time on engine.  Honda immediately without question replace my second engine with it’s first new powerhead…..I’m very skeptical because of my history.  Honda customer service assured my this new powerhead was “good”….I won’t have the same problem.  I pressed on with the new powerhead from Nov 2011 throughout 2012.  All seemed well…..

Throughout 2011 I was in a high state of vigilance over my 5th powerhead from Honda in well under 3 years and 2000 hours total time.  I spent about $2000 dollars on maintenance other than oil changes/lube/routine maintenance.  In Sep 2011 I had 24 valves in my engine adjusted/inside of engine looked at to verify things look right….ect….all is well in Sep 2012.  This powerhead has gotten me just over 1000 hours without issue.  Late Novemeber 2012 I head to VA Beach to start my 2012/13 CBBT (Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel) season.  Starts out great…..catching fish and engine is running good in the treacherous waters.  Around 13 Dec after about 10 trips at the CBBT I recieve the “oil pressure” horn.  Engine oil was perfect and clean, boat restarted and all seemed alright.  Although I knew based on experience all was probably not well.  Over the next couple of days I recieved 2 or 3 alarms a day…..oil good, engine restarted and oil indicator light lit and engine ran perfectly.  Unfortunately I decided with this alarm sounding daily I had to pull the plug and leave the CBBT with my boat.

Towed boat 200 miles back home to Solomons area and delivered my boat to Reliable Marine in Solomons, MD.  Didn’t take long and I recieved the bad news……Thrust Bearing failed….powerhead done….5th failed Honda Powerhead for me in less than 3 years total time and 2287 hours between 5 powerheads.  WOW!

Contacted Honda Customer Service….was told my engine is “OUT” of warranty.  I wasn’t shocked….it was “letter of the law” out of Warranty.  However, I didn’t feel as though  I ever received reasonable service from my Honda product.  Over the last 2 years and 8 months I’ve lost 71 days of fishing/work/much $$$, and much mental anguish  to my Honda breakdowns,   Honda customer service stated to me on Friday Dec 21, 2012 I was out of warranty but case would be under review.  I lost sleep, upset and disgusted with what I heard from this customer service lady.  She stated I would hear something on or after Jan 7, 2013.  I understand the holiday would cause me delay.  I uderstand that…but not happy.

www.Tidalfish.com is a fishing web-site I’ve been a part of for over a decade…..a fishing site many folks frequent who fish in the Chesapeake Bay Region.  A great site for fisherman to share information regarding fishing and anything else related to fishing/ect……very popular on-line place.  On Dec 23, 2012 I posted on the Tidalfish/Chesapeake Angler Message Board about my issue with Honda.  It recieved more response than I thought was possible,  over 24,000 views in 6 days.  Lot’s of interest in this issue with Honda.  Here’s a link to the tidalfish thread: ( http://www.tidalfish.com/forums/showthread.php/326712-Done-with-the-CBBT-for-now-and-another-BLOWN-ENGINE!  )


UPDATE: 28 Dec, 2012

I  spoke with a Honda Representative and my case is under review.  I’ve been promised an update on Jan 2-3, 2013.  Based on my consistant problems from beginning to end with my Honda Engine since April 2010 I hope Honda decides to  talk with me about a resolution to this problem.  I believe Honda is a great product and believe Honda wants to always do the best for their customers.  Unfortunately I’m not a satisfied customer because of valid issues.  I will continue to update on my web-site and  www.tidalfish.com  regarding my progress with Honda.  Happy Holidays Folks and good luck Fish’in!!!!!

UPDATE: Sunday, Dec 30, 2012

Due to holiday haven’t spoke with Honda since 28 Dec 12.  Currently Tidalfish thread has over 28,000 views.

UPDATE: 3 Jan 2013-Honda is not going to cover my 5th engine failure in less than 3 years!  Big corporation spitting on the little guy…….I’ll be pressing on with a Suzuki 300……very disappointed…will be further pursuing an answer as to if they believe the service I recieved from my Honda 225′s were reasonable.  Very curious…will report what I find out….

Update: 4 Jan 2013. towed boat to Judge in Denton…..Suzuki is throwing a decent offer on a 250 Suzuki and Yamaha is very expensive.  Have to evaluate which move to make.  Carl from Honda will be checking out my boat on 7 or 8 Jan to verify damage to the engine.  Will update as I get news.

Update: 9 Jan 13

Hello All,
Met “Carl” from Honda yesterday at Judge Yacht…Carl was on time and ready to roll. Didn’t know if he would be alright with me being there but considering all I’ve been through I wanted to be there and witness whatever there was to witness. Carl answered all my questions as he rolled along with his checks. First thing he did was check the thrust bearing to verify it was shot…..indeed it was shot. Carl stated the engine would run for a long time with the issue but would progressivley worse and eventually the engine would fail…..who knows how long it would last. Obviously I can’t run like that. Next up was hooking up the computer to check all the data…….all data was uneventful except one thing. Bill Judge was “shocked” when Carl stated one stat. Cart was not fazed at the stat. The wild stat was how many starts I had in 1187 hours with the current powerhead. In 1187 hours and about 13 months I had 10,380 starts on the engine! Thats around a 50 start per trip avg! I know I start and stop alot but that is crazy! Anyway, Carl stated starting all that many times DID NOT cause the thrust bearing to fail. All my other stats were very reasonable not throwing any flags. Next step Carl attemped to shove a camara into the oil pan through the dipstick and the drain hole….no luck! He asked if I changed my own oil….answer “yes” sometimes…sometimes mech shop. He asked if I used a pump to suck the oil out through the dipstick…answer, “yes, but not always”. He asked if I did it when the oil was really “hot”, answer, “i don’t think so but can’t say no for sure” . Carl stated,” occasionally, a hose stuck through the dipstick pipe into the oil pan could possibly have a small piece broke off or melt off in hot oil and plug an oil “outflow” which could cause oil depravation to the thrust bearing”. Carl agreed to tear the engine down to check the oil pan since he couldn’t get the camara in the pan to check visually. So…..Carl started unbolting…..and unbolting……he tore the engine down piece by piece until he reached the oil pan. Oil pan was clean….no clogs. I was hoping to find plastic……I’d love to know what caused my problem….my fault or not. Unfortunately Carl found no evidence of anything torn apart causing my engine failures. He stated the whole engine would need to be torn down to figure out the problem. Carl is doing a final report on his findings and will report up his chain……he stated he’d be talking to a person up the chain about my history/issue/ect……he stated he or someone up the chain would contact me today to finalize the situation.

As of now waiting on news from Carl or whoever about my case. After doing lots of research and talking to plenty of owners and looking for best cost situations a 250 Suzuki will be going on the back if Honda doesn’t want to counter offer on a better deal. Yamaha with wireless controls is sweet…no doubt, but at about 13,000 more than the deal offered by Suzuki it’s hard to pick yammy. Bill Judge is certainly assisting big time whether Honda or Suzuki. Not saying I think Yammy is not better than Suzuki. Just can’t justify the extra 10+ thousand. If it were 5 more or even 7 more thousand I may have jumped…..but just to much.

“Carl” just called at 915am as I was typing this……He stated one of two or both folks above him in Honda have been briefed on findings and will call me today. Carl kept his word and called as he said he would. I still don’t know what the answer will be………

Back to the engines…….it’s a crap shoot for me i guess……money does matter to some extent…..As soon as I get the good or bad word from Honda I’ll be pulling the trigger on a new engine. At least Honda didn’t completely disregard my situation….I’m happy with that. Would love to know what caused my failures……many other guides across the country put lot’s of hours on engines and do plenty of starting and stopping……according to the tech. experts I’ve communicated with the size of boat/wieght isn’t an issue….Carl didn’t seem like the boat size/weight was a cause. He’s been tearing honda’s apart for 15 years…..he knows the engines!


Update: 9 Jan 13

just recieved a call from Honda Corp. upper management folks. Great call…..they seemed very concerned about my on-going issues. Chatted for at least 1/2 hour…..they have followed social media to some extent……very pleasant and concerned about my honda experience. To this point…..Carls report still didn’t give cause/blame for my failures. Honda’s folks stated they would like me to stay with Honda and be a satisfied customer. They will be working quickly on an offer to me for a 250 Honda. I did tell them based on my “difficult to say the least” history with Honda they would have to make a significant offer for me to not change to Suzuki……..













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Walleye Pete’s 2012 Year in Review!

45″er for First Time Striper Fisherman…..good job Bobby!

2012 was a really good catching year….certainly the year of the speck!

Big Billy with a really big Speck!

For the full report with ton’s of pics go to; http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcsgsYJxrezwj?w=3

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Walleye Pete’s 2012 Fish of the Year!


2012 Fish Of THE YEAR


My friend Joe Poye and his sons have fished with me for a few years. They love to roll over to the eastern shore for not only the fish but the beauty of it all.  Every trip they have a great time harrassing each other and competing to catch the biggest fish.  Joe Sr. along with his 3 sons and son-in-law booked a Speck trip for Oct 1, 2012.  Prior to the trip one of Joe’s sons contacted me ahead of time to let me know Joe Sr. was sick.  Joe was stricken with cancer and had been battling it for about a year.  I was told treatment was over for now and Joe Sr. wanted to do the family fishing trip out on the bay with the boys.

Beautiful Peace On Chesapeake Bay…..


Joe Sr. and the boys arrived bright and early Oct. 1.  A beauty of a weather day was forecasted and the Speck fishing was looking very positive.  Shook hands with Joe Sr and we loaded up the boat.  Although Joe Sr. was sick he certainly did not seem it and was very happy with the day’s outlook.  It’s wonderful when a trip is better than expected!  I was optimistic about the fishing prospect but was overjoyed when Stripers and Specks were really hungry and the seas were flat……All the boys and Joe had a great day catching and having fun with each other……Joe Sr. fished most of the day, he’d take a break here and there but kept fishing hard wanting to “best” the boys all in good fun.  The day was drawing to an end and Joe Sr. did not have the biggest Speck.  We were drifting a great area where I knew some Specks had to be hungry.  We caught some….none biggest of the day but it could happen any moment.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Joe Sr’s rod tip sharply pop up and then the rod bent down hard!…..Joe Sr. hooked a big one!  The fish pulled some drag and wasn’t quitting, the boys quit fishing and watched excitedly.  Joe fought the big Speck perfectly and the net was slipped under.  Biggest of the day for sure!  The boys were very happily surprised and thrilled to see dad grin as the biggest Speck of the day came in the boat.  Dad was happy…..not just for the fish but being able to have a good time with his boys.

Joe and his winner of the day and 2012 FISH OF THE YEAR!!!

We soon called it a day heading back across the bay on a beautiful afternoon!

Joe and his boys at the end of our epic speck catching day!


Joe Sr. passed away Dec 3, 2012.  RIP Joe……Privileged to have fished with you and your boys!  God Bless!  






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9 Feb 2013 “Walleye” Notes News Letter

A Patuxant River Blue Cat…..first for me!

Over the last month I haven’t been fishing much because of boat repairs/new engine/family stuff/ect……boats back, all is well and I’m back in the saddle.  New Honda 250 is great and there are a few fish around…..going to get better!

Click the link for the full news letter!  Take care all!!!!!!


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New, 13 March, “Walleye” Notes News Letter, Fishing Report, Walk-On Trips and More!!!!

A true winter Giant at Calvert Cliffs!

The chance always exists at Calvert Cliffs to catch a huge Striper!  Although numbers aren’t great the size sure can be…….check out my latest newsletter for current conditions/fishing and other stuff!!! http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcs3Nl7yIQYKl?w=3

All Trips completed…….decent fish caught on all trips!

Friday, 15 March-2 spots available-  trip completed….pretty good fishing!

Saturday, 16 March-booked solid

Sunday, 17 March- 1 spot available

For details go to my latest newsletter at:  http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcs3Nl7yIQYKl?w=3

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Weekend Report at The Rips! All Walk-On’s completed and many fish Caught! New Walk-On Trips will come out soon!

Mr. Penn, a teacher from Baltimore County put his more experienced dad and brother to shame with the biggest Striper of the trip……a fat 35″er!

Fishing the weekend of Friday 15 Mar. – Sun 17 Mar. was pretty good!  Overall we had quite a good number of decent fish with some fish over 30″.  All fish were caught on 1.5 ounce jigheads and 6″ or 10″ BKD’s ( www.basskandydelights.com ).  Here’s a few shots from the weekend.

really windy day and some nice stripers!

good one Mike! Tough conditions………great fish!calm morning.......beautiful fish!








Father and Son with twin tinies! We caught quite a few today with some decent fish in the mix!



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Tuesday April 2 Power Plant Walk-On’s booked solid……

                                                                              Carlton with a beauty…..45″ and heavy!


NEW WALK-ON’s……not out on newsletter yet, fishing is great, weather outlook is good!!!!

check my latest newsletter   http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcna1v-SbbYxD?w=3

Walk-On Trips April 2……morning and afternoon trips available!

Tuesday, April 2, 610 AM till 1130- booked solid

Tuesday, April 2, 230 pm till dark-ked solid

All trips will depart from Beacon Marina at solomons, MD at 6:10 am and return around 1130am

Cost is $80 each

All licensing, baits, tackle and heat provided!  Boat has a fully enclosed cabin for a comfortable ride out and back!

Fishing has been good!  We’ve been catching fish every trip……fishing seems to be picking up!

Some very big fish are being caught…….shot at a true monster!

We’ll be light tackle jigging at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant

Fishing is catch and release only.  We take a pic and get’m back in safe and sound!

If you are interested in going give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!

For more details go to:http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcna1v-SbbYxD?w=3

Here’s the Fish Bus!










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Power Plant On Fire! Starting Friday April 5th at the Flats……

Whopper for Carlton!


Fishing at Calvert Cliffs has been on fire lately!  For the last couple of weeks migratory striped bass have taken up residence in the outflow at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.  With 2 million gallons of water flowing out of 2 4′ in diameter pipes per minute the water is flowing hard and the fish are in there eating up forage fish like mud shad and river herring.  Every day is different…..it can go from great to bad overnight and visa versa….you never know.  Lately however, the bite has been great early and pretty consistantly good throughout the day.  Here’s some shots of some great fish over the last couple of days!

A nice late morning 39″er…..










Good Stuff!

Really Fat 32″er!

Charlie and his boy with a 40+ Striper…….WOW!









Mammoth early morning whopper…….this lucky guy caught this whopper on his first time dropping a BKD down in Chesapeake Bay for a Striper….holy mackeral!












Charlie and his horse of a Striper!!!! Congrats on that fish


John with a windy day whopper!










These are just a few of  the really big fish caught lately!  Having a period of fishing never to forget…….even though  we’re catching some nice fish in good numbers the overall numbers of Stripers in the bay and in the ocean migratory stock is way down in my opinion.  Hoping I’m wrong but I don’t think I am………I’ll never take for granted a bent stick on my boat because you never know when the next one will come…..lately it’s been bent sticks galore!  Let’s hope the pace continues……..

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Susqy Flats good for my first 4 days…..two tough days lately….Walk-On Spots This Saturday, 13 and Monday 15 April!

Great Susqy Flats  Light Tackle Striper


Walk-On Trip Saturday 13 April 2013-  3 pm till dark- 2 spots available

WALK-ON TRIP MONDAY 15 APRIL 2013 – 6am till 230 pm- 4 spots available

Departing from Perryville Yacht Club at 31 River Street, Perryville, MD at 6am

If you are interested in going on this trip give me a call at 703-395-9955


Susqy Flats was a pleasant surprise on my first day…..Friday 5 April.  First trip of the day I ran around all over looking and not finding.  Finally at about 1030 a.m. I located a nice slug of Stripers on a channel edge and they were hungry.  We caught for about 2 hours using BKD’s  ( www.basskandydelights.com ) .  Started my afternoon trip and it didn’t take long….we found a bunch of fish near a shoreline and had them for the whole trip.  Caught well over 100 stripers in 4 hours!  Good stuff!

The bite was good for 4 days….day 5 was difficult…only finding 25 fish all day…..day 6 was horrible but I had a great crew…we had fun and the weather was perfect….problem was the fish departed the flats.  Every year fish leave the flats and then they show up again.  They follow herring up the rivers and they leave the flats to the south to spawn and chase herring around.  Every year they come and go and come and go again.  Just the way it is at the Susqy Flats.

I’m home right now….did yard work today and I’ll be heading back to the fish camp at the Susqy to start fishing again on Saturday.  Hoping some fish found there way back to the flats!


WALK-ON Trip for Saturday afternoon, 13 April 2013- Trip is from 3pm till dark- 2 spots available

this link for details!http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcqH79A8FRJHP?w=3

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Walk-On Trip Tomorrow! 15 Apr 2013……Fishing is tough but ripe to get good!

Susquehanna River Beauty!

Firmly into my second week of the Susquehanna Flats.  The first week was great out of the gate but has since gotten really tough.  Looks like the fish on the flats moved up the Susqy River on Tuesday to feed on Herring……reports are many Stripers are in the Susqy River getting caught on Shad Baits and Bass Baits.  The Herring in the river will spawn and come back out  of the river….when that happens the Stripers will be back on the flats.  Should happen anytime now!  Tomorrow could be a great day!

Had a short notice cancel on a trip for tomorrow…..walk-on trip is going to happen!

For details on tomorrows (15 Apr 13) walk-on trip at the Susqy Flats go to:http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcuTKR2QWPoC2?w=3


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Short Notice Walk-On Big Success Today…..Thanks to the guys who braved it!

Bill from Chambersburg PA with a huge flats light tackle jigged fish…..he caught this one with a 6″ Chartruese BKD in about 6′ of water on a tough catching day….good job Bill!!!!!!

Had a short notice cancel on a trip and threw up a walk-on trip……some brave guys jumped on it in short notice and came from a long distance…..two teachers from Wilkes Barre and Bill from Chambersburg PA.  Let them know fishing was tough but they didn’t wince and made the trip.  I’m glad they did and so were they!  We didn’t catch big numbers but had some really big fish today.  So glad the short notice walk-on turned out so good!  Thanks Guys and good job on a tough day!

This afternoon was also tough on numbers but another really big fish!  Eric Hood and crew joined me for an afternoon gig….the catching wasn’t easy but the fish we caught were nice……Here’s Eric with a true whopper!

Eric Hood and a whopper light tackle Rockfish…..40+ and then some!

Fishing at the flats seems to be picking up but numbers aren’t great and fish aren’t caught without much dedicated casting and moving around to find and eager Striper…..maybe tomorrow will be easier…..I hope!  I like Easy darn it!!!!!  I’m ready for that!

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Better than a Walk-On Trip…..really short notice Speck Treck!!!!! Tomorrow, Sunday, 28 Feb 12

Here’s a short notice chance to take a heck of a boat ride and maybe catch some fish!!!!

Beautiful May 2012 Speck! Be the first to catch one in 2013!!!

Planning to check the eastern shore tomorrow for Specks….just got back from the flats and don’t have any trips booked tomorrow so I want to run to the eastern shore and really hunt for some Specks, Reds and Stripers…….water temps look right and i havent’ been there yet…..first shot is tomorrow!

If you’d like to go give me a call quickly, first 2 are in!   I’m trailering to Buzz’s Marina where I’ll be keeping the boat this year.  7 A.M  launch will be fine…..no big rush.  You don’t need anything…I’ve got all the baits, tackle….ect…..just bring what you want to eat or drink!

Did I mention the trip is FREE!  Come on out!!!!!!!  Call me at 703-395-9955 if you’d like to go!

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“Walleye” Notes Newsletter and Walk-On Trips….spots still open for tomorrow!

Hello All,

Check out my latest newsletter!

Lot’s of pics and other stuff…..also Walk-On Trips!!!!!


Tomorrow, May 2-thursday, 3 spots still available!  

check it all out here:    http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcvLtVvxr52pQ?w=3

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Walk-On Trip was a success! Great Weather…lot’s of Stripers and a few specks…


Nice Speck! They are starting to fire up!


The last few days of fishing was good stuff!  Lot’s of light tackle pullage in the shallows of the eastern shore islands!  Many Stripers hanging around the islands ready to hit anything you throw at them.  When it comes to light tackle catching the islands are great right now.  I haven’t seen big numbers of Specks yet but expect it to break loose as the shallow water temps move over 70 degrees.  I had 13 Specks 2 days ago all in a ….the specks got aggresive for a short time then fizzled out…….they are starting up nicely!

I don’t have many days available in May…..the days I do have are 21, 27 and 29 May…..Still have several days available in Jun.  Fishing should only get better from here……..!!!

Mike with an early season Speck! Good job brother!

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“Walleye” Notes Newsletter, 16 May 2013…..SPECKS!!! New Walk-On’s Open Now!

Some Great Speck’in right now!


Work’in really hard lately….long hours!!!  Whew!  Currently am working everyday unless weather knocks me out……….fingers crossed for good weather!

Check out my latest newsletter and walk-on trips at http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcnIjRu06qp4H?w=3

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Fishing Report and Walk-On Trip Status for May 19, 2013

It doesn't get any better than that!


Fishing in May has been great on the bay and the eastern shore islands! The main stem of the bay is producing great Stripers on light tackle in decent numbers and the eastern shore islands has been really good on numbers of Stripers and Specks….the Speck fishing seems to be getting better as the water temperature rises through the 60′s and hits the 70′s. Good stuff!!!!


Another Father/Son duo with some great Light Tackle Jigging out of Buzz’s Marina!


I’m glad to see the trophy season produced a good number of fish up and down the bay…..I’m pleasantly surprised with the numbers of Stripers holding in the islands of the eastern shore. Most fish caught are below 18″ but a good number are over and providing lot’s of great light tackle action.


Great Light Tackle Action and Beautiful Scenery in The Islands!


WALK-ON TRIPS- updated on 19 May at 0949


Tuesday 21 May 2013- Booked solid

Thursday 23 May 2013- booked solid

Monday 27 May 2013- booked solid


Currently I’m running out of Buzz’s Marina in Ridge, MD

For Details go to http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcr4Ok9PNtAuK?w=3











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Nasty Wind Now, But a Great Start To The 2013 Speck Season!

One of Many Great Specks to Start the 2013 Season!!!!



So far this season in the islands I’ve seen plenty of up and downs in the water temperature ball park.  Typically by late May we’ll be in the upper 70′s water temperature…..this year we’ve touched on the mid-70′s after a day or two of nice sun and warm temps.   However, we’ve had plenty of windy days and chilly nights which knocks the water temperature down and makes the Specks a bit finicky.  On the days of sun and warming water temps the Specks have cooperated really nicely.  Many great Specks on most of my trips this year into the eastern shore islands.

MIckey with a great Maryland Speck!


I’ve only had a very few flat calm beautiful days in May…….I hate that!  However, even with clouds and some breeze great Specks have been had by a number of anglers using light tackle and a variety of lures like BKD’s, Gulps, Storm Shads ect……..One thing is for sure on all of my trips this year…..you never know from day to day where they will be.  Not 2 days have been all that similar in where fish have been caught.  I’ve covered many areas each day, blanked one day in a spot and the next day a few there…….next day nothing there and several in other areas.  Moving around has been key for sure!  

Great young angler with a heck of a speck!

This young man worked off the bow of the boat with his dad on a nasty windy day in the islands.  The bite was tough but he persisted all day…..he was rewarded with some really nice Specks!  Great job!!!

The technique working best for me so far has been slow rolling the bottom with some abrupt twitch…..overall slow forward speed but good twitch!  Current rips around structure has been the most productive with weed edges coming in second.  I think as the water warms and stays above 70 and heads to 80 the bite will really turn on.  Last year the month of August was the most prolific Speck month of the year……..looking forward to a great year with the Specks!  









What a Speck!

Colorful fish and fisherman!



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Alert! Short notice Walk-on for this Tuesday, 28 may 2013…..1 spot left……

Posting from my iPhone……had a call on the way to the boat stating my Tuesday, 28 May 2013 trip had to cancel. I have 2 folks for the trip right now and can fish 3 more.

Here’s the deal:

tuesday’s walk-on is booked solid…..thanks everybody!!!!!!  

120 each

Launch from BuZzs marina at 6am and fish till 3 or so. We’ll be fishing for specks and stripers on light tackle in the eastern shore islands. Speck fishing has been very good!

Weather report for Tuesday is very good. Light winds!

If u are interested in going give me a call to reserve your spot. It may go quick so call as soon as you know u want to go!


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6 Days In A Row Speck’in in The Wind…….

I even got lucky this week! 

Mother nature has not made things easy…..every day this week I’ve been seeing winds in the 15 to 20 knot range at some point during the day.  Fishing in the islands for Specks is “clear water” dependent.  Without clear water catching Speckled Sea Trout can be very difficult if not impossible.

Even with the wind I’ve been able to find some clear water and Specks ready to hit a lure.  No easy task though…..definetly covering lots of ground from Bloodsworth down to Smith Island and places in between.  Even though I’m running from Buzz’s Marina in Ridge miles are still adding up daily.  Running an average of 62 miles a day…..last year I was racking up 79 miles a day average.

Way to beat up on Joe and Mike! Allan, you are the “Speck” u later!

Allan got in on some great action by besting his buddies Joe and Mike on a recent Walk-on Trip……good job brother!!!!!

Allan was slinging some gulp baits for Specks this week and did right well landing several.  The rod he is using is a beautiful custom rod from Shore Tackle on Kent Island…. www.thetacklecove.com


First Red Drum of the season caught by my man “Ski”…….hoping more of those Reds make a showing!










Nice one L.T.!!!!

Pretty Shirt and Speck!










I’ll be fishing tomorrow with a crew gambling on mother nature to give us a “hair bit” of a break with the wind.  I’m getting really tired out there battling difficult conditions…..ready of a break from mother nature!

I’m currently booked solid for June exept for a couple of days in the last week.  If the fishing and weather cooperates I’ll offer some 1/2 day Walk-On’s from 330 till dark.  If I get any short notice cancels I’ll immediately throw up a walk-on trip notification here and in my newsletter.  Take care all and good luck fish’in!



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“Walleye” Notes Newsletter, June 7, 2013……Best May Specks Ever! Report, Pics and More!

What it’s all about! Father/Son birthday trip…..Erin’s 18th and a Speck to remember! It’s why I do this crazy job!


Fishing in May was a May to remember….lots of wind caused problems but still a record breaking May for Specks in my boat.  Really good stuff!  Check out my latest newsletter at  http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcnSyDsfYoEbL?w=3

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Big Specks are Snapp’in!


Hello All,

Walk-On Trip  on for Tomorrow…had a short notice cancel……

We’ll launch from Buzzs Marina at 11am and fish till 8 pm or so in the Eastern Shore Islands for Specks……

Great weather forecast and the Specks have been biting!

For Details go to : http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcsMPp6Fqoq3k?w=3

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Latest Report and Walk-On Trip this Friday, 21 June 2013! Great weather Forecast!!!

One of several citation Speckled Sea Trout this week!

Well folks……this has been a tough june!  Fishing has been very good when mother nature lets me fish all my great areas.  When the wind is persistant out of the south/southwest or any direction the islands get stained water all around them making Speck catching very difficult.  Over the last several days I’ve had to fish in a couple of areas with grass and away from points.  Only decent water I could find was in shallow water with grass.  We haven’t gotten great numbers of Specks but some really big ones!  Lures of choice have been Bass Kandy Delights and assorted gulp baits.  I’m patiently waiting for calm seas and clear water around the islands.

A great speck caught in shallow grass on a windy day…..not easy…..had to work for it!!!! Great fish!!!!

Technique in the grass is tricky.  Have to go really light weight on the jig…..1/8 or 1/4 ounce and work it over the grass and try not to snag floating grass……tough gig but some big trout in there!  Gulp Swim Mullets and chartruese Glitter BKD’s ( www.basskandydelights.com )

Big Puppy Drum caught in the shallows! They are starting to show up good!

This whopper was caught today in the grass and wind! What a speck!


Looks like some decent weather in the future to target specks….I’ll be out everyday possible trying to make it happen in the islands!



Weather outlook is perfect and big Specks are out there!

We’ll be launching from Buzzs Marina and fishing anywhere from Bloodsworth Island down to Smith Island.

Specks will be the target but Red Drum have started to show….have been catching a few and most are keepers!

Cost is $120 each, first 5 callers are in……

We will depart the dock at 6am and return around 3 pm or so…..

I have all the gear but you can bring your own if you wish

Wearing long pants is a smart thing due to biting bugs……..

If you want to go on this trip give me a call at 703-395-9955.  If you email or text I might not get it in time……if you call  and I don’t answer leave a message with the time called.  Thanks!

A trophy Speck caught recently!  What a fish!



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Quick Report and Walk-On’s for next week! 8 and 9 July!

Monday 8 July- 3 spots available

Tuesday 9 July- booked solid

For info on the walk-on trips and quick fishing report go to:  http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcgI7f3JmMygx?w=3

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Short Notice Walk-On for this Saturday, 13 July 2013…..2 spots available!

Nice Speck Sherry!


Short Notice Walk-On Trip for this Saturday!  Need 2 anglers to fill out a crew who had a drop out!  Weather outlook is great and Speck fishing should be very good.  For details go to the following link http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcvAEMwM97gAe?w=3

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Walk-On Trips this week! 17 and 18 July! Check them out!

Great angler Tom Gilmore has caught many nice fish on my boat over the last 12 years or so…..this Speck ranks up there with one of the best!


Walk-On Trips are up again for this week!

Wednsday 17 July 2013- booked solid

Thursday 18 July 2013- Booked solid


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“Walleye” Notes Newsletter, 18 July 2013 Walk-On Trips Available Now!

Beautiful 25″ Speck caught in the eastern shore Islands of Maryland


Available Walk-On Dates: updated 615 pm on  21 july

Monday- 22 July 2013- 1 spot available

Thursday- 25 July 2013- booked solid

Sunday, 28 July 2013- booked solid

For further info on the trips click on the below link.

If you are interested in doing one of the trips give me a call at 703-395-9955

Check out my latest Newsletter and Walk-On Trip Schedule a  http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWclGSngn57QMv?w=3

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Short Notice Walk-On Trip this Friday, 26 July and more!

another eastern shore island beauty!


Friday,    26 July 2013- booked solid-  booked 5 minutes after I put it up…….I need a bigger boat!

Monday,  29 July 2013- 5 spots available

Thursday, 1 Aug  2013- 3 spots available


We will be fishing for Speckled Sea Trout, Redfish, Stripers and any other critter that bites gulps, BKD’s, Surface plugs ect…..

Cost is $120 each

I provide all baits and tackle….bring your own stuff if you want….

Bring what you need to eat and drink

I’ll have bug stuff on the boat….they haven’t been to bad lately

We will launch from Buzz’s Marina in Ridge, MD at 6am and fish till 3 or so….I’ll fillet fish at the end of the trip

No license required…..boat covers all anglers

I have a great boat for the ride across the bay! 

If you would like to go or have questions give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot! 

Come on out and give it a shot……..!  






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Quick Report and Walk-On Trip this Monday, 5 Aug 13

Julie and a really big Speck she caught recently…….good stuff!


Go to the link for my latest report and Walk-On Trip details! http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcgaN8ehaBGGT?w=3


Walk-On Trip for Monday, 5 Aug 2013…….3 spots available as of now…..730pm, 2 august

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Check out my latest Newsletter and Walk-On Trips!

Neal and his one of many nice specks!

Walk-On Trips Available right Now!

Tuesday- 20 August 2013- 2 spots spots available

Friday- 23 August 2013-booked solid

Monday- 26 Aug 2013- 2 spots available

For details on the Walk-On’s and my latest newsletter go to http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcif6tCC3VazO?w=3

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26 Sep 2013 Fishing Report and Walk-On Trips! Come on out and give it a shot!

Bob was hot today!

I had a fairly tough august and September on Specks in traditional waters of the eastern shore Islands.  Fishing has been good but Specks have been tough to come by.  However, after some persistant searching and a chunk of luck I’ve tripped over a pattern that is producing big Specks!  Gotta love a little luck!  Stripers have grown lately!  Catching some Stripers up to 25″ on the light sticks and some surface activety to boot!  All good stuff!  I’m catching just about all my big Specks on BKD’s  www.basskandydelights.com  .   Paddle tail plastics and gulps are working great also.  Time of day doesn’t seem to matter as much as current and water level.  I’ve been locating Stripers on rock, wrecks, stumps and current rips……most are sub-legal but close and some are nice keepers!  Specks are irratic in location….i’ve caught them lately in current rips and in open water near grass but not in the grass…….they have been mixed in with schooled Stripers.  On some days the water has been gin-clear and I could see dozens of Stripers chasing a hooked fish and sometimes a Speck would be with the Stripers. Persistance definelty has been the key for me…..here are some recent shots of some great fish!


A nice 25″er caught on a BKD


EXPERT Angler and average chef (wink, wink) Carlo with another Citation MD Speck!


MIke and his first BIG Speck…..congrats!

These three Specks were caught all on BKD’s and at the same time! Wow!!!!!!!


A just incredible Speckled Sea Trout……wow!!!!!


Several other specks have been caught along with countless Stripers…..the weather is great…the bugs are gone and the fish are thick!!!  Good stuff!



Sunday, 29 Sep 13- BOOKED SOLID

Tuesday, 1 OCT 13-Booked Solid

Friday, 4 Oct 13- Booked Solid


For Information on current walk-on trips go to http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWck9ocD4oRkJZ?w=3




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All Walk-On’s are booked for now! ..more trips will open soon!

Some great fishing right now! Carlo is a wittness!

Due to the quick booking of the most recent walk-on trips I’m opening up a few more coming up in the near future!  Fishing right now has picked up nicely in the eastern shore islands and the main-stem of the bay is also alive with some pretty consistant activity.  Great time to fish!

We will cover a broad area of the eastern shore islands of Smith, South Marsh, Spring, Holland and Bloodsworth Islands.  Fishing every nook and cranny that can hold a fish….really fun fishing!  We’ll catch mostly Stripers with a chance at a huge Speck and maybe a redfish here or there…..you never know!  What I do know is this light tackle game is a good one and lots of fun!  Come on out and give it a shot!

Walk-On Trips Open Now!- call now to reserve your spot!  703-395-9955

Sunday, 6 Oct 13- booked solid

Thursday, 10 Oct 13-booked solid

Friday, 11 Oct 13- 2 booked solid

Trips will depart from Buzz’s Marina www.buzzsmarina.com  at 630 am and return around 3pm on all trips

Cost is $120 each

I provide all baits and tackle….you can bring your own stuff if you want

Bring what you want to eat or drink

I’ll fillet fish at the end of the trip

We will be light tackle jigg’in/plugging the eastern shore islands of Ches. Bay and the main stem of the bay

Fishing should be great!


You too can catch the Chesapeake “LTJ” Slam!

Get your Chesapeake LTJ Slam today!


My boat is a judge 27 Chesapeake….great boat to run across Chesapeake Bay to fish the beautiful remote islands of the eastern shore.




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Tuesday Walk-On Booked Solid…more coming soon!

Great fishing to be had! Come on out!


WALK-ON TRIP AVAILABLE  for TUESDAY, 15 Oct 2013- booked solid


WE will launch from Buzzs Marina in Ridge, MD at 630am and return around 3pm

Cost is $120 each

I provide all baits and tackle….feel free to bring your own stuff if you’d like

Bring what you want to eat and drink

We’ll be light tackle fishing for Stripers, Reds, Blues and Specks from the main-stem of the bay to the eastern shore islands

Weather forecast is very favorable for tuesday!

If you would like to go on this trip give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!  

Catch your Chesapeake “LTJ” Slam!

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Current Walk-On Dates Booked Solid……more dates coming soon!

A Chesapeake “LTJ” Slam is very possible right now! Come on out and give it a shot! A keeper Speck, Red and Striper in one trip is one heck of a Light Tackle Accomplishment!


Hello All!

Was going to take this coming weekend off but because of 7 blowouts in a row and a great wind forecast for the weekend I’m FISHING!!!!! Walk-On Trips are lot’s of fun and I love them…..so……let’s do some Walk-On’s!

Fishing right now is looking great!  After several days of stiff NE wind I believe the fish are going to be chomp’in!  Water temps are in the mid to low 60′s and the extended weather forecast looks favorable to hit the islands and the main stem of the bay.  Prior to the several day wind event I was really catching great numbers of Stripers, some Reds and Specks!  With water in the 60′s Reds and Specks will be very possible and Stripers will be very good!  It’s a great time to get on the water.

Here’s the deal

FRIDAY, 18 October 13-  booked solid- This walk-on trip is a special one!  I have an auther coming from San Francisco, CA who used to live and fish in MD.  He is writing a book pertaining to fishing Chesapeake Bay.  He would like to have 2 walk-on’s on the boat to help with the Chesapeake Bay experience.  We’ll be taking pics along with video and Joe Cap from Shore Tackle  on Kent Island will also be on board.  Hurry up and jump on this opportunity…..will be lot’s of fun!

Saturday, 19 October 13-booked solid

Sunday, 20 October 13- 5 booked solid

Cost is 120 each on all trips

We will launch from Buzzs Marina in Ridge, MD  ( www.buzzsmarina.com ) at 630 am and return around 3 pm

We will light tackle fish a variety of stuff!  Shallow island rips, weeds, rocks and banks for Specks, Reds and Stripers along with going after any breaking fish activity in the main stem of the bay .  Great opportunity and have a great day!

I provide all baits/tackle. I provide great rods and reels from Shore Tackle on Kent Island.   You bring what you want to eat and drink

If you want to go on any of these trips give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!

Light Tackle “wizard” Carlo with one of many huge Specks he has caught this year!



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“Walleye” Notes Newsletter and Walk-On Trips! Lot’s of pics!

What fishing is all about! Fathers/sons and great times! Way to go Sammy!


Check out my latest newsletter at  http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcpkgvCvKy-Eq?w=3


Current Walk-On Trips

Tuesday, 22 Oct 2013- 5 spots available

Friday, 25 Oct 2013- 5 spots available

For Details on the walk-on go to  http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcpkgvCvKy-Eq?w=3

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Need 2 Walk-ON’s for Sunday, 27 Oct 2013, Weather looks good! Fishing Should be too!

Bigger fish are around! Cold snap could get it going!


Hello All,

Bigger fish should be here in fair numbers anytime!  Have seen some better fish in the main stem of the bay recently and I expect it will get better.

Weather forecast for sunday is good!  Yay!!!!!  It’s been windy lately….makes life tough for a fishing guide.  When mother nature allows fishing has been very good!

I have a trip scheduled for sunday…..crew lost a couple guys for the trip and would like to add a couple walk-on’s for the trip.  So….I’ve got room for two on Sunday, 27 Oct 2013.

-COST: 120 each

-Launching from Buzzs Marina at 7am but may make it later depending on wind in the morning and tide situation, we will fish 8-9 hours

-We will be fishing the main stem of the bay with light tackle targeting Stripers and possible Blues still in the area

-Bring what you need to eat or drink, I provide all baits and tackle….bring your own stuff if you would like

-My boat has a cabin and it won’t be to cold…….should be good stuff!

-If you would like to go on this trip give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!



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Fishing Is Great! Mother Nature Not So Great Right This Second! Walk-On Trips are Booked Solid…..more to come!


Big Stripers Available on the light Sticks!

Big Stripers are defintely around now!  Caught many fish over 30″ today with the biggest at 35″……some great fish on the light sticks!  Best fish came on 10 Chartruese Glitter BKD’s and 6″ BKD’s…..chartruese glitter or white were the ticket!  www.basskandydelights.com

Along with fish in the main stem of the bay I was surprised the shallow water was active with fish also!  Bottom line is fish were under birds, on structure and in the shallows around the islands!  The fall is shaping up nicely!


Walk-On’s Available Now!    Updated 8:11 PM…..28 Oct 2013

Wednsday, 30 October- Booked Solid

Tuesday,     5 November-   Booked Solid

Thursday,  7 November-BOoked solid


Here’s the deal:

Cost: $120 each

Launch from Buzzs Marina ( www.buzzsmarina.com )  at 645am and return around 330pm

I’ll provide all baits and tackle….you bring what you need to eat or drink.  Bring your own tackle if you want.

We will light tackle fish main stem of the bay structure and eastern shore Island shallow water structure…..it’s great right now!

If you want to go on any of these trips call me to reserve your spot at 703-395-9955



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Big Light Tackle Stripers Are Active! Many big fish lately! Walk-On’s Available Now!!!

Dan with a 35″er caught on a 10″ Chartruese BKD…..Good Stuff!!!!

Well folks, the light tackle big fish bite is on right now!  Over the last 10 days I’ve had many fish over 30″ and up to 38″!  A real battle on light tackle and the fish are very spunky in mid 50′s degree water.  Most of the big fish are coming on structure in 14-20′ of water but lately some big fish are under birds and amongst many smaller fish.  BKD’s  ( www.basskandydelights.com ) in Chartruese Glitter, purple glitter or white have been working great!  10″ BKD’s are killer on big fish!  When they are feeding on menhaden over structure BKD’s can’t be beat!

John caught this 35″ fatty using a 6′ Cove Series Spinning Rod loaded with a 10″ BKD….good stuff!


We still don’t have the numbers of big fish we did for several years but with hard work and persistance there certainly are some nice fish to catch!  I don’t think these fish are ocean run fish.  Not sure on that but I haven’t seen sea lice on the fish and haven’t seen a fish over 40″ yet.  I’ll take fish in the 30′s on light tackle anytime!  Between big Stripers we are catching huge numbers of smaller fish.  Truly fishing is real good right now!  Water temps in the main stem of the bay are still near 60 degrees….we have many more degrees to go before fishing turns down…..we are still on the way up!

These three fish were caught at the same time all on BKD’s over structure……when located these fish eat hard!


I’ve launched lately from Solomons and currently am back at Buzz’s Marina ( www.buzzsmarina.com  ).  Bird activity has been strong in the Point Lookout region of the bay.  Between structure and birds plenty of activity is available!


Plenty of great fish on this day! Flat water jigg’in big fish!


One of many mid 30′s Stripers lately!


WALK-ON Trips Available Now!  Very Good Extended Weather Forecast!

Tuesday, 12 Nov 2013-      5 spots available

Wednsday, 13 Nov 2013- 5 spots available


Here’s the Deal:

Cost: $120 each-no hidden cost

Launch from Buzzs Marina or Solomons depending on fish and wind forecast…..probably Buzz’s Marina

We will light tackle jig/plug for Stripers over structure and under birds….some big fish are available!!!

I provide all baits and tackle….you can  bring your own stuff if you want

Island fishing could happen depending on water temperature….as of right now Stripers are still shallow!

I’ll fillet all fish at the end of the day

If you are interested in going call me at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot

My boat has a cabin to keep us comfortable on chilly days…..if it’s going to be cold the heater will be ready to go!


Plenty of big fish out there and tons of fish to catch…….come on out and give it a shot!

Come on out and give it a shot!




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CBBT Preview and Walk-On Spots…..Some Walk-On Spots left….going fast!

Buddy with a great fall light tackle jigged up Striper!


Fall fishing is on right now out of Buzz’s Marina and the CBBT is right around the corner!  Lot’s of open dates and several walk-on dates available now!  For my full CBBT preview and available walk-on trips go to:  http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcnOkzRNH3Op6?w=3

Current Walk-On Openings Available As of 12 Nov 2013 at 150 pm

Monday, 18 November 2013      -Booked solid

Wednsday, 20 November 2013- 2 spots available

Thursday, 21 November 2013  -  Booked solid

Friday, 22 November 2013        -Booked solid

Monday, 25 November 2013    - booked solid


CBBT Walk-On’s Available – As of 12 Nov 2013 at 149pm

Sunday, 1 Dec 2013-     2 spots available

Monday, 2 Dec 2013-  booked solid

Tuesday, 3 Dec 2013-   3 spots available


For details on Walk-on trips and latest “Walleye” Notes Newsletter go to: http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcnOkzRNH3Op6?w=3

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All Current Walk-On’s Booked Solid…Leaving for the CBBT soon…more Walk-On’s to come!

John with a nice November Striper….jigged up on light tackle!


Have a crew who lost a couple guys for Wednsday’s trip…..weather outlook is great, light wind!  Nice Stripers are definetely in the area and available on light tackle.  Great opportunity to catch a really big Striper on light tackle!  Come on out and give it a shot!

Here’s the Deal:  updated 18 Nov 2013 at 6am

 Cost: 120 each- no hidden cost

Launch from Buzzs Marina at 630am return around 3 pm

 We will light tackle jig main-stem structure and fish bird activity for large stripers

 I provide all high quality baits and tackle, bring your own stuff if you want

 Boat has full enclosure and heat for a comfortable day when it’s chilly!

 I’ll fillet all fish at the end of the day

 Bring what you need to eat or drink and dress accordingly

 Call with questions or to reserve your spot!  703-395-9955


CBBT Walk-On’s Available – As of 18 Nov 2013 at 6am

Sunday, 1 Dec 2013-     booked solid

Monday, 2 Dec 2013-  booked solid

Tuesday, 3 Dec 2013-  booked solid







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Great Start at The CBBT! Gotta Love a Great First Fish on the First Cast! Short Notice Walk-On Spots for Sunday 1 Dec 2013

Benji Started the day with a 30″ Striper on his first cast! He caught many other nice ones along with some Red Drum! Great job Benji!!!!!


Very pleasant surprise today at the CBBT (Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel), VA Beach/Norfolk, VA.  We launched in chilly temps but calm seas this morning and were greeted with some cool stuff!  Plenty of willing stripers up to 30″ and some nice Red Drum up to 30″  Benji…..a 10 year old fishing with his dad caught a 30″ Striper and Red today…….don’t know if I’ve had that before in one day with anybody!  Really cool!!!!  All fish were caught on 6″ BKD’s  www.basskandydelights.com   loaded on a 1 ounce jighead.  Fish were tight to the bottom and hungry…..sometimes the fish would come off the bottom but mostly hits right on the rocks at the bottom.


Reds And Stripers came out of those marks….good stuff!

a really nice 30″ Red Drum caught at the CBBT today by Bengi…….way to go!!!!
All fish caught today were released!


Short Notice Opening for 2 on Sunday, 1 Dec 2013


Had a short notice cancel on a couple of spots at the CBBT.  Weather outlook is great….light wind and overcast…..perfect conditions!

Here’s the deal:

Cost: $150 each

Launch from Marina Shores Marina, VA Beach at 0630,  google marina shores marina for directions…..

We’ll fish the Bridge pilings, islands and any working birds

All fishing will be light tackle jigging or plugging…depends on what is going on with the fish

I provide all baits and tackle…bring your own stuff if you’d like

Dress accordingly for the weather

My boat has a full cabing and heat…makes cold weather very doable!

I’ll fillet fish at the end of the day

If you’d like to go or have questions give me a call at 703-395-9955

plenty of these today!


surprising numbers of Red Drum today!

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CBBT Quick Report, Current Walk-On Trips Booked Solid….more to come!!!

CBBT starting out well on the Light Sticks!

Fishing at the CBBT is starting out great!  Nice Stripers and Reds available right now on light tackle!

Walk-On Trips are now available

Wednsday, 4 Dec 2013- booked solid

Saturday, 7 Dec 2013    -booked solid

For  Walk-On Trip details and quick report go to: http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWckJlCXnATfXz?w=3


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“Walleye” Notes Newsletter, 8 Dec 13…….No Walk-On Spots Available at this time

Nice Red John!!!!


Walk-On Availablility is listed here……for detailed info and my Newsletter go to:http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcomEtreavcyh?w=3

Available Walk-On dates


Friday, 13 Dec 2013, Booked solid


Wednsday, 18 Dec 2013,  booked solid



Here’s the deal:


-Cost: $150 each


-Launch from Marina Shores Marina in VA Beach

  http://www.marinashoresmarina.com at 630am return

  around 4pm


-We will light tackle jig the CBBT islands, pilings and any birds  


- License is covered by my charter license..you don’t need a license


-I provide all baits/tackle and filet fish at the end of the day


-Boat has full enclosure and heat!  cold not an issue!

- Call me to reserve your spot or ask questions at 703-395-9955


- Overnight accomodations can be had at the VIrginia Beach  

   Hotel/resort on Shore Drive  http://www.virginiabeachresort.com

room rate is 99 a nite for a suite that sleeps 4….very nice place


-another hotel is Travel Lodge, VA Beach  


  beach/travelodge-virginia-beach-bay-beach/hotel-overview  rooms

  sleep 2 and are reasonable and very close to Marina Shore Marina


- If you book a spot we have to talk on the phone before you travel to

  verify weather/launch time ect……..


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“Walleye” Pete’s 2013 Year in Review

Capt. John with a great light tackle jigged fish from 2013!


Hello All,

2013 was a great year of catching!

Click the link for my 2013 Year in Review   http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWclJgLbiRfN4c?w=3

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Friend Selling Unbelievable Boat and House! Moving to a bigger boat and moving residence to a new location! Check these things out!


Folks….if you are in the market for a serious boat loaded with a ton of great stuff with very low hours….this is it!  Incredible fishing machine being sold by a friend of mine because he is moving up to a bigger boat and moving from his current water front home.  He is selling now!  

Check this boat out……good stuff!

Boat is loaded and just like new! Incredible buy!


 HERE’s THE HOUSE…..Beautiful Waterfront at Incredible Price!












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Walk-On Trips Tomorrow and Sunday, 8 and 9 March!

A nice Rips fish from years past…….it can happen now!

Hello All,

Well, it’s time to give it a shot with folks on the boat.  Before the latest storm I marked a good number of fish at the Rips and did catch a few in a pretty short time.  Since the storm it’s been windy and not fishable at the plant.  Tomorrow (Saturday, 8 March) afternoon wind forecast is 5 knots out of the west.  I’m going to depart at 1pm with as few as zero fisherman!  LOL……in other words I’m going alone to check if necessary!  Sunday (March 9) I plan to launch at 7am.  I’ve got 3 spots available.

If you want to get out and give it a shot give me a call at 703-395-9955…I will go regardless of how many folks I get or don’t get!

If you go Saturday or Sunday I will give you one walk-on trip for half-price in the future!

Walk-On Trips 

COST: $90 each

Saturday, 8 March 2014- booked solid     UPDATED AT 730pm – 7 Mar 14

Sunday, 9 March 2014- booked solid

Launch from Solomons Island Bridge boat ramp at 1pm on Saturday, return around 530pm  and 7am on Sunday returning around noon

All tackle provided, licensing provided….just dress for the weather and heat will be in the cabin!

Come on out and give it a shot!

You never know!

IF interested or you have questions give me a call at 703-395-9955…thanks!

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Short Notice Walk-on Trip this Saturday, 15 March 2014

Could Be Some Like This On Saturday!


Short Notice Walk-On This Saturday, 15 March 2014


Saturday looks like a good weather day and great wind forecast for fishing the power plant.  The power plant went back up to both reactors working full steam ahead which means we’ll have a better water temperature contrast than the last month.  Great chance it may be happening!

Here’s the deal: 4 spots available

We’ll depart from the Solomons Island Bridge at 0645 saturday morning and return around 1130am.

Cost is $90 each….I provide all baits, tackle and heat in the cabin!

We will be jigging BKD’s at the Power Plant for hopeful huge Stripers!

No license required….boat is licensed and ready to rumble!


Let’s go Fish’in!

If you are interested in going give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!



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WALK-ON TRIPS Available now! Come on out and give it a shot!

Hello All,

Walk-On Trips are now available!

Wednsday afternoon-2pm-630 or so…..March 19, 2014- 5 spots available

Thursday-645am-1130pm-March 20, 2014- 5 spots available

Friday-645am-1130am- March 20, 2014- 5 spots available

click the link for details: http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcsMeKzWkaSPZ?w=3

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Fishing is great right now! Have two spots available for Walk-On on Thursday, 27 March!

Even I luck out occasionally!


THURSDAY, 27 Mar 2014, 630am to 1130am- 2 spots available

SUNDAY, 30 Mar 2014, SUNDAY IS BOOKED SOLID…..sorry! Will be putting up more walk-on trips soon……

Details for walk-on trips, scroll down

Today is a day I’ve been waiting for all winter.  The arrival of a great bunch of nice Stripers!  Typically we have a good number of Stripers all winter in the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant outflow.  This winter has had hardly any for most of the winter, really bad catching!  The Bay is beginning to warm and fish are moving around now and some fish moved into the flow.  Don’t know if it will last but it sure was good today!

Incredible father/son duo of Mike and Noah…..these guys can flat out catch fish!  Mike brought out some cool jig heads that are going on the market at the Solomons Fishing Fair next weekend!  I really like the jig heads!  Spinner blade on the jig head really creates some great visual and vibration creating a great combination with a 6″ or 10″ BKD  www.basskandydelights.com


The spinner Jig-Head really drew  great attention today!   The plastic in the picture is down a bit…….when fishing,  the proper position of the plastic on the jig head is just about up to the spinner blade.



A sight to behold……4 rods bent using light tackle and the fish are really nice…..mostly 27-32″…..many fish today over 38″ and up to 42″!


                                    6″ and 10″ Bass Kandy Delights were the ticket today!  Chartruese Glitter and Purple Glitter were it!

Let’s hope things keep on truck’in!  I’m starting at the Susquehanna Flats on April 12.  From now until then I’ll be fishing as much as possible at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.  I do have several days available to book between now and then and will be opening up Walk-On trips as well……let’s go fish’in!!!!!!


Walk-On Trips Available Now!


Fish have moved in and the bad weather is hopefully moving out!  A good Combo!!!!


Thursday, 27 March 2014- 630am-1130am, 5 spots available-weather report is south 5-10 knots as of now…..great wind forecast!

Sunday, 30 March 2014, 2 trips!  630am-1130am, booked solid,  and 1pm-6pm-booked solid


-Cost is $90 each

-I provide all licensing,  baits and tackle…..cabin is heated….great way to learn how to jig and meet some great folks

-We will launch from the Boat Ramp at the Solomons Island Bridge

-Bring what you want to eat or drink

-Dress for the occasion…you can always take some off


If you would like to go on one of these trips or have a question give me a call at 703-395-9955

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Still Have One Spot Available This Thursday, 27 March! Bite is on!!!! More Walk On trips to come!

Mike with a whopper caught on a 10″ Chartruese Glitter BKD! Some great LTJ fish available right now!

The Thursday spot is booked as of 915pm……..will be opening more walk-on dates soon!

Wind is listed at east at 5 knots…..really good!  Jump on this if you can pull it off…..just $90 bucks to jump on the boat….all licensing and equipment provided!  Come on out and give it a shot…..

One of many great fish today…..tuesday, 25 March!

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The BITE is ON! Trips got booked QUICK……more open now!

Some Really Big Fish and Numbers! Good Stuff

Fishing Report and Walk-On’s go to:  http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcn2pfWcA4Xbu?w=3


Hello All,

The fishing gods finally answered my prayers!  Some fish showed up at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.  Jigging light tackle is the method and some really great fish in good numbers are available.  Have several walk-on spots available!

Available Walk-On’s : Updated at 9pm 31 March

Tuesday, 1 April, 1pm-6pm- booked solid

 Thursday, 3 April,  615am-1130am, booked solid

                            1pm-6pm- Booked Solid

 Friday, 4 April, 1pm-6pm, booked solid

Saturday, 5 April, 615am-1130am, Booked solid

                     1-6, 5 booked solid

Sunday, 6 April, 615am-1130, 1 spot available,

                  1-6pm,  1 spot available

Monday, 7 April, 615-1130, 5 spots available

Tuesday, 8 April, 615-1130, 4 spots available


 I’ve got dates available at the Susqy Flats coming up soon!  

Here’s the DEAL: $90 each

-I provide all baits, tackle, licensing and heat

-we will launch from the bridge at Solomons boat ramp

-dress warm enough…..can always take it off

-I can take cash, check or credit card!

- if you are interested in a trip or have questions give me a call at 703-395-9955

For further details and my fishing report with pics go to  http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWcn2pfWcA4Xbu?w=3

  –  If you are interested in a trip or have questions give me a call

     at 703-395-9955

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Fishing Report with Pics! Power Plant is alright…..sometimes great….sometimes tough! Two Walk-On spots Monday morning, 7 April!

I slipped into a nice one!


Power Plant fishing right now is about what I expected.  Could be better….could certainly be worse!  Over the last week I’ve had several fish up to 40″ with a couple over 40″.  Many fish in the 28″-32″ range.  On several days the daylight bite has been good but quick to retreat on several days.  My afternoon trips have produce some real nice fish in decent numbers on most of my trips in the last week.  I’m not seeing huge numbers like the first 6 days or so when the bite was really on in late march.  On two mornings their were 20 boats or so fishing the power plant.  The bite wasn’t good those days…..folks played well together but the fish just weren’t there in numbers or size at all.  Fish seem to move in and out quite regularly giving everybody a shot at some nice fish on most trips.  Lure of choice for me all the time is either a 6″ or 10″ BKD in chartruese glitter, purple glitter or white!  If some big fish are in there they can’t say no to a 10″er!  Here are a few more shots from recent trips!


Bruce with one of several nice fish he caught this past thursday afternoon!


Bruces son couldn’t be out-done!

MIke had the “hot stick” today! WOW!


Frank traveled from Ohio and fished three trips with me. He did great catching many fish and his biggest at 34″. No true monsters but some great fish!


Many nice fish over the last few days.  I expect this bite will maintain……great at times…difficult at times.  Gotta get out there and give it a shot to catch one!


WALK-ON Spots Monday Morning, 7 April

Need 2 for a Monday Morning Walk-On trip, 6 am launch, return around 1130

We will launch from the boat ramp at the Solomons Island Bridge

Cost is $90 each

I provide all baits and tackle, bring your own if you want!  License covered by the boat!

If interested in going or have questions give me a call at 703-395-9955……








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Michigan Family Hit’s it BIG! Short Notice Walk-On Spots Tomorrow Morning, 8 April!!!

The boys fish may have been bigger…..but yours was prettier!


Recieved a call from a concerned mom about her three boys’, one being her husband, needing to go fishing bad.  They had a VA Beach trip scheduled but was canceled…..somehow they found me!  We were lucky enough to have fair seas and overcast skies and a pretty good “bucket” of fish under the boat!  None of the family of four had ever fished for or caught a Striper……family trips are great and this one was awesome!  I’m never overly thrilled with teenage boys or early 20′s……. cause I’m jealous!   The two boys on this trip were certainly fine young men and ready to rumble with Chesapeake Bay Rockfish, rumble they did!  From beginnging to end they were getting bent sticks with some real nice fish in the mix.  Dad and the two boys caught on quick….mom was wildly enthusiastc but a bit “inexperienced”. LoL!   The boys were on right away and dad was quick to follow…..couldn’t be out-done by the boys, especially with his bride wittnessing the event!  I  think she was rooting for the boys…….

“Dad” with one of his good ones!


Throughout our fishing trip we caught a good number of Stripers…..some big, some small!  ”Mom” caught on to the technique soon enough and was hooking up!  John, the oldest son at 23 just graduated from college and Thomas, a newly designated “adult” at 18 is on his last spring break from High School.  John and Thomas were going nose to nose on fish…..both catching plenty and some good ones.  John hooked a REALLY big fish and fought it for a few minutes.  The fish was just shy of the boat with the leader almost to me when it popped off.   My “expert” eye called it 40″ or more……but……Thomas was happy it was gone!  LoL.  It wasn’t long and Thomas was hooked up with a good one!  He fought it perfectly and had it to the boat in short order…….it was the biggest fish of the day!

Dad happened to hook up with a good one at the same time as John……nothing like a good father/son pic with nice fish!

The smiles tell it all!!!

A beautiful 35″ Striped Bass for Thomas! Not bad for his first time ever on the bay for Stipers! Biggest of the day!


John caught several really nice fish with several close to 30″ and over….unfortunately for him his baby brother was the man today!

Recent College Grad. John with his second place fish! Not bad John!!!! If only you didn’t shake off the BIG one!


I’m very fortunate to be in the business of taking folks fishing and hopefully providing a great experience to be remembered for a long time.  On this trip the family JACKPOT was hit.  A wonderful family lucked into a good situation on our Chesapeake Bay and I was there to help them along the way!  Mom, Dad,  John and Thomas did a great job learning quickly and making my job easy.  Truly it’s days like this one that keep me coming back for more!  Thanks Pilarski’s!  It was truly my pleasure!!!!  Hope to meet again!


SHORT NOTICE WALK-ON TRIP- group of three had to cancel!

Tuesday Morning, 8 April, 3 spots available

Launch from Solomons Island Boat Ramp at 6am, return around 1130am

I provide all tackle, baits and license.  Heat is free!

If you are interested in going or have questions give me a call at 703-395-9955

I think the bite will be very good!!!!   West wind is best!!!  Even though it will be windy….it won’t be rough….wind coming from shore we are fishing near.  Good Stuff!!!!







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Walk-On Trips Have been a Charm! A Little rain, breeze and Hungry Fish! Not heading to the Flats for this Saturday, Walk-On Trip for This Friday A.M.!

My buddy Mike with a nice little 40″er!


The bite has been pretty good lately.  The worse the weather the better the fishing!  We’ve had some breeze and rain….makes for good fishing!  Last week on two seperate nice sunny days the bite was not on.  Everyday is different…..you never know with the bite this time of year.  I’ll take it when I can get it and hope the bite stays consistantly good for a bit.

Due to the current condition of the Susquehanna Flats I am not going to start on Saturday there.  Going to stay home and fish out of Solomons.  Hoping the water condition in the Susqy settles down and the flats clears up.  Until then I’ll be out of Solomons.

Here’s a few recent shots…..

Young Joey did a great job with the stick today…..he caught many really great fish today on 10″ BKD’s www.basskandydelights.com good job Joey!

Really stought Striper! Great light tackle jigging fight!

Kayak man Mike with one of many good ones for him today!



With light winds and a good bite going on Friday could be great!

Cost: $90 each

Launch from the Solomons Island boat ramp under the big bridge

Time: 6am launch, return around 1130am

I provide all baits/tackle and heat if needed

No license required, my boat is licensed and covers you!

Bring what you want to eat or drink

Dress for the occasion….can always take it off

If you are interested in going or have a question give me a call at 703-395-9955

Let’s go fish’in!!!!


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Three Walk-On Spots Open for Friday, 11Apr….545am Launch From Solomons!

Mary from Michigan with a great Striper!



3 spots available as of 922 pm, 9 april

Not moving to the flats for this Saturday so I will be fishing Friday morning out of Solomons.  Have a couple folks already to give it a shot.  Have 3 walk-on spots available

Cost: $90 each

Launch from Solomons Island Bridge Boat ramp at 545am return around 11 am

I provide all baits, tackle and licensing….dress accordingly! I have heat if it’s chilly!

We’ll be light tackle jigging for big Rockfish!  It’s been really good lately!

weather outlook is great!  Should be great friday morning!

If you are interested in going give me a call at 703-395-9955….thanks!



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“Walleye” Notes Newsletter, 13 April 2014 and New Walk-On Trips Open!


“Walleye” Notes News Letter/Walk-On Trips Open

 April 13, 2014

Walk-On Trips for the Flats Open now!

I’ve delayed enough!  Heading to the Susquhanna Flats to start Thursday, 17 April.  Water temp looks great, clarity is greatly improving, big stripers getting caught in the river, maybe some on the flats,  so……gotta believe the flats will have some catchable Stripers!  Weather forecast for the next few days is windy and I’ve been very lucky to have gotten many great trips in at Calvert Cliffs. I’m ready to shift gears! Going to prep the boat and batten down the “home hatches” and head up north!  Last year on my first day of fishing the flats success was had big time!  Many fish….some good ones and for a few days it was game on! Rips in review will be coming soon!  Really good stuff!!!


First flats fish last year on or about April 6? I think?


Hoping the bite will be right on schedule…clearing water and warming is a good thing!  Had several days of great…then decent….then crappy at the flats last year…..here’s a few shots from last year!












                                                              WALK-ON TRIPS OPEN NOW!


First day at the Flats for me will be on April 17, 2014!  I’ve got 3 spots available for the first trip of the day starting at 6am!  We’ll be running the flats covering every possible angle I know of to get the first fish on!  Conditions are looking good right now and I think we’ve got a good chance of making it happen!




Walk-On Trip Dates Open Now! -updated as of 14 April, 8am


Full-Day walk-on, 600am-230pm- $120 each

Half-Day walk-on, 3pm-darkish – $ 100 each

(I take cash, check or Visa Card!)


- I provide all baits/tackle/licensing and heat if needed! Bring

your own stuff if you wish….gives mine a day off!


- We will launch from the Perryville Yacht Club in Perryville, MD


- All fishing will be light tackle, throwing jigs, crankbaits,

surface plugs, paddle tails, ect…..every day is different!


- If you are interested in a trip give me a call at 703-395-9955 

with questions or to book your spot!


Available spots 

Thursday, April 17- 6am-230pm- canceled


Friday,     April 18-  canceled

Monday,  April 21- 6am-230pm-booked solid

3pm- darkish- 3 spots available


As of now I’ve still got days available for charter if you want to book the boat with your own crew!  22, 23, 25 and 26 are still wide open.  If the days don’t get booked I will open up these dates to walk-on dates around 19 April.  If the bite is on I will let you all know!  If the bite stinks I will cancel all trips and move back south……time will tell!!!!


For updates on availability of walk-on spots go to http://www.walleyepete.com



Come on out and give it a shot!







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Updated Walk-On Spots Available! Water Conditions at the Flats Not Good! Clearing though…..could get good Real Soon! Some Walk-On Spots Available now!

One of Last years whoppers at the Flats….some are there now! Just have to get one to bite!


Arrived up at the flats wednsday afternoon…splashed the boat, got it in the slip and looked at the water.  Water at the flats was muddy and not a great opportunity to catch in it.  Canceled my Thursday and Friday trips.  Have a crew Saturday morning who wants to go regardless and give it a shot…..I’ll be out in the morning working hard looking for the best conditions and some hopeful fish!  I have a father daughter crew in the afternoon who really wants to go….water is plenty warm……lot’s of fish up the river getting caught on bait and lures (by accident).  I think things could get good…..just not sure.

As of now I’ve got some walk-on spots open for tomorrow afternoon (3) and Monday afternoon, (3)

WALK-ON’s Available right now

UPDATED  Easter Sunday at 1100am……

Monday, 21 April- 3pm-dark, 2 spots available

Tuesday, 22 April-3pm-dark, 2 spots available


Full-Day walk-on, 600am-230pm- $120 each

Half-Day walk-on, 3pm-darkish – $ 100 each

(I take cash, check or Visa Card!)


- I provide all baits/tackle/licensing and heat if needed! Bring

your own stuff if you wish….gives mine a day off!

- We will launch from the Perryville Yacht Club in Perryville, MD

- All fishing will be light tackle, throwing jigs, crankbaits,

surface plugs, paddle tails, ect…..every day is different!

- If you are interested in a trip give me a call at 703-395-9955 

with questions or to book your spot!

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26 April 2014 “Walleye” Notes Newsletter and Walk-On’s Open Now!


  ”Walleye” Notes Newsletter, 26 Apr 2014


                     - Flats Report….lack of anyway! -

                       - Back in the Saddle at Home! -

                         - Speckled Trout Preview –                         \

                         - Walk-On Trips Open Now -                                   

           (First Speck of the year-wins free walk-on trip!)                            



The Susquehanna Flats was sure “flat” in 2014 for me. Starting the year of 2014 optimism was not in the forefront of my mind.  With the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel very weak in Dec. 2013, winter Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant bite basically non-existent until well into March,  I wasn’t overy thrilled to be heading north.  On behalf of the conditions I will say my 10 days or so at the Susquehanna Flats had horrible water conditions for catching Striped Bass on lures.  With heavy rain up in PA and the Susquehanna River Valley in mid-april it only equaled one thing….bad conditions to follow at the “flats”.  I do know nice Stripers were being caught in the Susqy River above the “legal to target Stripers zone” and over in the Elk River where over the last several years nice Stripers have set up to spawn and feed on Herring or whatever else they are eating.  Stripers just haven’t shown up in consistant numbers in the Susquehanna Flats proper for quite awhile.  So what is it? …..conditions? I stink? ect………What I really think the problem is at the flats; a really serious lack of migratory Striped Bass.  The late 90′s and early 2000′s was seriously incredible for catching many large striped bass.  Around 2006 or so numbers were declining and in the last several years only one year was good and it wasn’t on huge fish….it was local fish up to 32″ or so.  The true huge fish just aren’t showing in numbers.  Folks slinging bait and fishing areas outside the “legal” zone are catching some huge fish.  Moral of my story is I think not many are left to be up at the flats.  Let me put it this way…….Based on my experience up and down the bay for 15 years straight at well over 2000 guided trips I think the fish are gigantically declined.  What used to be a (5 gallon bucket full) of fish migrating up the bay to spawn, I think is now about 20% full…….I hope!  When the “full bucket” started up the bay they depart “the bucket” and run up rivers both on the eastern and western shore all the way up the bay…….by the time the “bucket” reaches the flats a good number of fish were still “in the bucket”, hense, we had plenty of big fish to catch on light tackle on the Susquehanna Flats.  Now, at what I think is around 20% of a “bucket” of Stripers starting up the bay leaves very few fish left in the “bucket” by the time they reach the flats.  That is it in my mind…..I sure could be wrong and hope I am but that is what I think based on a whole lot of time chasing fish around with light tackle up and down Chesapeake Bay.  I’m not trolling 30+ lines catching that one fish in my path.  I’m running around slinging lures to fish holding on structure or eating bait on the surface or anywhere I can spot them.  Commercial netters are not a good indicator of the health of the population, pound nets fish 24/7 days a week in major Striper “highways” up and down Chesapeake Bay.  They will still catch fish until they are just about extinct.  With the serious decline of Striped Bass guys slinging lures will feel the decline mostly.  Hopefully next year changes will be made in the mortality of Striped Bass up and down the coast in a big way……..we are all guilty of catching and keeping fish through the years…..folks want to eat what they catch….I get that…..politics is huge in our state….I sure hope common sense prevails and we have to start taking way less fish out of the water and into coolers.  Egg laden fish being thrown into coolers is so wrong on every level….I just can’t believe the folks being payed to protect the fish can let that happen.  Professionals with degrees in fishery management type stuff and biology ect…..should be able to report up the chain in the DNR and shut off the season until the eggs are out.  Shame on the law for letting it happen.  Disgusting!  But hey…..we still have fish and I hope they bounce back!  Fish are still catchable, just not at the levels they used to be.



That folks is my Susqy Flats Report.  I am in favor of closing anything to get the fish back…….I make a living taking folks fishing….I will adapt and overcome…..sick of hearing commercial organizations crying about “what will we do”  I say WORK!  Get a real job…I will if that is what it takes!  Good luck all!!!!


 Back in The Saddle At Home! 

                              (Engine issue)

                       Fish on the fly near Hoopers Island yesterday (25 April 2014)

I am glad to be home!  My smart brain told me to not go to the flats but my love of fishing the flats overpowered my smart brain.  I didn’t do well at the flats and departed real early to come back home and start fishing.  First trip back was a charm!  Departed at daylight on 24 April and ran right up to the power plant to target whatever was there on light tackle.  With the great trolling bite going on no-one was at the power plant…had it all to myself and it was loaded with fish.  We caught many stripers….some up to 29″ and we snagged mud shad and herring by accident.  Lot’s of life in the outlflow for sure.  After about 3 hours of catching we departed and headed southeast to Hoopers Island to check the eastern shore bite.  With water temps at about 56 degrees, Stripers were there and hungry!  Jigging BKD’s http://www.basskandydelights.com in 8′-17′ of water worked well on fish up to 22″.


Just as I was heading to some island structure in shallower water I noticed a problem with my engine….had water flowing out of the bottom of my cowling.  Uh oh!  Popped the top and could see water flowing out from under the plastic covering over the flywheel ect… and other stuff……worried….water filled the cowling and was draining out the bottom fast.  Salt water spraying under my cowling can’t be good.  Called my mechanic…..monitered vital numbers and performance of the engine as I ran back across the bay to Solomons….engine ran fine….numbers were good but water was flowing where it shouldn’t be in a big way.  Reliable Marine took my boat right in and popped the top…..had to remove plastic covering over flywheel to see where water was coming from……..JUST A LITTLE HOSE RIPPED!  Whew…….needless to say I was happy!  Reliable Marine in Solomons really hooked me up quick and had me out fast……best couple hundred bucks I’ve spent in awhile.  With my horrible history of engine issues I was very happy to have a problem other than a blown engine!  Dave (service manager)  and John (lead mechanic)

are good people!  They have been with me all through the 5 blown 225 powerheads……..this Honda 250 really seems great!  Have over 1000 hours now and it hasn’t budged in performance or any important numbers.  Also, in the year 2013 I spent 6800 dollars less in fuel because of the 250 honda……much better gas milage!  Good stuff!!!!!!


 Speckled Trout Preview     

    First Speck of 2014 wins free walk-on!


  Carlo with a whopper Speck!  Hoping 2014 has many!


Hoping 2014 will be another “year of the Speck”!  Speckled Sea Trout fishing has been very good now for the last 3 years.  Water temperature is just about where it needs to be to start having a shot at Specks in the eastern shore islands.  I was over there yesterday and the temp was 56 degrees.  i like to see 60 degrees in the morning and then a warming sun will fire up the water to the mid-sixties or more and that is when the bite really fires up.  A very few sunny days will do it with water temp.  2012 my first Speck came on April 26, 2013 May 3 was the first Speck.  This year who knows?  I don’t think it will be long!  With over 300 trips under my belt in the eastern shore Islands in the last 3 years I’m quite confident I will be able to locate Specks when they arrive.  Lot’s of cool nooks and crannies to fish for sure.  Cool thing about this fishery to me is everyday is different and I’m truly excited to get over there and fish everyday!  The beauty of it is wonderful and the fishing can be really good!  2013 resulted in many huge specks and a great number of really nice ones.  This winter to the south was brutal and many Specks died at the hands of “cold shock” in shallow water.  No-one knows how many Specks really died or the percentage of population……all I know is we’ll see.  Hoping it was just a “burp” and nothing really shocking.  One thing I’ve always said is while fishing for Specks many other things can bite over there.  Using light tackle makes catching any fish fun.  Red Drum are a strong possibility along with big croakers and Stripers.  Caught lots of croakers on Gulp Swim Mullets last may/june/july while Speck fishing.  Stripers are always possible with some great striper fishing in May and June in the islands. Hoping nice Red Drum make a showing this year in the islands or main-stem structure.  Caught some nice juvenile black drum last year in the islands and many Atlantic King Fish.  You just don’t know……what I do know is the island trips are exciting and a great experience! Come on out and give it a shot! Here’s a few from last year!
















It just goes on and on and on!  Nothing like running to remote water and catching some really great fish on light tackle!



  Get your “LTJ” Slam this year! 

If you catch a keeper Striper, Red and Speck on the same trip with me you win a “Walleye” Pete’s “Chesapeake Bay LTJ Slam Tshirt! Many were caught last year…mostly in May, June and September!  Hoping for lot’s of Slams this year!  If you don’t win a t-shirt you can always buy one! LOL….I’ve got all sizes, grey and white….long sleeve and short sleeve with pocket!  Come on out and give it a shot!!!!



Nice LTJ Slam by Dave


Currently I’ve got several open dates in May for booking. Also I’ll be opening up some walk-on dates now!  If you have any questions about trips or the fishing give me a call anytime at 703-395-9955!







Spring is an exciting time on the bay. The trophy season is open on the bay and many folks are trolling for large migratory striped bass…..nothing wrong with that….but I don’t do it.  I love the shallow water light tackle bite.  The water temperature is just about in the speck range….water has already spiked over 60 degrees in the skinny water on several occasions…when the water temp is 60 Specks are possible…..starting this coming week..it’s possible.  Lot’s of stripers biting right now along with the possible Specks!  Good stuff!  Come on out and give it a shot!

HERE’s the Deal:


Wednsday, 30 Apr 2014- cancelled

Friday,        2 May 2014- booked solid

Saturday,    3  May 2014-5 spots available


We will evaluate weather the day before the trip and cancel if neccessary


Catch the first Speck of my season and win a free future walk-on trip!  


Currently will be launching from the Solomons Island Bridge Ramp at 545am and fishing till around 3pm….


Will be light tackle jigging Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant at first light….after that we’ll run to the eastern shore and work early season Speck spots where Stripers will certainly bite along with hopeful Specks and who knows what else

Cost: $120 each…we will run 60-80 miles for the day, fishing many beautiful areas around the bay!

Boat is comfortable for the ride back and forth across the bay…heat is available if needed!

I provide all baits/tackle and licensing, bring your own stuff if you want

We will fish a long day……bring what you want to eat and drink

Wear long pants and sleeves…bugs may be starting up over there…..you can always take it off

If you are interested in going on a trip or have a question give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot or spots!

Incredable water…….great fishing……really cool!




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Upcoming Weather Looks Great! Light Tackle Fishing Should be Very Good! Walk-On Trips Available Now! Trips are Booking quick, Wednsday, May 7 is booked solid!

Great Light Tackle Action is On NOW!


Hello All,

Currently still have available space to light tackle fish all over Chesapeake Bay out of Solomons, MD.  I will be fishing main-stem structure for big fish and the eastern shore Islands for numbers and some nice fish and looking for the first Speck of the year!  The light tackle catching should be spectacular! We will cover about 75 miles….will be beautiful running the bay!  I’ve been over there twice lately and many fish are ready and willing to eat BKD’s ect…….really good stuff!  Great chance to catch some over 28″ in the main stem of the bay.  I’ve currently got space available for the weekend!  Last year we got the first Speck on May 3!  If you catch the first speck on my boat this year you win a Chesapeake “LTJ” Slam T-shirt and a free future Walk-On Trip!   Come on out and give catching on light tackle a shot!  It’s a blast!

Here’s what I’ve got available!

Saturday,     3 May-Booked solid

Sunday,       4 May- Booked Solid

Wednsday,  7 May- booked solid


Trips will depart from Solomons Island Bridge at the boat ramp.  I may be moving my boat to Buzzs Marina very soon!  Will let everybody know of departure location the day before the trip.

COST- $120 each

I provide all baits, tackle, licensing and heat if it’s chilly…..think it will be warm coming up though!

We will depart the Ramp at 545am and return around 3pm.

We will use light tackle to target and catch Stripers and a hopeful Speck!  Water temps are right where they need to be in the shallow water for Specks to start biting!  Lot’s of Stripers are all over the shallow water structure areas of the eastern shore!  Good Stuff!

If you are interested in going on any of these trips or have a question call me at 703-395-9955


                                                                          Catch the first Speck of the year!

Win a “Slam”  T-shirt and a free future walk-on!  Come on out and give it a shot!



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Plenty of Stripers all weekend Starting on Friday…….Had lot’s of small and medium fish on light tackle!

Porpoises! Had many near the boat on Friday and Saturday….pretty cool!


Fished Friday, Saturday and Sunday……Friday and saturday we had plenty of Stripers and even some keepers on Friday on light tackle.  A whole lot of big breeding fish were caught this weekend in the MSSA Tourny.  Fishing was good out there for the trollers.  I stayed away from all that and fished the islands of the Eastern Shore….although we didn’t catch any big Stripers over there we did catch many on light tackle.  Lot’s of fun and there is no prettier place to fish!  I have yet to catch a speck yet this year.  Last year the first Speck was on May 3.  Didn’t happen yet this year……with the winter as cold as it was and long winded I believe they are just late.  Hoping they show soon!

I don’t have any walk-on’s scheduled currently but will look at my schedule in a couple days and put a couple up for grabs…..with some nice warm weather and calm seas the eastern shore Island should only get better!  Take care all and good luck fish’in!

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Bigger Stripers in the Skinny! No Specks yet……..Hopeful!

C0uple of really nice light tackle Stripers caught today!


Had a friend Simon give me a call hoping to get a trip for him and his out of country visitors.  Both visitors couldn’t speak a lick of english so Simon was the interpreter.  Long story short; we caught alot of fish!  Fishing was great!  Weather was great!  All went really well and some fish went home with the anglers for a fish fry!

Have yet to land the first Speck…..water temps are just hovering around the low end of when the start to bite.  With warm temps scheduled for thursday and Friday the first Speck should be coming soon!

Simon with a nice 30″er caught in the “skinny”……great Job Simon!

Will be putting up some new walk-on trips soon!

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“Walleye” Notes Newsletter, 21 May 2014, Walk-On Trips are booked….More to come!

Chesapeake Bay Beauty!

Fishing has sure been good for the whole month of May!  Lot’s of light tackle catching going on every day that mother nature lets me.

Walk-On Trips Available Now!- updated 21 May at 919pm

Saturday, 24 May 2014-  booked solid

Thursday, 29 May 2014-booked solid

Sunday, 1 Jun 2014     – booked solid

For Trip details scroll to the bottom……





May 21, 2014

  ”Walleye” Notes Newsletter/Fishing Report                                           

    Walk-On Dates Available Now!



Fishing has been nothing short of really good on Stripers!  Catching large numbers on the light sticks tossing jigs, surface plugs and crank baits.  Early in the morning has been very good on several days on the surface. Gotta love that!  The main stem of the bay has been very active in the last 10 days with small stripers working bait under birds in 40-50+ feet of water.  When I mark fish 30′ or deeper in this situation I’ve been getting many over 24″ fish with some over 30″.  Really good stuff on light tackle!  

Sherry with a great light tackle caught 31″ Striper!


The islands of the eastern shore are very active with Stripers up to 24″.  Great fun catching Stripers in shallow water in the beautiful islands. I’ve had some really large fish in the shallows on occasion around South March and Bloodsworth Islands.


                                                 Mother’s Day Catching!

Scott with mom and some great light tackle Stripers


Had a great trip recently with Scott and his mom, Sherry.  Scott called and reserved a day for him and his mom for mothers day.  I expected an “older” lady who wasn’t going to be overly anxious to fish but glad to be out on a nice day with her boy.  Scott and Sherry rolled up to the boat bright and early and right away I knew it was going to be a great day.  Scott, a nice guy and skilled angler was ready to catch.  His mom did alot of fishing but not much in the line of light tackle jigging.  So…..Sherry had to “learn the game”.  Learn it she did…..in no time flat she was hooking up on nice mid-20′s Stripers with her biggest at 31″.  She was a quick learner and wildy enthusiastic….so much so I had to “reel her in a bit” so not to alert a couple of boats not to far away of our bite on a really nice grade of fish.


Mothers Day Joy……light tackle fun!


Thanks so much for a great day Scott and Sherry…..was a day I certainly won’t soon forget!


The month of may has been a very busy one!  Have been on the water almost every day this month.  What I’m really hoping for is the Speckled Sea Trout!  Last year the first one was caught on my boat on May 3.  This year finally the first one happened….problem is I caught it!


I caught the first Speck on my boat this year…..it was an accident!  Honest it was!  The free t-shirt and Walk-on trip is still up for grabs……I don’t count!  The conditions haven’t been great in the Speck water and the long winter may have them behind a bit.  So…..I’m hoping they come on strong any second now!  Catching in the eastern shore island has been very good…..Specks or no Specks the catching has been great!



 Walk-On trips Available Now!


Had a short notice cancel for Saturday, 24 May and I’ve got Thursday the 29th of May available for Walk-On!  We’ll be launching from Solomons at the boat ramp under the bridge or Buzz’s Marina if I move down there before the Walk-On’s.  We will be light tackle fishing the main-stem of the bay and working the islands hard for Specks, Stripers and a hopeful Red.  Conditions should be rapidly improving for the Speck bite to get good.  Let’s go fish’in! WIN THAT SHIRT AND WALK-ON TRIP!  I’m dying to give it away!!!!!!





Walk-On’s Available Now!


Saturday, 24 May 2014-  5 spots available


Thursday, 29 May 2014-  5 spots available


Sunday, 1 Jun 2014     –  5 spots available


To check current status of walk-on spots available go to http://www.walleyepete.com


We will launch at 0515 from Solomons unless I move down to Buzz’s Marina before our trip.  We will return around 3pm.  I will fillet our fish at the end of the trip!



Cost: $120 each


I provide all baits and tackle….feel free to bring your own stuff if you’d like


You don’t need a license…my boat is licensed and covers all anglers


We will light tackle fish the open bay and the islands of the eastern shore…..beautiful stuff!


If you are interested in going or have questions give me a call at 703-395-9955


To reserve your spot call me at 703-395-9955.  If you email or text I may not see it right away and you could lose your spot




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July 14, 2014, Fishing Report and My “Official Stance On Commercial Fishing”

Billy and a great, recent Speck! Hopefully many more to come this summer!


Well folks……I’ve been a bit lazy on the updating front here!  Guilty as charged!  I’ve been fishing quite a bit….not the kind of fishing I love though.  I fished hard late april thru mid-june in the eastern shore islands for Specks, Stripers, Reds and whatever else might bite.  Striper fishing was good until the water temp in the shallows stroked 80.  At that temp I’ve experienced a tough bite on Stripers over 18″.  The speckled sea trout bite just never seemed to happen.  From May-mid June I only caught 15 Specks with only a few of them keepers.  So……difficult at best on Specks.  Red Drum never made a showing.  Not a shocker to me.  The Reds we had so many of 2 years ago and the decent numbers last year of 22-27″ Reds are not “pups” this year.  They’ve changed what they do and where they go.  So…….we just don’t have Reds in any numbers.  There is a chance for a late summer/ fall showing of Reds.

What I’ve been doing since mid-june is fishing out of Deale and Solomons for mainly stripers.  The main slug of Stripers in Chesapeake Bay is from Poplar Island and north.  Certainly Stripers can be caught in other places but numbers and any size is hard to come by other than Poplar Island/Eastern Bay/Bay Bridge and a bit north.   The game I like on the bay is remote running of shallow structure hunting for skinny water species.  A good chance exists that bite is picking up a bit.  Recently I did 2 days in a row of guiding out of Buzz’s Marina in Ridge, MD near Point Lookout.  I had some great crews and we really covered some ground hunting down any gamefish that would bite.  We found quite a bit!  Had Stripers up to 22″ in shallow grass beds, Bluefish in the main stem of the bay up to 23″ and several Speckled Sea trout up to 23″.  Overall some pretty good stuff and exciting fishing.

Striper, Bluefish and Specks! Great light tackle fun!

Timbo with one of 6 we caught on thursday!


Me and My foolish sunhat had to get in on the action….caught this one on a small stillwater smack’it!


My “Official Stance On Commercial Fishing For Stripers/Rockfish”

Shortly after my military retirement in 2004 I aquired a license to commercially fish for Stripers.  My technique for this commercial catch is “hook and line”.  This means I’m catching stripers on rod and reel and I can keep up to the amount the state says that I can keep on a particular day/week.   Back in 2005 Stripers in the bay out of Solomons Island was quite plentiful…..no obvious issues yet with Rockfish numbers.   My intention with this license was to augment my guiding…..at that point I didn’t know how many trips I’d be getting and thought obtaining this license would be a good way to help me “make it” fishing without getting a “real” job.  From 2005-2010 I did commercial fish about 2 days a week and guided 3-5 trips a week from June-November.  So….between commercial fishing and guiding I was able to make ends meet.  Without getting into details……no human in Maryland will ever get rich from being a fishing guide and a part time hook and line fisherman.  However, when you love being on the water and catching fish on light tackle…..this living is a dream come true.  From 2011-2013 I barely hook and line fished at all because the majority of Stripers in Chesapeake Bay are far north in the Summer months from where I was fishing.  I was lucky enough to be fishing for Speckled Sea trout and Reds along with some stripers in the Islands of the eastern shore.  I had virtually no commercial catch for 3 years.  However, because of the commercial fishing cheating going on the state changed to an Individual quota based on a license holders catch records up to 2010.  Because I commercial fished a fair amount from 2005-2010 I was given a quota of 6000 pounds give or take a little.

Jump to this year……….Speckled Sea Trout had a major kill off over the winter in North Carolina and Virginia.  The Specks we see in our waters starting in late April/may and stay through Sep/October aren’t here because they died!  So……instead of taking people fishing for fish that aren’t there I’m fishing up north where all the Stripers seem to be.  I don’t particurlarly care for guiding on the Stripers up north because they are in a crowd of folks all live-lining and that just isn’t my guiding style………So…..in leu of guiding up there I’m using my commercial license and doing some hook and line fishing in the crowd of charter boats/private boats and other hook and line fisherman.  I”d rather guide down south if there is anything to catch…….

Recently I took a public fishing forum “hit” because I was “commercial” fishing and I publicly state I don’t want commercial fishing.  I spend many days on the water per year….have been for over 10 years full time now.  I know based on my time on the water the population of Stripers is in trouble.  So…..some folks out there are confused as to why I would promote getting rid of commercial fishing but still commercial fish myself.  The little issue on the public forum recieved around 16,000 views in a couple days…..most folks I think understand what and why I do what I do…….some don’t.  So….I’ll try to explain it here.

I purchased this commercial license with Striped Bass Allocation in 2005 for a significant amount of money.  I purchased it with supporting my family in mind and backing up my guide business…..it has served the purpose to this point.  Some folks don’t understand why I just don’t quit using it if I don’t want commercial fishing and if I think the Stripers are in trouble.  Here is the deal…….If I don’t catch my quota (6000) pounds in 2014 I will lose what I don’t catch in future years and what I don’t catch will get turned over to other licenses for other commercial techniques.  My (6000) pounds will get caught by someone else.  I would jump up and cheer tomorrow if the state announced a commercial shut-down of Stripers…..I would rather guide than commercial fish.  I think with a price on the head of a striper it is going to get over exploited and cheating will happen  and being the state is short on funds to enforce laws effectively commercial fishing needs to be altered or abolished big time.  I am tired of what I think is over exploitation of the resource the “system” allows.  Political roots are way deep in commercial exploitation of Striped Bass…very difficult to change or end.  I will stand up and cheer if and hopefully when it ends…..however, I’m not giving my quota up to another commercial entity, period!  I’ll happily give it to the state and it’s licensed recreational anglers when they take all others……..hope you understand!


Take care and good luck fish’in!!!!!

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Walk-On Trips Available Now!

Nice Specks are available now in the Islands! Come on out and give it a shot!

Currently I’ve got some walk-on spots available….check’m out!

Walk-On Trips available Now!





Saturday, 19 July 2014- 2 spots available as of july 17 at 630pm

-Cost is $120 Each

-Launching from Buzz’s Marina at 6am-returning at 3pm

-We will light tackle jig for Specks/Stripers/ maybe a red or even a cobia….also croakers

will nail gulps in most places we fish

- I provide all licensing, bait’s, tackle….bring whatever you want of your own

-Long pants and long sleeves recommended in case bugs are bad in the islands

- we will cover endless beautiful water……..typically covering all that water will make it

happen!  Some big Specks are in the area!

- If you have any questions or want to reserve a spot give me a call at 703-395-9955

TAKE CARE ALL AND Good luck fish’in!



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Quick Report, Short Notice Walk-On For Sunday Aug 3! Light winds and overcast! Good stuff!

cracking Stripers with keepers in the mix and some real nice blues up to 5 pounds! Great light tackle fun!


All Spots booked up!

Have had some luck recently away from the crowd and slinging poppers and jigs for some real nice Stripers and Blues.  Live lining is still going on but not my preferred thing…….plenty of fish seem to be from the gum thickets and north.  Plenty of fish being jigged up and some breaking fish north of the bay bridge.  Decided to open up a short notice walk-on for Sunday afternoon, 3 Aug starting at noon.  Wind looks to be light with overcast sky………could be some great stuff!  Come on out and give it a shot!


ALL SPOTS BOOKED UP…..will be opening up more dates soon!

Here’s the deal:

-Cost: 120 each

-Launch from Paradise Marina, Deale, MD at 12pm and return around 8pm

-I provide all baits and tackle…….bring your own stuff If you’d like

-Boat is licensed so you don’t need a fishing license

-We will be looking for active fish to surface plug and jig……confidence is high!

-I will fillet fish at the end of the trip

-if you would like to go give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot or spots!


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Quick Report/Walk-On’s now available!

Quick Report and Short Notice Walk On Spots!

                            August 8, 2014

Have not been fishng the islands lately.  Still fishing out of Solomons or Deale depending on what folks want to do.  Out of Solomons I’ve been getting into good numbers of breaking fish with some keeper Stripers in the mix with lot’s of 2-3 pound Blues.  Occasional larger stripers on surface plugs early and on shallow structure.  Spanish mack’s are showing up and are catchable on light tackle slinging 1 ounce Lil’ Bunker Spoons and work’in them fast!  Out of Deale live lining is in the mix along with lot’s of breaking fish also.  A bit south of Deale I’ve had keeper stripers and huge (for the bay) Blues.  Surface plugs and BKD’s have been catching everything.  A good number of Stripers can be found in eastern bay….gum thickets and the bay bridge region jigging and live lining.  It’s all good!

 Short Notice Walk-On Trip and some more!

Have a crew of two who would like a couple more to fill out their crew out Solomons on this Sunday morning.  Fishing out of solomons on light tackle has been fast action lately with a shot at a Spanish Mac along with lot’s of Blues and Stripers.  Another walk-on trip is thursday, 14 August…a two man crew looking to fill out a charter. Friday may be an island trip!


Here’s the list of upcoming walk-on trips and spots available!


Cost for all Walk-On trips is $120 each.


Sunday, 10 August-booked sold-this trip will depart from Solomons boat ramp under the bridge at 6am. We’ll be light tackle fishing for Stripers, Blues and hopeful Spanish Macs


Thursday, 14 August- booked solid- this trip will depart from Paradise Marina in Deale, MD at 6 am and return 2pm


Friday, 15 August- 3 spots available- this trip will depart from Solomons and will go from 6am till around 3pm.  Thinking about running the main stem of the bay south and digging into the islands a bit.  


-I provide all baits and tackle….feel free to bring your own stuff!

 -license is provided on all trips

 -I will fillet fish at the end of the day!

 -we’ll be running in my Judge 27 Chesapeake….nice ride where ever  

 we go!

 -If you have questions or want to book a spot give me a call at


 A walk-on trip is a great way to meet new fishing friends….learn from others and have a great shot at some nice fish!

 Come on out and give it a shot!

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“Walleye” Notes Newsletter and Available Walk-On Trips! 17 Aug 14

Lot’s of this going on! Love it!!!!!



                                “Walleye” Notes Newsletter, 17 Aug 2014    


   -Current Fishing Report-

Current WALK-ON TRIPS are booked solid….will be putting up more soon!!!!!!




Thursday’s walk-on was a charm!  Lot’s of great fish on surface and jigs!



Folks, the summer light tackle game is in to full swing in a great way! I love fishing away from the crowd  with light sticks and artificials.  It’s on right now!  Out of Solomons or Deale I’ve been running and finding some great fish active on the surface or on structure.  When the weather is right the game has been on big-time!  Breaking fish have included alot of just below legal Stripers and many blues in the 2-3 pound range.  However, on many occasions I’ve been getting on top of some huge (to the chesapeake) blues and many keeper size Stripers.  Blues to 7 pounds have been pounding surface lures and jigs or anything dipped in the water and moved.  Watch out!  Those things are monsters!  On light tackle it’s one hell of a pull!  For me the western side of the bay has produced good numbers of Spanish Macks casting with Specialized Baits’ 1 Ounce silver Lil’Bunker Spoon.  I llike to throw them out over a school of breakers….let it get down for a few seconds then rip it back with a bit of pause intermitantly.  Those Macs really pull on light tackle!  I’d love to be chasing Specks and reds in the island but they just arean’t there in enough numbers for me to confidently say we’ll catch’m.  However, for any crew that wants to give it a shot…..I’m ready!  It wouldn’t shock me one bit to catch a 1 to 6 specks on a trip.  Also wouldn’t shock me to catch zero.  So……currently I’ve had a hell of a good catching game with nice fish out of Solomons or Deale.


Live lining is still in full swing from Poplar and to the north.  Possibly some activity is happening south of there.  Breaking fish have been in great numbers but still schools of keeper size stripers are lacking but can be found with plenty of miles put under your boat.   Most trips I’ve been catching a limit of keeper stripers along with a slew of Blues.  My last trip I had some folks who wanted blues for the smoker….they kept 25 blues over 4 pounds and several up to 7….some real tackle busters!  Good stuff!!!!


Buzz’s marina to the south out of Ridge, Md is catching great numbers of blues and spanish mackeral with some sub-legal stripers mixed in.  A great place to go to be out of the crowds and get some great bent stick!  Love Mike and Christy down at Buzz’s!  Mike will give you a real time dependable fishing report anytime you launch from his ramp……go on down and give it a shot!


 Walk-On Trips Available now!



Trips lately have been producing lot’s of Stripers and Blues on light tackle along with some Spanish Macs!  Good stuff!!!!

Short notice cancel for Tuesday and an open date on wednsday equals some walk-on trips available now!

With the bite really good and a great wind forecast I can’t resist throwing up some walk-on trips! A great chance exists to catch lot’s of nice Blues, keeper Stripers and a spanish mac thrown in for good measure.  Also, some huge Red Drum are in the region and could show up under our boat.  If that happens hold on!!!


Here’s the Deal and Dates: updated 17 august

Tuesday,    19 August 2014-  Booked solid

 Wednsday, 20 August 2014-Booked solid


Cost: $120 each-all baits tackle, fish cleaning, licensing included…bring your own gear if you want…..


Launch From Solomons Island Boat Ramp at 6am on tuesday and Wednsday and return around 3pm


We will light tackle jig and plug all over the bay…..will cover lot’s of water locating schools of eager Stripers, Blues and hopeful Spanish Macs


We will run the bay in my Judge 27 Chesapeake….great boat to chase down the fish!!!! Speed and comfort!!!


Walk-on trips are a great way to get an incredible fishing trip at a great rate and meet some great folks along the way!  If you are looking to learn how to light tackle jig/plug…this is your trip!  Come on out and give it a shot!


If you are interested in these trips give me a call at 703-395-9955 with questions or to reserve your spot (s)!


Give me a call at 703-395-9955……









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Mid-Bay Boilers Working all Week! Stripers, Blues and Macs! All Walk-On’s filled…more coming for next week!

Nico with a nice mac he caught using a 3/4 ounce Specialized Baits, Lil’ Bunker…….we were crank’in them hard!


Did several trips this week and one thing was common on all trips……we caught lot’s of fish every day.  Launching from Solomons I averaged about 70 miles a day.  Have located good schools of stripers, Blues and Macs in several locations from Solomons to Sharps Island on both the East and western side.  Every day seems a bit different than the next.  Most Stripers in schools have been 16″ or a bit bigger.  A few keepers are caught each day.  The best stripers I have found have been on shallow structure early.  However, on a couple days recently I had massive schools crashing bait in 4′ of water with a better grade of Stripers.  This particular day I was escaping a NE wind hoping to find something in protected water.  Jackpot was hit……massive breakers in nasty NE wind but in a great protected area.  Flat water, Stripers, blues and even a couple of macs in 4-7′ of water……cool!   Don’t overlook near shore water!  I got lucky on this day but am definetly paying attention to near shore waters more now.  Yesterday I was running to a eastern shore locaton so a lovely lady angler could partake in a nice bathroom.  While running in skinny water I noticed a swirl in real skinny water at high noon with a bright sun…..I slowed down and looked and I’ll be dog-goned if there weren’t a nice school of stripers chasing bait in 1.5-3′ of water.  We stopped and popped several fish with a couple of keepers in the mix then continued on to the indoor bathroom.

Nico with a nice surface plugged Striper! He had the hot stick today! Many keeper Stripers, blues galore and a Mac to boot!


When the wind gods don’t blow you can bet on a great day on the water as long as you are willing to burn some gas.  I have had decent schools near Solomons but more often than not some good runs are needed to locate active fish.  My binoculars have been a crucial piece of equipment on all my trips lately.



With light tackle fishing really good and some open dates this coming week I thought some Walk-On trips should go up!  Game plan will be shallow structure early for big stripers……after that running to the breakers and fishing main stem structures all on the jig/plug……good stuff! Come on out and give it a shot!

Here’s the dates:   MORE WALK-ON’s next week!  Posting them soon……

Tuesday, 26 aug-     6 am-230 pm – booked solid

Wednsday, 27 aug- 6 am-230 pm -booked solid

Friday, 29 aug-        6 am-230pm- booked solid


Here’s the deal:

Cost: $120 each

All baits and tackle provided…you can bring your own if you want

Launch from Solomons Island boat ramp under the bridge at 6am

I will fillet all the fish at the end of the day

You don’t need a license…boat is licensed to charter, you don’t need a license.

If you are interested in one of these trips give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot



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Great Stuff Today! Macs, Big Stripers and Lotsa Blues! Short Notice Saturday cancel, walk-on saturday! Also, two walk-on’s for this coming week!

Big Mike….with a BIG summer surface plugged Striper……good go’in Mike!!!!!!

Great stuff going on out on Chesapeake Bay right now!  Massive schools of feeding fish making wild craziness on the surface for hours today!  Only negative thing is keeper stripers were hard to get out of the breaking fish…..countless 17″ers.  Where are the millions of 2011 19″ers?  We did however find some darn big stripers on structure today! Had big mikes 32″er on a surface plug at sunrise and then caught several nice fish on some other structures on the bay.  Good stuff for sure!  We did pick up some Spanish Mackeral today and countless Bluefish.  A great day to say the least!

A nice 28″ Striper for a great young “almost 8 yr old” angler!

Millions of silversides were being demolished by thousands of 15-17″ Stripers, Blues and Spanish Mackeral today in water from 7′-25′ of water……quite a spectacular scene for sure!

This activity was going on over a very large area today…..spectacular!



Saturday,     30 August,    booked solid

Monday,       1 September, booked solid

Wednsday,  3 September, booked solid

Had a short notice cancel on this saturday’s (30 Aug 14)  fishing
trip…….with a great weather report and an even better bite going on I though a walk-on trip is in order!

Here’s the deal:

Cost: $120 each

5 spots available

Launch from the Solomons Island Boat ramp under the bridge at 6am and return around 3pm

We will light tackle fish for Stripers, Blues and Spanish Mackeral

I provide all baits/tackle and licensing…bring your own gear if you want!

We will run all over chesapeake bay hunting for the best bite available!  Lots of fun!

I will fillet all fish at the end of the trip! no charge!

If you are interested in going on this trip give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!

All my walk-on trips this summer have been very successful!!!! Learn some if you want…..or just catch lot’s of fish and meet some new fishing friends!

a real nice first Spanish Mackeral for a great young angler!

First Spanish Mac from today’s walk-on trip! Good stuff!!!!






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“Walleye” Notes Newsletter……Walk-on Trips booked solid

check out my latest newsletter at http://www.icontact-archive.com/vPmWQS8mpdRnLJA5MkMWch3-TIdeMtEu?w=3


Current Walk-On Trips!

New Walk-On Spots for this Saturday, 13 September 2014.  Saturday’s crew was a booked trip…..they need additional folks! Come on out and give it a shot!  2 spots available for this trip…..

Check current spots available at http://www.walleyepete.com

September is here and cooler temps will shoot down shallow water temps.  This all equals a great shallow water bite for Stripers and a great shot at a speck or red.  I will be running out of Solomons at Beacon Marina.  Typical trip will be running the bay over to the eastern shore Islands in search of the bite……we’ll fish beautiful remote waters containing rips, stump fields, points with contour change, grass beds, rock piles and wrecks.  Lot’s of great stuff to fish and it’s all beauiful!  Along with the islands we’ll certainly be aware of main stem structures and working birds.



Here’s what we’ve got! – All current walk-on trips are booked…..will be posting more soon!

Thursday, 11 September- booked

Saturday, 13 September- booked 

Monday,   15 September-  booked

 Tuesday,   16 September- booked


Here’s the Deal:

- Cost: 120 each

- Launch from Beacon Marina, Solomons, MD at 6am and return

about 3pm

- I provide all baits and tackle…bring your own stuff if you want

- We will light tackle jig/plug all over the place with emphasis put

on the eastern shore islands

- I will fillet all fish at the end of the trip….(free)

- We will run 60-90 miles total depending on the bite ect………

- My boat is a licensed charter…you don’t need a fishing license

-  great chance to learn from others…..all my walk-on trips have

been great stuff…..lot’s of fun…come on out and give it a shot!


- If you are interested in going or have any questions give me a call

at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot.


- If I don’t answer the phone, text or message me….I will call you

back or text back whether or not you are in.


- Come on out and give it a shot!!!!!!


-My Judge 27 Chesapeake makes for a comfortable ride no matter where we go!  Big water, skinny water….whatever water….good stuff!!!


Eastern Shore 2012 Speck



Check current spots available at http://www.walleyepete.com


or call at 703-395-9955










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Island Fishing is Darn Good and Going to Get Better! 11 Sep 2014

Charles with a great “nook and cranny” Striper on a really windy day!

Rain and wind Monday and Tuesday lowered the Island water temp down to the mid 70′s….last two days heat brought the temp back up a bit but not too much!   Water today was around 77-78 degrees and the sun was shining but that didn’t stop some nice Stripers hitting hard in 5′ and less of water.  Right now Stripers are moving in to some shallow water haunts but not in huge numbers.  Certainly not an easy game right now but really rewarding!  Love hunting hard then scoring on keeper Rockfish in shallow, remote waters.  Makes for a great fishing trip!  Today and yesterday I fished the islands really hard in the wind…..doing great on decent numbers and some really nice Stripers.  The scenery alone is worth the price of admission…..catching is a bonus…..well…you know me…..we HAVE to catch!!!!!!!

Here’s Ron with a fiesty light tackle caught 21″er in remote beautiful water! Good stuff!

Fishing the remote “nooks and crannies” requires stealth and some stratagy.  Some areas I’m running into are no wider than my boat is long……..some very shallow water but enough….my boat only needs 14″ to float.  My power poles have played a key role in success while fishing points, rock piles, wrecks, weed beds and all the “nooks and crannies”.  Couldn’t have the success I’m having without them!

My power poles stop my boat right NOW! While fishing skinny water, current and structure I’m able to perfectly position my boat to enable my anglers to target the best water without spooking fish……..priceless!!!!  With the wind blowing and the current ripping the fish I caught today wouldn’t have been possible with my Power Poles!

Baits of choice have been BKD’s ( www.basskandydelights.com ) loaded on jigheads made by Hardhead Custom Baits  ( www.hardheadcustombaits.com ) in 1/4 ounce and 3/8 ounce.  The water was so high yesterday and today I didn’t need to use weedless jigs in the grass beds.  The best technique was working quickly over the grass.  Fish were bombing baits above the grass.  You could usually see the strike near the surface.  Great stuff and hopefully much more to come!

Chris caught many nice Stripers today off the bow of my boat…..most hits he could see happen! Cool stuff!!!!


Here’s Joe in some beautiful water and holding a nice Striper caught on a light stick……nice!!!!


Big mike with one of many for him on Wednsday…..went from wind to flat….love when that happens!


Fish On!!!!!


I never get sick of this!


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Great Catching right now! ! Thrilled with the Bite in the Islands! Two Spots Open still For Sunday, 27 Sep!

Holy “Blowfish” Batman! This one was caught on a 6″ Purple Glitter BKD!


Hello Folks!  I’ve been really working hard lately!  Lot’s of trips in the islands with LOTS of great bent sticks in beautiful remote waters!  Water temps today reached as low as 67.5 degrees….prime temp. for a great bite in shallow water.  I’ve had Stripers in every type of shallow water lately!  Stumps, grass, current rips, sod banks, rocks and wrecks……..all these places have had fish over the last several days!  Really good stuff!  They aren’t everywhere all the time.  I’ve had to work hard to locate fish at times but once located I’ve had great fishing!  The one thing loud and clear is CLEAR water is needed for good consistant success!

Biggest Speck of the Year! A true GATOR!!!! Let’s hope there are more to come


I’ve been having a ball fishing in little nooks and crannies all over the islands.  Even in wind I’ve been getting into very fishy water.  I’m always looking for clear water on the windy days.  I don’t even bother fishing the wind blown shorelines…..always check out interior coves, guts and downwind sides of islands on the windy days.  The days where the wind gods ease their wrath I am all over the place loving life!  Most points with current are holding fish if they haven’t been spooked off.

A tremendous skinny water striper!


Even though the Specks and Reds are just about no-shows in Maryland waters right now…….Stripers are filling the void.  Light tackle fishing for these fiesty scrappers is a blast.  With the breath taking beautiful environment and heart pounding light tackle runs……our Maryland skinny water Rockfish are providing lot’s of excitement!

Plenty of keepers for a great Striper Dinner!

beautiful fish and look at the backdrop! Just incredible!!!

This September has really been lot’s of fun!  All trips have been great successes!  As the water temps drop fishing will become more consistant in the islands and I believe we’ll be seeing some bigger fish…..it’s all good!!!



A great bite is on right now!  If you’d like to fish the islands, meet some new folks and have a great time, right now is the time to get out on a walk-on trip!  Here’s what is coming up!

Sunday,  28 Sep- 2 Spots Available

Thursday, 2 Oct- booked solid

Friday, 10 Oct- booked solid

Right now I’m in Beacon Marina at Solomons, MD.  255 Lore Rd, Solomons, MD

Cost: $120 each

We will launch at 6am and return around 3pm.  Launch time could change due to tide/weather

I provide all baits/tackle/license.  Bring what you want to eat and drink…..bring any of your own gear if you’d like!

I will fillet fish at the end of the trip

If you are interested in going on any of these trips give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!

Come check out the beauty of it all!





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Skinny Water Catching is Holding Up REALLY Well!!!!!

Biggest Speck in a Long Time!!!!


Speck fishing this year is way off in numbers compared to the prior three years.  At this point last year I was up to 747 Specks caught.  This year I’m up to 53……that’s it!  The winter kill in VA an NC seems to have really knocked off a huge number of Specks which may have been in Maryland waters this summer.  Well……with that said the fishing is still really good!  While hoping for a speck or two the stripers are really running wild in the shallow water haunts of the eastern shore islands.  Great bent sticks are occuring all day, every day that mother nature lets me ply the waters.  Jigs and surface plugs have been connecting on lot’s of great light tackle stripers to 27″ or so.

Great stick bender in skinny water!


I think the 2011 spawned Stripers are now 17 1/2 to 18 1/2 inches or so………seems like the numbers of fish in this size frame are very robust in the shallow water.  As long as they stay out of nets we may see a great number of really nice skinny water fish next year.  Let’s hope!

Today’s walk-on trip was great!  We had 4 nice specks and more stripers than we could begin to count.  With water temps in the upper 60′s the fish are very robust and when handled properly they are very strong upon release.  Good stuff!!!!!!!

Even a Flounder along with the Stripers!


Henry was the Speck “Hot Stick” today with two really nice specks!

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Stripers are Snapp’in! A Speck here and there and Even a Flounder! Two Walk-On’s Open Now!

Beautiful Morning Crossing the Bay!

Light Tackle Striper fishing in the eastern shore islands is still hot and getting hotter!  Some really nice fish have been popping up here and there like this 30+incher recently!  Fish nailed a purple glitter 6″ BKD  www.basskandydelights.com  over stumps near shore of an eastern shore island……really good stuff!

Wow!!!!! Great skinny water striper!

Most Stripers being caught are very fiesty 16-20″ Stripers with several fish in the mix bigger.  Lot’s of surface plugging action early in the A.M. or on overcast days.  However, over major structure I’ve been getting surface hits even in mid-day sun.  Always have a plug ready to throw when a slug of stripers shows themselves in an area.

Early A.M. surface plugged beauty!

Experienced angler or new at the game…..fishing is just great over in the skinny stuff!  I’m over there often and never get sick of it……..beautiful and different every day! Had a crew from Texas and PA today in the wind…..couldn’t make it another day.  We rolled out this morning with a stiff south wind….not horrible but scheduled to get nasty by early afternoon.  Rolled up into the islands and found some great fish in 3′ of water in a secluded cove and protected from the wind.  Peanut bunker flopping out of the water being chased by nice stripers.  Game on!  We had many nice fish and the new folks from TX had a ball…..about 1130 am we scooted back across the bay in a NASTY chop……made it back and filleted the fish….great day!Stef was scared of the fish! 

Texas Boy Shines!


Stef was a bit afraid of the fish but she did survive……..whoop, whoop!


WIndy day…..great fish and a better dinner coming this evening!


Adventures over to the islands are a beautiful fish catching experience…….I love every one of them! Hoping for another one of these big boys soon!

Huge Speck caught recently in the islands! Hopefully more to come!


WALK-ON Trips Available Now!

 UPDATED 3pm on 7 oct 14

Thursday, 9 October- 6am-3pm or so- 1 spot available

Sunday, 12 October- 6am-3pm- 4 spots available


Thursday’s weather outlook is favorable for a trip to light tackle heaven over in the islands.  Fish are getting bigger and the numbers are great!  Here is a great chance to get a trip over to islands to experience a heck of a good shallow water bite in beautiful waters….come on out and give it a shot!


COST:  $120 each

Launch from Beacon Marina, Solomons, MD  255 Lore Road

All light tackle all day!

Launch at 6am and return around 3pm…..some trips have stretched a bit longer.  Hard to leave that area!

All baits and tackle provided, bring your own stuff if you’d like

Licensing provided

Boat is a Judge 27 Chespeake……great boat for crossing the bay and fishing skinny!  My power poles have been a huge tool over there!  Great stuff!

I will fillet fish at the end of the trip

If you would like to go or have questions give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve your spot!

Come on out and give it a shot!










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Some Really Big Fish…….and huge numbers of great light tackle fish!

Sam was the HOT STICK on Wednsday!


Some REALLY big light tackle fish lately!  Had a couple of the fattest 32″ fish I’ve ever seen!  They were as big around as they were long….well not quite but pretty darn fat!  They were full of menhaden and little crabs.  Don’t know what the future holds but lately (last month and 1/2) the fishing has been off the hook good!  Here are the two super fatties caught in the last couple of days…..

Tony G. with a great light tackle caught striper!

my buddy mike caught this one on a surface plug……BANG! Released to see another day!


The big fish lately were in a very (hit and miss) place.  Sometimes some great fish are there and sometimes they aren’t.  Nature of the beast…….Over in the islands it’s been pure hit!  Huge numbers of great fish.  Lot’s of keeper size fish in the mix and some big fish also……..

Todd with a 35 1/2 inch local whopper……released to swim many more days!


30+ inch stump fish! Good stuff!


Booked solid on Sunday, 12 October……..weather outlook is PERFECT for fishing the islands.  If interested give me a call at 703-395-9955 to reserve you spot!


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One of My Emails is not working right now!

My Pete@walleyepete.com email is not currently recieving emails…IT’S FIXED!

Walleyepete@comcast.net is working just fine…..or text or call or facebook.  Thanks!

WIll be posting a new report soon!  Lot’s of good stuff going on right now!!!!

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Continuous Great Fishing! Lot’s of 2011 born fish along with some others!

Tony with a nice 32″er recently….caught on a yozuri crystal minnow


Todd and a really big skinny water Striper!


I even get lucky on occasion!


I’ve been catching fish on the western side of the bay but mainly fishing in the eastern shore islands has been REALLY good!  Over the last month and a half most places with current/structure and 4′ or more of water has held Stripers.  I cover lot’s of area looking for better fish.  Everyday is different for sure.  Water clarity, wind, current and water level dictates where I fish every day.  I usually don’t do the same thing two days in a row.  Changing conditions make me shift gears daily to stay on quality fish.  I’ve been real lucky getting some unbelievable light tackle fish on the boat!

LIfe is good!

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Quick Report, 26 October 2014…….Fishing alot and it’s HOT! I’m Tired! But lov’in it!

37″er caught on a plug over shallow structure……4 feet of water!


Fishing over the last two months has been great in the islands of the eastern shore.  It’s different than the last 3 years.  Specks and Reds were the stars of the show with stripers being secondary.  With zero Reds and just a few specks around, Stripers are again the star of the show.  They have shined hugely for my crews this month and in the last week I’ve had some HUGE light tackle fish in real skinny water.  Stumps, rockpiles and current rips have been producing well.

Mike Wissel nailed this 37″er on a crank bait in about 7′ of water near the western shore in the wind and current……awesome fish on light tackle!

Some days I don’t get any big fish but most days have had a good number of fish to 25″ or so.  I’ll take that any day!  However, on Saturday, 25 September I had a crew of “first timers with me” and man did they hit the light tackle, surface plugging JACKPOT!  We ran into a pod of the biggest fish I’ve had in numbers ever in the eastern shore islands.  I do many many trips over there and many times never see this size fish……may never again!  I trip over one here and there but on this day several for some reason was over a shallow water structure spot and they all wanted our surface plugs real bad!  We caught a few…missed a few and lost a few….the hits were just unreal!  Here are some of the fish……

I’d love to say I could make this happen every day……but….I can’t!


twin whoppers!


These are the 4 over 28′s we kept…….caught and released other big ones……left them biting…….unreal!


just awesome surface plugged big fish!


Here are some other recent shots of nice fish caught in the skinny!

you go Henry!



Windy day…….hard fought nice fish in the skinny!


beautiful day…great fish!


Great fighter on a light stick! Good stuff!


ya….I oopsy poopsied into this one a few days ago……..it was a mistake!


I’ve been paying great attention to subtle mud lines outside of points.  Stumps have certainly been holding some great fish….especially with good current over them.  On windy days I’ve been ducking into guts, nooks and crannies and picking away at nice fish.  My power poles have been really helping me succeed in catching in many situations this year in the islands…..can’t live without them now….I”m spoiled!  All in all some great stuff going on…….come on out and give it a shot!


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