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Back In The Saddle at The CBBT!!!

Posted by on February 7, 2012

Arrived back to my boat at Marina Shores Marina in VA Beach.  With water temps at 45-49 degrees and wind forecasts not bad   decided to give the CBBT another shot of catch and release.  I’ve got 7 days of trips lined up with a couple spots still left on 14 Feb.

Jumped on my boat around 3pm today.  First thing I did was look at real-time wnd data at the bridge and it said “not much wind” so I had to run out and give it a shot.  I just couldn’t resist the urge to run out there and attempt to get the stick bent.  Boat started on the first turn of the key after a week of sleep…..I like the first turn thing!  Ran out to the second island and immediately noticed something which really fires me up……check out the fish-finder


fish stacked on the bottom at my first stop

First fish was a robust 34″er!  Not a bad start to my 7 day stint down here….hoping this is a sign of what will be going on for my week down here!!!!

First Drop with a 6" BKD turned up this nice 34"er!

My little home away from home actually isn’t bad at all….with heat, cable tv and wifi I couldn’t be happier!!!


Home away from home!

Had a great time doing a couple presentations and participating in the National Seminar Series with George but back on the water is where I want to be!!!!!  Will be updating my site often with whats going on in my world down at the CBBT!!!!!

Take care and good luck fish’in!!!!!

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